2017 NHL Entrt Draft Rounds 2-7 Open Thread

Yesterday sure was exciting. First the Derek Stepan/Antti Raanta trade, then the rumors of trying to move up to #3, then two first round picks.

Today should be quieter. The Rangers don’t have a pick until the fourth round, with 4 picks total (rounds 4-7). Discuss and follow here.

  • Philly gave up 3 picks to move up 11 spots in the second round. That’s a hefty price.
  • Interesting trade, as VGK gets Keegan Kolesar, who is huge but has underwhelming numbers in the WHL, for a 2nd round pick. Kolesar was a 3rd rounder two years ago.
  • I am not expecting the Rangers to move up into the 3rd round. They didn’t make a deal in the 2nd either.
  • Travis Hamonic is heading to Calgary. The return for the Isles is a 1st rounder and a pair of 2nd rounders. Plus $4 million in cap space for a guy who is declining. Good trade by Snow.
  • Arizona gets 2 picks to move back 4 spots. Chayka might be young, but he’s got this GMing thing down pat.
  • The Rangers have traded pick 102 (4th) to San Jose for picks 123 (4th) and 174 (6th).
  • Rangers take defenseman Brandon Crawley at #123.
  • Rangers take Calle Sjalin at #145.
  • Rangers take Dominik Lakatos at #157.
  • Rangers take Morgan Barron at #174.
  • With their last pick, the Rangers take forward Patrik Virta.

That’s it folks. Interesting draft for the Rangers. Lots of over agers and Euros.

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  1. And akin to Chayka, McPhee assembled three first round picks yesterday, and (as of today) has three number ones next year.

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