Rangers to buy out Dan Girardi

dan girardi
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The Rangers have made it official. They will buy out the remaining years of Dan Girardi’s contract. Girardi had three years remaining at a $5.5 million cap hit. The buyout will save the Rangers almost $3 million this year and $2 million the next two years. The Rangers will have a $1.1 million cap hit for the three years following.

Girardi was a career Ranger with a great story, going from undrafted free agent to top pairing defenseman on a Stanley Cup Finalist. However his game deteriorated very quickly under Alain Vigneault, and his lack of foot speed was exploited over the past three seasons.

Girardi finishes his Rangers career with a line of 46-185-230 in 788 games, and 6-27-33 in 122 career playoff games.

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  • Thank you Dan for being a true warrior, but this is strictly business, nothing personal. This had to be done, excellent work Jeff Gorton!!!

  • “I poured my heart and soul into this team for the past 11 seasons and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

    While this was necessary and we all saw it coming, I didn’t think I’d be this saddened when it did.

    Thank you, Dan.

      • Disagree. I could see a “Girardi award” for a player who exceeds expectations or renaming the Player’s player award after him. But he wasn’t a special player as much as he was an inspiring story.

      • My reasoning for G’s no. 5 is more in line with how the San Antonio Spurs retired Bruce Bowen’s number. Was Bruce Bowen as good as David Robinson or Tim Duncan? Or course not. But, he was one of the best defensive player they ever had.

        C’mon, I mean, Girardi blocked a total of 1,691 shots in his 788 games as a Ranger. That’s over two per game.

        While he’s not one of the 100 greatest NHLers of all time, he’s one of the best Rangers defensemen of all time. Therefore, I think he will without a doubt have his jersey retired.

        • With all due respect, and Girard deserves plenty, his # 5 should and WILL never be retired or hang from the Garden rafters! He was a real good Ranger and an inspiring story from undrafted youngster to a tough and very capable defenseman for us for so long! Tough as nails and bled ranger blue…but he was not great… let’s be real here. I always loved him but age catches up, of course… the contract should have ended this year though. The problem was Sather mistakenly giving him that last deal, plain and simple. Too mush $ for these last 3-4 years… last 3 had to be scrapped for the good of the team and to allow us the protection slot and cap space relief. He deserves a fabulous honoring video and standing ovation on his first return to the garden next year.

        • keep dreaming……

          what about Hatfield, Park, and a list that’s too long to go thru, his number will never be retired!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree about being sad. I can’t see DG’s #5 next to the likes of the current Banners though.

      Heart and Soul Guy! I wish him all the best!

  • The toughness and dedication that Dan Giradi brought to this team night in and night out will be very hard to replace.

  • I thought about this alot, and knew it was very likely and certainly rationalized it in my head, but now that it’s actually happened, it sucks.

    Girardi deserved a Cup.

      • The Rangers will win a Cup eventually. I have no fear that the organization won’t fulfill the ultimate goal sooner or later.

        But along the way, there are certain players that wear the jersey who we, as fans, elevate to a certain level worthy of raising the Cup wearing Rangers blue. Girardi’s name is now etched in the book of franchise players who never reached that goal with the Rangers, and that’s depressing.

        I don’t care that Marek Malik didn’t get a Cup in NY. I do care that Callahan and Girardi never achieved that, however.

        • Not everything is black and white. I can look back with regret that Girardi never won a Cup while still being disappointed that the Rangers haven’t won a Cup in 23 years.

          The difference is, there is no window on the organization to win a Cup. There literally is always next year, and eventually they’ll do it again.

          For players it’s very different, they have a very tangible window, and in the case of Girardi, that window is now forever closed.

          If you can’t appreciate the significance of that, you’re a cold dude.

          • Chris

            Your too sentimental, guys come and go, and I’ll root for them until they are no longer helping the team, which is the case for Dan over the last two-three years. As for being cold, I’m a realist, so be it!!!!!!!!

  • Wishing him and his family all the best. He was a great Ranger. Lots of talk about this happening, but when it finally did happen it’s hard to not be sad. He did deserve a cup.

  • I think he gave his heart and his body for this team. Lesser guys would have never played all these years with the battering he absorbed. Think he could have played longer if managed better. He physically can’t log as many minutes and be placed in a first pair but that’s what he was asked to do. Nonetheless whatever he did was not the reason we couldn’t get pass sens.
    Thanks Dan, you are a warrior

  • This man gave his all for The Rangers. He will be missed. Best of luck to you Dan. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  • So just when you thought nothing was happening, we (possibly) lose Girardi and Klein on the same day. We have yet to sign Smith and Holden is probably being made available, so I may be wrong, but the opposition might have clear sailing down the right side of the ice. I am not a Shatty fan, but we just might need a righty defenseman real soon.

    IGWT (In Gorton We Trust)

  • Best of luck Dan!

    Dude was always a warrior and a great story. He just got old, it happens (or will happen) to all of us. Where did the time go? I still remember when Dan was called up mid-season as a virtual unknown, wearing an oddball number, and immediately he made an impact. He was mobile, could take the body, moved the puck well, a perfect replacement for an aging Marek Malik. So, 11 years later, here we are, now Dan is the aging, fading veteran that the Rangers and their fans need to replace.

  • Best of luck to you Dan, you gave us your best.

    Now having said that, get rid of the other pylon, and we will be on the gravy train!!

    This now opens up a spot for a younger player, and prevents the dip stick from playing him on the first pair!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How about making your point, but still showing a little respect. Try saying something here that you would also say to someone’s face. Keyboard muscles have replaced beer muscles

        • By the way, the team is a hell of a better off than we were before it was announced that we were about to buy him out. This is a business, and I don’t take any of this carp serious, and wear it on my sleeve. We will have a better shot at the cup with Dan gone, just use your brain, not your emotions. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Walt no one is going to want to sign with us if they know you don’t care about them. Use your brain.

          • Mikeyyy

            Can anyone on this site say that we are better off with Dan, than without him??????? It’s clear as day, we are buying him out because he has been a liability over the last two plus years, and we couldn’t find a GM who wanted him, so what’s wrong with my remarks.

            Hell, if someone brings up DMR, they go ballistic, and say no team wanted him, so I say no team wants Dan and the shit hits the fan. Get over it folks, if you don’t care for my posts, please don’t read them. Save yourselves the cost of Rolaids, and we all will be better for it!!!!!!!!!

            Now is that PC enough for you snow flakes???

          • No one wanted Dans contract. Big difference.

            Girardi will play more games than DMC next year. I would bet anything on it!

            And that’s NHL games….

          • No Spozo, no one will pick him up unless there is a dire emergency, and at that he will be paid the absolute minimum!!!!!!!!!! If he plays it will be the 7, 8, or 9th man on any organizational chart……….


            I didn’t mean to sound like I was blasting at you. If that’s the way you read it, sorry my man, it wasn’t meant to be so. It was more for the Perry’s on this site that take things to heart, pity that’s the case!!!!!!

          • Girardi wasn’t a liability, he just wasn’t playing to the value of his contract. This is what I mean when I say Walt is off-base. He just doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.

          • 43

            Start a move to enshrine Dan Girardi into the Hall of Fame, he’ll get my vote………

          • Spozo

            Now Roszivol was a hell of a player. See I can be gracious!!!!!!!!!! Start a movement to get him into the Hall of Fame as well, he’ll get my vote too!!!!!!!!!

      • Perry

        I have been saying this for over two years, so there you go dip stick. By the way I also said the best to you………….

        • Can we include an ignore feature? Walt’s starting to get too over the top with his relentless criticism.

          I feel like we could win the cup and Walt would still complain about Marc Staal.

          • There is a party out there trying to shut people up because they don’t like what is being said.
            Fire AV!

          • “There is a party out there trying to shut people up because they don’t like what is being said.
            Fire AV!”


            I wouldn’t call it a ‘party’ but, people certainly have less tolerance for those whom they disagree with these days…. and it’s not a good thing.

          • Again, in case you missed it, not what you say it’s how it’s said. And if you would say to to someone’s face what you say here, i have no issue, but in my experience that’s not the case

          • I have no problem admitting that I find Walt to be too harsh in his criticism, typically so ridiculously off-base that his suggestions are nothing short of absurdly hyperbolic. Frankly, since the Stepan stuff, I’ve skipped over most of the comments he’s left.

          • 43

            Thanks for the feed back, I’ll attempt to tone down the rhetoric. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This comment is not really that bad…. It started off wishing #5 the best of luck… and noting he gave his best to the club…

      I am surprised, we all saw the decline, we all know we needed him off the roster…

      now that it happens we act like we weren’t upset at his play..

      Walt’s words were more pro then con.


      MOVE ON, Dan is gone…

  • I always feel badly on days like this. A few games this year, his wife and kids were there, and he never failed to look for them and wave to them before he left the ice.

    Can’t say he didn’t give everything he had. Thanks to #5.

    • I am glad he’s leaving with somewhat health. I respect his service and dedication to the team.

      I’m not sad, and can in no way shape or form be remotely upset that an individual who has earned over $37.9 million dollars, and will still earn another $6.6 million dollars for not working. He will earn more by being unemployed then probably the total of most of the people commenting here yearly salary combined working 50+ hours a week for 52 weeks.

      I reserve my sympathy for the single mother with a broke car who was let go because she was late. Or the father supporting his family who’s let go from the company because profits are done. I feel zero sympathy for any professional athlete who’s let go for anything other than a grievious injury. They make too much money as a whole to suffer like the rest of us. It may sound cold, but if I can make $43,000 a year and manage to save for an emergency, they can figure it out with $150,000 minimum.

      I wish him the best. I am truly sorry that over the past three plus years, when everyone saw he was struggling that his management put him in a position to fail. That wasn’t his fault. He tried to the best of his ability and I commend that. The ration of crap he has gotten is solely due to his management placing him in a repeated position to fail.

    • Nope – a protection slot is now open.

      They could protect Holden, but they might decide to re-sign Smith or make a trade for a different RHD to protect prior to the draft.

  • Thanks #5. You were a true warrior and a great Ranger.

    Every player eventually gets to the end of the line and its usually not pretty when they get there. That doesn’t negate all that Dan Girardi did and meant to the NY Rangers, especially in the black-and-blue Torts days. No one gave more of himself for the team than he did.

    Good luck and best wishes to Dan Girardi.

  • Wishing Dan the best. He gave it all to the team. I think he’s still able to contribute to a team playing a different system, and where he’s not being shoehorned into the first D pairing anymore.

    I feel that with proper deployment, he would still have been a contributor to the Rangers as well. But not under the current structure.

    Dan, you had true grit, and an inspiration to players everywhere. Best of luck to you.

    • Harlem

      Welcome to the idiot club!!!!!!!! Now we have to march in lock step, praise someone who was terrible for two-three years, and everyone said so, but now that he’s gone, he becomes all world hero. Bull shit………….

  • Per Justin Tasch: “(Girardi) leads the NHL with 1,691 blocked shots since making his debut.”
    Thanks, #5.

  • Thank you Dan for everything, now retire and save your body.
    Rangers will probably hire Dan within the organization because that’s what the Rangers do for their players they love.
    I predicted all 3 pylons gone by September, so that’s 2 down and one to go, as Staal probably gets traded.

  • One of the worst contracts ever handed out in the history of the league, and his play cost us the best years of Hank’s window as well as top 10 play from McD. Seems like a good guy, but is he really?

    If he cared about the team so much he would have himself volunteered to AV that he could not handle top pairing minutes. He never did because of his massive ego. Same when we signed his buddy Daniel Paille, who was almost as bad as Glass (my favorite play was when the genius AV sent out Girardi, Staal, Paille and Glass out on the PK against Philly and all four bit on a fake shot and were on the ground).

    Easily one of the worst defenders in the league the past four or five years. Happy he’s finally gone.

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