Ken Gernander relieved of Wolf Pack coaching duties; Chris Drury named Pack GM

ken gernander

Some Hartford Wolf Pack news, and some surprising news at that. Ken Gernander, who has been coaching the Hartford Wolf Pack for the past ten seasons, posting a 388-304-84 record with five playoff appearances, has been relieved of his coaching duties. A new coach has not been named yet.

Gernander is also a career Ranger/Binghamton/Hartford player, with 11 seasons as a player before his 10 as a coach. That is 21 seasons with the Rangers organization. He has been here since the 1994-1995 season.

Chris Drury has been named GM of the Pack, replacing Jim Schoenfeld in that role. Schoenfeld was not relieved of his duties, but relinquished them voluntarily to focus on his Assistant GM role with the Rangers.

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  • This is a bit surprising. Could be a grooming of Drury and also giving Schoenfeld more time to work with Gorton in the upcoming draft and expansion draft. Might also be allowing Drury to get that team to get the new player NHL ready, because they obviously are not right now.

    • So happy that Gorden is blowing out the hole Hartford Wolfpack staff. It time to put The emphasis on 2017 thinking and development of young players . Hopefully will be able to get a head coach from a very good college to take over of the Wolfpack

        • Whatever is happening in Hartford, it is pretty clear that what has happened wasn’t too successful last year. Not quite all Gernander’s fault, but time to change anyway. He obviously isn’t NHL material and the cupboard is pretty bare too.

  • The Hartford Wolfpack was the absolute worst team in the AHL last year. Their attendance was horrible and they were out muscled and run out of the building on most nights. If you’re going to dress as many young players as the organization says they are in their AHL and ECHL teams you better provide muscle to protect these players. In minor-league hockey you must have tough guys to protect the skill players .

    • Al nailed it…Hartford has been generally a bad AHL franchise with mediocre to little support from the fan base and inconsistent on the ice. Look at the terrific results year after year from Hershey (Caps) and Wilkes-Barre (Pens)
      The whole Rangers organization has done a weak job with their minor league system. Gernander is a loyal soldier who never grew enough to make a difference.

        • Jerry

          You took the words out of my mouth.

          No #1 for four seasons
          How many #2 did we lose, I know at least 2 last year for Eric Staal alone??

          Also, how many young prospects have we given away, to acquire over the hill retreads??????? Enough already!!!!!!!

  • Funny but I was thinking they should turn over the coaching staff in Hartford the other day, but didn’t really think it would happen. In all fairness to Gernander, the way the team was constructed last year was disgraceful. I’ve been following Grand Rapids & the way they put their team together is outstanding. A few vet Ds(Nathan Paetsch is 34 years old!) & rookies paired with the vets usually. Good veteran forwards of character interspersed with young prospects who play with the vets. Voila, the rookies have tutors & role models & you have a first class team.

    • Doc

      Correct me, that is the Red Wings organization? If so, that’s why they won cups, and made the PO’s for what was it 25 years in a row!!!!!!!!!! That by drafting, and not giving away any #1 picks…………………….

      • Walt

        No need to correct you, it is the Wings AHL team & their farm team is like the parent club, very, very successful. Their internet site puts Hartford’s to shame. Highlights of every game, extensive interviews with players & coach & a wildly rabid fan base.

  • Schonefeld sticks around so Slats can have someone to play cards with and comic relief.

    Drury is gonna be given carte blanche to build that team beyond system. I sort of have a philosophical problem where the system is an exact copy of the big club. The job is to develop NHL players, not bottom 6 widgets. Coach em up, have them ready and have them excel at that level. Nobody really dominates at the AHL level anymore, as they get called up due to CBA implications. But if you make NHL players like they did with Fast(and turn a 6th into a 2nd or 3rd or part of a deal to get a top 6 F) and you’re doing well.

    They were a mirror image of the big club system wise. Another reason why AV should go. Barely works with great goaltending, doesn’t work at all without.

    Hatrford had a few vets(Summers was a rock, AHL rules make it tough to have more than a handful), but the goaltending situation beyond Hellberg was problematic and the D beyond Graves & Summers was putrid.

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