This 9-year-old’s letter to Henrik Lundqvist is the best thing you’ll read

A Redditor sent this to me just now, and asked me to share his 9-year-old’s letter to Henrik Lundqvist. It’s truly a heartwarming letter, and definitely the best thing you’ll read today.

I hope you get to meet him, Cameron.

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  • that’s really awesome! but I can imagine how awesome Hank’s reply as for this child…thanks for sharing that

  • Can you ask Raanta why he has a lot of dogs on his masks is he a dog person or what.

    ^^ L O L

  • That’s awesome! It reminds me of that clip I saw of a little kid interviewing him at an All Star game. The kid said, “my Mom thinks you’re dreamy.” Henrik blushes and laughs and says, “tell her I said thank you.” The kid looks straight ahead and says, “Mom, he said thank you.” Hank just about died laughing and I can only imagine the mom’s reaction. ?

  • It’s a great thing when you are a kid to have role models that you aspire to be. We all had them & they gave meaning to our lives. Hopefully, Cameron gets to meet Hank, his idol. I remember a guy from Quebec who was a fan of Mike Richter. When asked why, he said that as a kid he idolized Patrick Roy & waited for him after a game. When he asked Roy for his autograph, Roy just blew him aside & he was so disillusioned he started rooting for his next fave goalie, Richter, whom I’m sure would never have done that. Love your fans!!

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