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Game 62: Perhaps avoiding overtime is a good thing

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The Rangers have played three overtime games in a row, winning two and getting a possible five of six points. Today they take on Columbus in an attempt to possibly avoid the extra period. That said, the Rangers are now on the second of a back-to-back, and the third in four nights. They also have a game Tuesday night against Washington. That’s a lot of hockey.

As for the Blue Jackets, they are also on the second of a back-to-back, having completely dismantled the Islanders last night. Maybe they got all of their scoring out of the way in that game. This is a potential playoff matchup, so while many want the Rangers to ensure they get that top wild card seed, don’t expect the Rangers to just roll over.

Jackets Systems

John Tortorella is a notorious aggressive forechecking coach, deploying a 2-1-2 forecheck with most of his teams. In the defensive zone, he’s also notorious for clogging the slot in a low zone collapse, keeping shots to the outside. On special teams, he usually runs an umbrella powerplay, but there’s enough skill on the top-six in Columbus to run a 1-3-1 as well. On the kill, it’s a standard box/diamond hybrid.

For more on hockey systems, check here.

Jackets Lines

Boone Jenner-Brandon DubinskyCam Atkinson
Alex Wennberg-Nick Foligno- Oliver Bjorkstrand
Markus Hannikainen-William Karlsson-Josh Anderson
Brandon Saad-Sam Gagner-Scott Hartnell

Zach Werenski-Seth Jones
Jack Johnson-David Savard
Ryan Murray-Markus Nutivaara

PP2: Saad-Dubinsky-Hartnell-Murray-Jones

Sergei Bobrovsky gets the start.

Rangers Lines 

Chris KreiderMika ZibanejadMats Zuccarello
Jimmy VeseyDerek StepanRick Nash
Michael GrabnerKevin HayesJT Miller
Brandon PirriOscar LindbergJesper Fast

Ryan McDonaghDan Girardi
Marc StaalNick Holden
Brady SkjeiAdam Clendening

PP1: Zibanejad-Buchnevich-Nash-Miller-McDonagh
PP2: Stepan-Miller-Kreider-Zuccarello-Holden

Henrik Lundvist gets the start.

Injuries/Scratches:  Pavel Buchnevich (healthy), Matt Puempel (healthy), Kevin Klein(upper body)

Crazy Prediction: We have sen the final game of Kevin Klein’s New York Rangers career.

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  • Interesting game coming up. Should be like a playoff game I would think.

    Buch has the flu my friend told me.

    • I’m glad to hear that as silly as that sounds. I was wondering if he’s back was bothering him again. I just can’t believe I’m seeing fans say put him in a trade. I think that’s nuts. I still say he’s gonna be a real good hockey player. Only thing that can stop him would be if he really had some back issues

  • I also believe Gorton has a deal in the drawer to move Kevin Klein to make room for the new guy who is coming at the trade deadline.

    Cbj and the Rangers are starting to build a rivalry between them. The Blue Jackets dismantled the fishsticks last night and rested Bobrovsky. This will be a Henk vs Bob match up. Av should have torts figured out and hopefully his team would play pond hockey against an very opportunist Cbj club.

  • Puempel is believed to be playing and an unnamed forward is dealing with a lower body injury.. wonder if it’s Stepan who’s been bothered a bit by his hip

    • Not to me and a few others. I’m willing to hold off on condemning him yet. He was serviceable on McDonagh’s right, and might be better on his natural left. However he’s been paired a lot with two thirds of the Triangle of Suck most of the calendar year. I’d like to try him away from Staal again. Staal’ sole purpose on this team right now is to make Girardi look that much better.

  • Zib is having a brutal game…Leaky…stay in net….you just don’t have it when it comes to playing the puck…your hockey IQ is pretty low….terrible on Columbus’s 3rd goal

  • So this will need to be brought up at some point.

    Zibanejad is due for a hefty raise this summer. What exactly has he earned? I’m guessing he will be seeking Stepan money. Is he worth that?

        • He thinks he does. He’ll get a bridge deal, with incentives, because he’s coming off of a season cut short due to his broken leg. That will be an arguing point to keep his contract in the reasonable range. And yes, I still would trade mister Softee!!!!!!!

          • He already signed his 2 year bridge deal with Ottawa. The guy is going to look to get paid.

          • The knock on Zibanejad in Ottawa was boat load of talent but inconsistent and at times- lethargic. If his agent is truly looking for Derek Stepan kind of dough, then the Rangers should move him now for a blue chip young defensemen.

          • I agree, inconsistency has been his problem. But we have a 23 year old center who when healthy has put up 50 point seasons. Stepan money may be a little generous, but he will be asking for 5 years at at least 5 million.

            I was also trying to point out that so many love to get on Stepan yet are willing to hand the keys over to zibanejad. When in fact Zib is equally if not more, underperforming when compared to Stepan.

          • Spozo

            Stepan has never been a scorer, or shooter like this Z kid. If they are looking to get 5 for 5, they have to justify it with numbers, and due to his injury, the numbers aren’t there. I see a reasonable contract, with term, and incentives. This then puts the monkey on Z to put up, or shut up !!!!!!! Stepan made demands, the team buckled under, paid him too much, and all he’s done for us since is choke his chicken. If he’s the 1st line center like you, and many claim, why is he something like the 8th in scoring on this team??????

  • Once again, this is the type of game that you would have hoped, that the team would have shown some sort of physical presence; but alas, you can’t give what you don’t have. Kreider, once again, has gone missing in action in a game that they really needed him to step up in. We all know, its only one game at the end of a very recent, successful streak. Not the end of the world. But still, when they want to, this team can really stink up a rink.

    I got a feeling that between now and Tuesday, we might have someone new in the lineup. Not specifically off this game; but it looks like dominoes are starting to fall around the League. Lets see if Gorton wants to play, or if he just wants to be a bystander.

    • Why do you always put it on Kreider? You don’t have a physical presence from just one guy, it has to be a team thing. It’s called playing with intensity, heart & grit. It is THE missing ingredient.

      • Kreider was pretty much invisible all night while going -3. He needs to be better. He’s not the only one either.

      • Spot on Pauly, PHYSICALITY needs to be a TEAM EFFORT, how was it the Blue Jackets came in hunting for bear while we were just content to play nice???. They also played last night, beat a Islander team that is fighting for its life very easily .They gave us a WHOOPING , a combined score of 13-2, how were they so READY?? and us not????

      • Seen him stop em , seen Bob stop a few too ( no penalty shot though ) … Guess u missed the first one with his stick 2 foot in the air ?? … 3 rd one where he was swimming

        • I didn’t miss them. But I also recognized that he made some huge saves on breakaways and odd man rushes to keep us in for awhile. He went “swimming” because it would have been a 2 on 0 if he hadn’t. This loss was not on Hank alone. The team was not ready to play and there was zero net front presence. Taking potshots at him because he was hung out to dry by the d, especially after his stellar play over the last few weeks is just an attempt to justify your lovingly bestowed user name….

  • Because its high time that a player who has been praised for both his size, and strength finally starts leading by example. Is he ever going to mature into the player we’ve been told he is capable of being? Or is this it? A nice player, but really, nothing too special. Enough with the excuses. We all want team toughness; but you need someone to grab the bull by the horn and seize the moment. He’s been here long enough. Start leading! We’ve been told, ad nauseam, that Kreider “can be” that type of player. Once again tonight, hes proven that he has NO interest being that type of player. He’s not alone! But take a look at that lineup—theres not a lot of other choices to fill that role.

    Its all his for the taking. He just doesn’t want it. Or just doesn’t have the stomach for it.

    • I’ve been saying that for a long time. For whatever reason Kreider just doesn’t take charge. He’s been here long enough now and with his size n strength he could be our one guy that knocks guys around a little. Not saying that should be his primary role of course but I just think he plays hard n flys all over the ice for a few weeks, then fans say “he’s finally that beast we knew he would be” and then he takes a vacation for a few weeks. I’m not talking about scoring cause everyone goes into a tale spin. I’m talking about playing aggressive n hard

  • Again, just another forgetful game on a long schedule. But it should be used by Mgmt. as an evaluation tool. We’ll see by Wednesday (if not sooner) if they agree.

  • Looks like the Lords Of Comcast chose the right game to black me out on. The video clips do look pretty awful. Move on from this one. Old Torts must have enjoyed himself today! ?

  • The boys looked a little gassed tonight and who can blame them?. This is a brutal schedule so I’m not going to get too worked up over this one. Things don’t really get better as we have three more games this week and starting Saturday three games in 4 nights. Ouch!

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