Kevin Hayes out 2-3 weeks

Some bad news for the Rangers, who can’t seem to stay healthy. Kevin Hayes is out 2-3 weeks with a lower body injury. Hayes was injured in Sunday’s win over the Red Wings, and was seen with a brace on his left leg and limping.

The loss of Hayes is a pretty big one. However as far as injuries go, the timing on this one is as good as it can be. The Rangers have a pair of games this week, then have five days off for the All Star Game. The schedule gets rough after the ASG though, with two in a row and then every other day for a while.

If the time table for Hayes stays on the shorter end, then the Rangers will luck out, as he won’t miss as many games as he could have, if he were hurt earlier in the season.

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  • Sounds like an MCL sprain. Since Hayes won’t go, Puempel will, putting JT at center. Probably bring up somebody as an extra skater tomorrow, just in case. The big kid whose name escapes me at the moment.

    • Will have to look at TOI sheet and work backward to look at it, but MCL doesn’t really sound right. You would only need an MRI on a place you can’t palpate. So it’s a tweak and it’s not catastrophic

      Hockey knees are usually ACL/PCL. PCL is much rarer, but recovery time is much quicker for the same reason as its rarity: hard to recreate. Even a PCL tear doesn’t affect hockey players all that much after the swelling goes down. A friend played college hockey after tearing his PCL, never had surgery.

  • Saving Cap space for the dead line . Kreider was floating again last night , hope AV goes right back to lines that started the game tonight

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