What kind of name is Skjei?

What kind of name is Skjei? (Photo Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke)

Things are going a little too well in Rangerland right now and I’ve had just about enough of it. Until the Blueshirts start losing some games and facing a little real adversity, I thought it might be helpful for all of us Never Satisfied New Yorkers to focus our energies on a few other irritating areas for the time being…

– Michael Grabner may be second in the NHL in goals, but he’s also second in that garbage plus/minus stat. I’d like to praise Grabner’s start, but until he gets that corrected, I just can’t get on board.

– Adam Clendening missed a golden opportunity for a viral Mannequin Challenge video on Sunday when he was glued to the bench. If he’s not going to play, he should at least be helping the Blueshirts get pageviews from the bench.

– Chanting BUCHHHHH sounds way too similar to ZUCCCC. How are fans watching on TV supposed to differentiate? Jeff Gorton needs to consider these things when he brings new players into the fold.

Ryan McDonagh has 10 assists, second among defensemen. Big deal. He hasn’t scored a single goal yet – is he even trying?

Dan Girardi tied for the league lead with his third game-winning goal on Sunday. But should he really get credit for a goal he wasn’t even trying to score? I mean, the puck bounced off him – that’s just dumb luck. Landon could have scored that one just as easily.

– How is it that the Blueshirts have the best offense in hockey, but not one awesome line nickname? Is it so much to ask for Alain Vigneault to put three players together whose initials form a snappy acronym?

– Before you get too excited about the offensive production, note that five of New York’s 65 goals have been scored on empty nets. That’s 7.7% of the team’s total output, the fifth-highest rate in the league. Not so hard to score when there’s no goalie, eh boys?

– How am I supposed to know which Ranger to pick up in fantasy when the scoring is so balanced? It’d be nice to root for my team and earn fantasy glory, but this team is way too charitable about letting everyone chip in.

– If the Blueshirts are going to win us free food every night, could it at least be from a decent chain? Choosing Papa John’s was an ultra clever ploy by the marketing team to give away a free promotion that nobody will actually claim.

– The Wolf Pack is an ugly 3-8-2, in the cellar of the AHL’s Atlantic Division. It’s all well and good for the Broadway Blueshirts to win games, but it’s almost as important that the prospects be exposed to a winning culture. Might be time to think about sending a couple of the unneeded forwards like Derek Stepan or Rick Nash down to Hartford to help.

– Could the Rangers let just one game get to overtime? 3-on-3 was one of the highlights of last season and we haven’t gotten to see a second of it yet this year. So jealous of the Hurricanes, Sabres and Stars who have all found a way to lose in OT four times already this season.

Let us know in the comments what you’re annoyed about with the team doing so well.