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Rangers recall Boo Nieves from Hartford

boo nieves
Photo: Hartford Wolf Pack

The Rangers have recalled forward Boo Nieves from the Hartford Wolf Pack. It is expected that the 2012 second round pick will play tomorrow night in Vancouver in place of the injured Chris Kreider and Pavel Buchnevich. Oscar Lindberg will also play.

After an impressive preseason, Nieves was sent to Hartford where he has a line of 1-5-6 in 13 games. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s third on the team in scoring. The Wolf Pack are kind of bad right now, so it was a choice by the club to take either the highest scorer (Marek Hrivik), or the kid who might have a future with the Rangers. They chose the latter.

I’d expect Nieves to play in a top-nine role in Vancouver.

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    • Well, Kreider left the team to come to NY. That leaves the Rangers with only 12 active forwards, and one of those is Buch.

      I wouldn’t read too much into this, other than the fact the Rangers currently need an extra forward on the roster. If Buch (or someone else) can’t go tomorrow night, now the Rangers have an extra forward to plug in, instead of just dressing a warm body to sit on the bench as a 7th D.

      Should be fun seeing Boo make his debut, assuming Buch can’t play tomorrow night.

      With regards to Hrivik and Jensen, the Rangers are only going to recall those guys if there is a long term injury. Boo is still waivers exempt so he can come and go with no consequences.

    • Boo makes it hard to send him back to the minors with his play tonight and over the next few games. You heard it here first.

  • Can AV resist the urge to move Fast up, given the clear opportunity? We shall see (and I don’t think it’s a huge deal short term if he does, to note…long term, I wouldn’t be a fan though). Frankly I’m just glad it wasn’t Glass coming up. Time to start getting looks at what the future holds, and Nieves I think was the guy we need to see more of the most right now. Plus as Chris A notes above, waivers exempt.

  • GOOD LUCK BOO, But lets dig deeper, Listening to NHL radio today , seems Buffalo wants to desperately unload Evander Kane. I can hear the bloggers going CRAZY on me. But if Kreider is seriously hurt??, Kane ( a former 30 goal scorer with the Jets a few years back) can play the fast pace tempo that AV requires. He also brings an nasty edge and pugilistic pedigree ( which is totally void on this current Ranger Roster) with him, the guy can go toe to toe with anyone, his Father ( a former pro boxer) named him after Evander Holyfield . I say Gorton should make a phone call!!

      • Spozo, from what I hear, it will not take much, Buffalo is not happy with his performance/attitude, they want to unload his salary, I believe we have the Cap space to get it done??. It is no secret the guy has has off the ice issues, but with a change of scenery , playing on the big stage, it just might turn his career back in the right direction. He is big, physical and can score!!! He reminds me of Wayne Simmonds of the Flyers.

        • Imagine the trouble Kane can get into in Manhattan!! The only possible saving grace is nobody would care that he’s a hockey player

        • While I do see the attraction of a guy like Kane, I think his erratic behavior is just too much of a risk to part with any combination of prospects or picks for his services Bobby. It’s a shame because he really is a talented player

        • I’m trying to understand the line of reasoning that leads you to believe a brighter spotlight will end up hiding his blemishes.

          No question he has a ton of ability and would undoubtedly be a top 6 forward here. But he’s also someone who said off ice issues is “part of the territory” as a professional athlete and “For me, it’s trying to stay out of that kind of stuff and kind of picking my spots better”. (ESPN, September 22, 2016) To me, this sounds like someone who still have a bit of trouble left in him.

    • Can’t agree with you here Bobby because this guy has loads of talent but his personality makeup is problematical. I’d stay away from this guy.

    • Hey Bobby. With his issues, I think he’s far too risky to give up anything of value. Even if he could be acquired ‘on the cheap’. Can’t you just see AV’s face after he takes a penalty associated with being a physical forward.

  • Boo certainly has NHL speed and his passing skills are excellent. He’s also muscled up which is good because you can’t be a wisp & survive the NHL and he used to be a wisp. Hope he pots one, would do wonders for his confidence.

    • Hands of stone and not the Roberto Duran kind. A bit of a shame as he has all the other tools. He’ll probably be 4th line, but can still generate chances for whomever he plays with. He’ll have a chance to pot 10 just by keeping his stick on the ice down low.

      The bigger concern is Kreider, as the concussion hypothesis someone mentioned in an earlier thread is more likely with him going back straight to NYC.

  • Think this team has the depth and talent to do some damage in the playoffs. Don’t like Kreider and Buchevich out of the lineup this often.

    • I’m not convinced we have depth in the minors to weather any significant injuries. Especially on defense.

  • We have a lot of talent in Hartford and good to see Boo back up. I think he will fill in fine and forget going after Kane too much risk salary and attitude.

    • Hi David. Respectfully, what “talent” with The Pack are you referring to? We just recalled Boo who has 1 goal and 5 assists in some 13 games to replace two injured scoring forwards. I’m not knocking Boo, as a matter of fact I can’t wait to see him play. But if you look at the Pack as constituted this year, they haven’t exactly been a powerhouse………….. Years of idiotic trading away of talent and high draft picks for way past their prime players has caught up with us.

  • Boo is a good kid, but not the talent of a “Kane”. I hope we inquire. Imagine if we brought up Glass instead?

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