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Twitter recap: Rangers regain steam, down Calgary 4-1


These western trips are killer. I didn’t watch the game at all last night. So here’s a Twitter breakdown of the game. I’ll get to some of tonight’s game, and maybe some of Tuesday’s. No promises though.

No. No I’m not. Fine. I’ll go shave.


Chris Kreider can be pretty good. But did he lose 20 pounds?

If you don’t follow Jack on Twitter, you should. He does great systems breakdowns, and this tweet is about the Rangers and how they play in the defensive zone. Alain Vigneault adjusted to put the onus on the forwards in the defensive zone, allowing the defense to focus more on the slot. It’s a subtle adjustment that has paid serious dividends.


Robot Miller. Robot Girardi. All built by Lundqvist.

A wise man once said that a win is a win is a win.

This is what you want to see from an elite team. Domination against bad teams.

Not I.

Stop going to sleep, Beth.

I mean, it’s not 3am for me, but yes I’m ok with this. Just give the Rangers three wins and call it a day.

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  • The Oilers will be a tougher match for the Rangers. Edmonton has improved defensively and has many weapons on offense that can beat you. I am hoping AV goes back with Henk in the cage, so we can see a Talbot vs Lundqvist match up.

  • Talbot’s slip has been showing recently. Last five games…

    GAA 3.40
    SV Pct. .890

    Might be catching him at the right time.

    • I am hoping the Rangers juggernaut continues Eddie. If Lundqvist can replicate last nights’ performance, then the Rangers will take no prisoners tonight at Rexall Place.

    • Please, let’s get real.

      Starting with the win over the Caps back on 10/22, in the eight games that Hank has started….

      GAA 1.88
      SV Pct .934

      Yep, the guy is stealing money.

      Get back to me when Talbot plays his first ever NHL must win pressure game and then we will see how he holds up.

      • if we’re going by numbers ,Cam is leading him in stats,has by far way more shots against on the young team hes on .. just sayin.As it stands neither has won anything that matters

        • Valid, but to call a future HOF goalie who has essentially carried the franchise on his back for more than a decade with little in the way of help for much of that time–to call that person a “sieve” is way over the top.

          • To call someone King who hasn’t won it yet is a bit much ….. if he won a couple of Cups by all means,pay him top top $$$$ …. don’t see happening cause we miss a piece due to his salary (hope i’m wrong )

          • Do you really believe that Hank is the reason we haven’t won a Cup yet? To me, quite the contrary. He’s been the reason we’ve even been in the conversation.

            Now, your point about the contract is certainly fair and worthy of discussion. Let’s say, back in the 2013-14 season when Hank’s contract was about to expire, that the Rangers had a roster similar to let’s say the Hawks or Pens–teams with elite level future HOF talent. They likely would have tried to win a Cup that year with Hank, and then let him walk due to lack of cap space. Because if you have a Kane, Toews, Keith, Malkin, Crosby, Letang type players, they clearly have more value than a Vezina caliber goalie.

            The Hawks have proved that you can win with a very good but not necessarily Vezina level goaltending. And on top of that, the Rangers at that time had no idea what they really had in Talbot. That revelation came a year later.

            The reality was that due to poor 1st round drafting when the team was bad, the Rangers were not constructed the way other contenders were. So when the time came to decide whether or not to pony up and keep the King, the Rangers assessed the landscape and probably realized there were no other options out there that would allow them to contend. What good is cap space if you have a mediocre to bad team?

            At the end of the day, this is not just a hockey decision but a marketing decision. Unless you were sure that the team could fill the void with top talent, the fans would have been up in arms if they had let Hank walk. This would have been the Eddie Giacomin saga all over again.

            Blaming Hank and calling him a sieve because he got paid what he would have easily gotten on the open market is ridiculous. He deserved the contract and to me has earned every penny.

            And that elusive Cup may yet come, but if it doesn’t, it won’t be because of Hank, that’s for sure.

        • That’s my point. He’s played 2+ NHL seasons and this is his 5th team already (6th if you count Anaheim who he never played for). That’s not exactly what I’d call a glowing resume, especially for a young player. Teams seem pretty quick to move on from him. At this pace, he’ll have the whole league covered in short order!

          • What do you know? I actually agree with you. AV doesn’t trust him either, so he will sit & rot like Lindberg. This guy is nothing special & in his last game the puck looked like a grenade on his stick, although the stats people will tell you he’s superlative.

          • There yet remains hope for world peace then. 🙂

            I have no idea why everyone is so hot and bothered over this kid.

            As for Lindberg, he will rot no more. Goes in tonight in place of an injured Kreider.

    • Clendening scratched along w/ Lindberg. Girardi plays all games of road trip? Will be telling to see how he performs.

        • Sounds like Raanta will play as well, although nothing will be officially announced on any of these moves until 530pm Edmonton time.

        • Past a certain age, it’s not the 1st game that’s a problem, it’s the recovery. Playing B2B for him on 1st pair minutes not the best idea. Recovery never gets to happen, make recovery for Tuesday tougher, makes recovery for Friday even tougher.

          • He’s 32 and played 17 minutes last night in a blowout. You’re reading too much in to this.

          • That is not reading too much into it, that is knowing a bit about physiology and wondering where a guy is on his downhill curve.

            That’s why I wrote that it would be telling.

          • At this point, sitting Girardi on the second of back to backs is a smart move. If he can be somewhat serviceable with reduced minutes and more rest, then by all means make that a priority. Wouldn’t hurt to get more looks at Clendening also.

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