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Rangers fall flat, help snap Vancouver’s losing streak

jt miller

The run of wins and goals was bound to end, but many didn’t expect to end like this. The Rangers laid an egg against a terrible Vancouver team, giving up five goals to a team that managed to get shutout four times in five games a week prior. The Rangers were slow and possibly fatigued, as they seemed to play down to their opponent all night. A strong effort by Jacob Markstrom helped doom the Rangers to their first real clunker of the season.

But on the humorous side, even with a loss the Rangers got three goals, so Papa John’s is inching closer to going broke. Rick Nash got his 400th goal as well, so there’s that. The Rangers have three days off now before their Western Canada road trip, so I’d expect them to regroup and be rested for that run. Losses happen, even ugly ones.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Canucks 0


Kevin Klein made a solid play in the defensive zone to disrupt the Canucks, leading the Rangers to transition up the ice. Brady Skjei got it to Jesper Fast as Pavel Buchnevich cut to the net. Fast made a beautiful pass to Buch for the goal. Credit Skjei for cutting to the net as well, drawing the attention of two Canucks defenders and leaving Buch to get behind them.

Canucks 1, Rangers 1


You could tell the Rangers were gassed at the end of this shift. Nick Holden was on Henrik Sedin along the boards, and couldn’t get to the slot to assist Marc Staal with Loui Eriksson. Daniel Sedin got position on Jesper Fast, which gave him room to get the puck to Eriksson. Buchnevich also slow to get to the slot.

Canucks 2, Rangers 1


Henrik with the jack-in-the-box goal, after the Rangers turned it over in the offensive zone.

Rangers 2, Canucks 2


This is pretty. Rick Nash got his 400th NHL goal.

Canucks 3, Rangers 2


Antti Raanta was forced to leave the game after getting run over by Mikael Granlund, forcing Henrik Lundqvist to come in cold. Mika Zibanejad then turned the puck over with an errant pass off Alex Burrows’ skate. That led to a scramble in front, which led to Hank on the ground while Burrows was able to chip it into the empty net. Lundqvist didn’t play the initial shot well, but that’s likely due to being cold. That was the first shot he faced with no warmups. Either way, the turnover led to this developing.

Canucks 4, Rangers 2


Ryan McDonagh couldn’t glove the puck at the blue line, leading to Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi on the two-on-one. Dan Girardi with the snow angel which didn’t work.

Canucks 5, Rangers 2

Burrows empty netter.

Canucks 5, Rangers 3


The Rangers got a bit lucky with the bounces on this one, as their rush was broken up, but the puck eventually bounced to Zibanejad, who put it over Markstrom.

Even Strength Scoring Chances


The Rangers actually had the majority of the scoring chances, but couldn’t really use their speed to get them. The Canucks did a good job of neutralizing the Rangers’ speed as well.

Scoring Chance Locations


The Blue Shirts got a good amount of chances in high scoring areas, just couldn’t convert.

The Rangers gave away two points last night, but now have a chance to rest up before their road trip. Hopefully they learn from this game.

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    • The whole team was tired, slow, and they all stunk.
      Expect a good west coast trip after three days rest

          • first goal , yeah … scramble and it gets poked in …. 2nd goal was his shit , 8 million $ goalie lets a shit pass go right by him …. yeah I understand the position ….. learned that in pee wee ,stick out and that pass doesn’t go right by his damn feet ,maybe I missed something ??

  • My 2 cents
    If the league pulls a goalie for a mandatory concussion review, can they at least give that team a chance to warm up the incoming goalie?

    Can someone tell Brady Skjei he can touch the puck with his hand if he isn’t in the crease?

    Can we put the puck in a wide open net sometimes?

    Where has Kreider’s head been since he returned? I think he needs a game with Zbad and Buch again.

    • Unfortunately, it may make sense, but isn’t really consistent with usual protocol. If a backup comes in due to an injury to the starter he isn’t given time to warm up. No pucks come out to warm a goalie up- ever- and if the team wants to give him an extra minute to stretch, they have to burn their time out. Just the way it is and I don’t see it changing.

      Good intentions with the concussion protocol thing….. but honestly it sucks. Really turned the game last night.

      All that said, on the other end, great game by Markstrom last night. If that Vancouver team had any talent, he’d be a lot more significant in the hockey (read: fantasy hockey) world.

    • I understand why they did it, but I would like to see the Zbad line back together again. It was electric. The puck movement was impressive. Enough games have passed with Grabner not scoring to reinstate them. Whether they will with Zbad and Kreider running round I do not know.

    • When we tried to score off the rush repeatedly on one of the power plays I told myself their heads were not in it. Unfair to not give Hank some warmup. It was not a coach’s decision to replace Raanta. The league pulled him. Dumb rule.

    • I think it goes further than not giving Raanta any help. He gets run over and all the Granlund got was a “stern talking to”. That will teach them……….

  • How about Buchnevich with the multi point effort and climbing the line up via AV’s line juggling. Nice to see him with more apt linemates again.

    Dave, can we get an article on our depth chart in regards to a theoretical trade? Say the Rangers do make a move for a Trouba/Vantanen/etc, in what order are the Rangers brass assessing their wealth of young talented forwards?


    A lot of talk on the subject but no one is coming out to handicap the Rangers depth chart and in all honesty it’s the most critical factor in trade assessments. For example, Duclair was most likely expendable to land Yandle due to the existence of Buchnevich in the system. In today’s world, who’s most expendable on the above list should a big ticket trade go down? And don’t make fun of my list, it’s ‘tentative’.

    • Hatrick,
      One change ….remove stepan [my prediction less than 5 even strength goals this year] …and add zucc……
      However that being said it would be a MAJOR mistake to trade any of the others on that list…..remember the best defense is a good offense……

      • Thanks. I didn’t include players like Zuc and Nash given age (had to draw the line somewhere) with the primary objective on development within the organization. Almost left Stepan out, but he’s only 25…. so he made the cut.

        That said, Stepan has recorded the following number of even strength goals since his rookie year in 2010-11


        I think he’s getting more than 5.

        • Does that include ones that bank off his skates??
          Honestly though he did have his best game in years against the oilers , but generally he scores when 2 players are chasing zucc or kreider who then passes the puck to a wide open stepan in front….good 3 rd liner center and good on power play but little speed and soft shot…needed to do something when gudas hit vesey and he just stood there!!!!!!! TOO soft for my liking…..

    • We’ve written about that a bit. It’s really just Miller that seems like the guy to go in a trade. From that list:

      Buch – Nope.
      Zib – Just acquired
      Hayes – Helped get Vesey
      Miller – Probably best chip
      Stepan – Nope. Also, salary.
      Kreider – Nope
      Vesey – Just got him

  • Girardi still sucks on second (i Think) sliding along the ice his positioning is g-g awful move him or buy him out.

  • Did the Rangers lose because of the trade they made? Maybe the players felt sorry for a player who played his heart out and the coach could not see his potential?
    Just kidding we were tired.

    • Don’t think players do not feel player movement, especially a guy trying so hard to prove himself. Don’t forget this is a coach who played D with broken things in their legs. Would like to see NYR with the Cup, AV will need a miracle to get it done. Hate to say its JG’s problem but he is the guy who gave AV the vote of confidence so he now owns it. Very clever on AVs’ part…..and its not only DMAC. I see the Rangers playing well and hope it continues thru this long grinding season.

  • I can’t argue with the NHL and the rule about checking players right away for head injuries, but this situation really made an incredible difference in the game.

    Does 5, 10, 15 minutes make any difference that has been proven?

    I felt bank for Henrik, It’s hard enough for me to get up between periods to get a pretzel… he got right into a surgeon professional hockey game…



    I hope this type of lost and the road trip bring this team to another level…

  • The thing that I’ve noticed with Hayes last night is that he’s keeping his feet moving a lot more often instead of gliding, also using more crossover strides to get to top gear quicker. Still doesn’t have the jump of Grabner or Buchnevich, but it’s better.

    • Markstrom had a game.

      Charts above show the Rangers had the edge in play, despite the outcome.

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