Rangers trade Dylan McIlrath to Florida for Steve Kampfer, conditional pick

dylan mcilrath

The long awaited Dylan McIlrath trade has happened, as the Rangers have sent the former first round pick to the Florida Panthers in exchange for defenseman Steve Kampfer and a conditional 7th round pick. Many have waited for McIlrath to be on the move since before his demotion, as it has been clear that he has no future with this club as currently constructed.

In return, the Rangers are getting Kampfer, whom they actually traded to Florida two years ago after signing him as a free agent. Kampfer has actually played some significant minutes with the Panthers in years past, but has skated in just one game this year, likely as a result of an upgraded blue line in Sunrise.

McIlrath ends his Rangers career with a line of 2-2-4 in 38 games with 84 PIMs. This was overall bad management by the Rangers since 2010. It was a bad pick (given who was available), bad development, bad handling once in the NHL, and now a relatively bad trade for a spare part and a conditional late pick.

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  • For what they got for him, why not just keep him around for depth and let him walk at the end of the year? Kampfer isn’t anything but organizational filler.

  • Sad Day for this Ranger fan, Mcllrath never got the opportunity to develop ( he should have been given that chance last year) The only young physical presence in the organization is sent packing. I am glad he gets a shot with the Panthers. Maybe Keith Yandle mentioned to Panther management that Mcllrath was worth a look??, they played well together last year. The Panthers ( like the Rangers) lacked a Physical Presence, I heard on NHL radio that they were being pushed around A BIT TOO MUCH , so maybe their coach ( Gerard Gallant) who always played with an mean edge ( he played with the Red Wings during the Kocur /Probert day’s, ) signed on for the trade too??, Good Luck Dylan, hope to see you playing on the Panthers real soon.

    • Well said Bobby B,
      I hope he gets regular playing time and develops into a solid defenseman…….I could see him wearing a C one day.

      AV better win a cup with this team , no excuses with the talent we have.

    • Dylan is going to surprise a lot of people over the next few years, especially Ranger fans. This is great for Dylan, a first class human being, who never got a chance with the Rangers. He & Yandle will reprise their combo again.

      • Paul, Bobby, and the rest of us on here, this is good for McIlrath. I am happy to see the kid actually get a chance. He’ll be a good D-man and he will protect his team mates. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yandle gave Panther management a thumbs up, as McIlrath played well when paired with Yandle. The Ranger’s “softness” will be exposed as the year wears on.

    • Probably to get rid of a contract. If they get him off waivers they still have Kampfer and his contract

  • What I don’t get is he cleared waivers and is in Hartford, so what was the big hurry to trade him? Why not wait and see if some team gets injuries and needs a D-man, that way you could get something better?
    I’m happy for him that he gets a fair chance with a new team. Wish him all the best.
    Gorton has had a great year but this one I don’t get!

    • This is Gorton giving the kid a chance. He foisted DMAC on AV last year & AV wasn’t going to play him come hell or high water. And even though I’m a Ranger fan through & through, I’m going to smile when he knocks Stepan on his ass!

  • I don’t get it either, something just night right here?? When it was announced that Mcllrath was being placed on waivers, AV acknowledged afterwords that he hoped Mcllrath would clear waives ( for selfish reasons) he wanted him to stay in the Ranger organization, 10 day’s later he is traded???.

  • I am surprised that they did not keep Dylan around in Hartford as insurance. Maybe they believed that he would never get the 42 games necessary to avoid free agency, so they got what they could in Kamfur. They apparently think they prefer Kamfur as a spare D man in case of injury? I’m not one to doubt Gorton in view of his savvy moves, but I would really like to hear their reasoning.

  • Well truth be told, they essentially got Near first rounders in Vesey and Buch, so the Dylan pick does not hurt so much in the big picture.

    • That would have made more sense, but as someone said Fla probably had to drop a contract.

  • The Rangers are winning, and AV wanted no part of him, so maybe a little coach coddling. Mcllrath was treated with no respect, he should work hard and become a second pair defenseman.

  • I wouldnt call it bad development until last season, but injuries & the CBA forced the issue and AV handled it poorly.

    Best of luck.

  • Watched Gordon’s presser. He was classy saying that Dylan is a good kid that will get a fresh start with s new team. He said he feels that Ksmfur’s speed fits in with this team and that Dylan may not be have been a match for these Rangers.

    So much for those who think it was all AV. Like I’ve said for a while, it is foolish to think that AV and his boss aren’t on the same page regarding personnel.

    • Peter, Peter, of course it was AV, you are not usually this naive. You watched DMAC play last year,right? Did he look like he was overmatched? McIlrath will be a great pickup for a team with a lot of potential.

      • Statistically, albeit in limited time he outperformed all other defensemen except for mcdonagh……and he was a far better skater than girardi…..Very solid player….but lets face it AV knows talent…thats why he played Tanner glass so much….mismanagement of a number 1 draft pick…..

  • So much for all that BS “no one claimed him so you see he’s useless.” In point of fact, Florida was calling Gorton all the time on McIlrath.

      • He is gone, and many Ranger Players and Fans will be crying in their beer when the team is getting bullied and no one will be able to stand up to keep things honest.. Remember the Dale Rolfe/Dave Schultz incident ( cost the 74 Rangers a Cup) , Remember the other diamond in the rough D-Man we had in Mark Tinordi,gave him away, set the franchise back 10 years, this Mcllrath fiasco has Tinordi 2 written all over it!!!! You heard it hear first!!!

        • I know you are a big McIlrath fan Bobby and I respect that. I think you might be thinking with your heart on this one though. I hated it when they let Sandstrom go. I get it, we all have our favorites. The problem I have is when people start wishing a player who was moved from the team will come into our building and knock one of our own on his ass. As big of a fan as I was of Sandstrom, I couldn’t root for him to score against us. The name on the front of the jersey means a lot more than the name on the back of the jersey

          • Chris, there is no bigger Ranger fan than I. And I have been since the mid 1950’s. I rooted for Eddie G. when he came back to face the Rangers as a Redwing. I want to see Haglen be a force with Pitt, and I despise the Penguins. I want to see Brassard do well with Ottawa. And I want to see McIlrath become a defensive force with the Panthers. We all will see that this kid did have a place on this team. He will come back to haunt us. The season is early, and I am enjoying our run. BUT as the year wears on you’ll see teams start taking more and more liberties……..

          • WELL SAID, the liberties began last night, Vancouver( YES THE WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE) running Raanta without a care in the world!!!!, Imagine when we start playing tough phyisical teams!!!!

          • you ain’t a kiddin jerry, it’s been happening already and it’s gonna get worse the better they play …. oh wait, there’s t. glass….i’ve been watching since early sixties and you know that that cycle always turns back around and the physicality will @ sometime be back. all teams still need that physical player.——–HUGE GOOD LUCK TO “Dylan Mcllrath”, may he be in the league for years…..

  • Very sad. All the best to Dylan, I hope he has a good career. At least he will get the chance in Florida, AV would have played me before him.

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