Oscar Lindberg practicing in full today


Update: Lindberg will still start on IR, but Alain Vigneault expects to start with 13F and 7D, so expect one defenseman to be cut. Likely Brady Skjei.

Per Steve Zipay, injured center Oscar Lindberg is practicing in full today, and is not in a non-contact jersey. Lindberg had dual hip surgery in May to repair a pair of torn labrums. He was expected to be out six months from the date of the surgery, setting him up for an early-November return.

Lindberg appears to be ahead of schedule. There have been more than a few questions regarding who centers the fourth line, with Josh Jooris seemingly taking that role with Lindberg out.

The Rangers are currently at 24 skaters. Lindberg was expected to go on IR, but that may not be the case any longer. If so, the Rangers will need to cut at least one more skater to get to 23 by tomorrow’s deadline.

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  • Yes,ts great that hes ahead of schedule, and on his way back; but its not like we’re getting Guy Carboneau. Hes basically coming back in as a rookie again, having to prove himself all over again. Yes he scored early in the season last year, but remember, that was not what was expected of him. He tailed off dramatically after that, due to the injuries, or due to normal rookie season struggles. My point is, lets not just hand over that 4th line position to him so fast. Hes gonna have to earn it. And I really hope he does, because I’m not to thrilled with the current options for that position.

    • He probably will be 3C as the continued Haze experiment in the pivot will end. Haze was 1 of 23 or something like that on the dot and his D stinks.
      Oscar between VC and Haze may be the answer.

      • If JT is going to play with Hayes & Vesey, then he should be the centre. He will be much better at centre than Hayes, who many insist is better at centre, when clearly he is not.

  • The last cut is going to be a very tough call…

    Of the remaining 8 defensemen… McDonagh, Klein, Staal, Girardi are all locks. Clendening, McIlrath, Holden, and Skjei are battling for 3 spots.

    Of the remaining 14 forwards… Zucc, Nash, Kreider, Stepan, Miller, Buch, Vesey, Hayes, Zibenajad seem to be locks for the top 9. Pirri, Lindberg, Fast, Grabner, Jooris are battling for 4 spots.

    Will be very interesting to see who is the odd man out!

  • IMHO it should be Skjei who gets cut (for now). He is not exposed to waivers and can benefit from a little fine tuning in Hartford while AV and company figure this glut of players out against NHL competition. Then in a few months (or sooner) they can bring him back. I believe if you cut anyone else, you risk losing them.

    • There is some risk, yes, but interestingly enough, so far everyone has cleared waivers — and I don’t mean everyone the Rangers have sent down. I mean everyone sent down by any team. Part of this is that management usually understands which players may be vulnerable and avoids waivers, but it is also indicative that everyone has a player glut and won’t claim a player unless they see serious upside.

      I see risk in waiving Holden, McIlrath, Clendening but it wouldn’t astound me if one of those actually did clear waivers – in fact I’d guess it was better than 50/50.

  • Nice!

    Oscar getting hurt was not planned, I am happy he is a quick healer, more options and more good players can not be bad no matter how you shake it…

    speaking of shake, time for the morning bake!

  • Not sure if this means anything, but the Rangers official website has listed Clendening as a member of the Wolfpack since last week.

    Based on that meaningless detail, I’m going to guess Clendening gets waived/sent down.

    • did he do that a lot? i don’t recall it as something I remember over his being a decent younger player… showing some skill and heart ?

      does he take stupid penalties?

      I can’t remember,, what do you recall?

  • Guy Boucher likes to use 7 D-men in a game & his reasons are really interesting. He says—–During his pre-game media scrum yesterday, Boucher rehashed many of these same reasons to the local scribes.

    “Why? I want them to have the intensity to play good for 60 minutes and that’s why you see other teams do it now. You demand a lot on your breakouts of defencemen now. They jump a lot more than they used to jump up into the play. You used to have one guy per team that would jump because he would be your offensive (defenceman). Now you’re asking that of every defenceman. (It’s the) same way on the transition. On the forechecks now, the (defencemen) are so involved on forechecks and you saw Toronto the other day, their (defencemen) are right in there every time and that demands a lot. And if you look at it, you’ve got four sets of forwards, but you only have three sets of defencemen, but you’re asking the same amount of energy from your (defencemen) than you are from the forwards, so that’s one way to compensate for that. You look at Europe, they have four lines and they have four sets of (defencemen). They play with 22 players there and that’s the reason why. So I think now with the game demanding so much of defencemen that I like to have that extra (defenceman), that’s one reason concerning the (defencemen). But on the other hand, I like to have eleven forwards sometimes because it leaves one hole in your lineup and you can come back with your top players – which they love because they hate waiting (for) four lines to get their turn and so you keep your top guys active and you don’t always come back with the same guy. You come back with… one time it’s (Kyle) Turris on the fourth line, the other time it’s (Mike) Hoffman, the other time it’s (Derick) Brassard. So then you don’t really have a fourth line anymore. You have a line now that is tough to match. If you’re the opponent and you see… if I take another team, if you see (Sidney) Crosby come on the ice on the fourth line, that’s not a fourth line anymore. So it’s hard to match. You put your top (defencemen on the ice to match up) there and then they’re stuck because they can’t go back out there against the top line. So it’s tough to match for the opponent and it’s also a way to improve the fourth line and the fourth line guys love it because they get to get points, self-esteem and everything else that comes with it. There’s a lot of reasons for it and those reasons will change and they’ll vary from game to game depending on how healthy our guys are, who’s available and the quality of player. So all these reasons are valid depending on the game and circumstances.” So he double shifts his 1st & 2nd line centres on the fourth line to give better players more ice time & give his 4th line some ooph. Now there is a creative thinker.

    • I’ll give Boucher this, he’s always willing to try different things. His 5v5 1-3-1 was kind of goofy, but at least he tried. It didn’t work, and that one Flyers vs TB game where neither team did much of anything for ten minutes, was a travesty, but at least it was something different.

      I can’t advocate dressing 11&7 though. I can’t see that 7th D playing enough to justify the risk of finishing a game with only nice or ten forwards, in case of injury or a game misconduct. Same with 4 D pairs. This is a league where a top D can easily play 25 minutes and do so at a high level. What would that 4th D pair do? Play 5 minutes a night?

      And good luck getting the owners to expand active rosters to 24 or 25 players.

      Boucher is coaching a talent poor team. Maybe Ottawa doesn’t actually have enough quality forwards to ice 12 each night and this is simply a PR friendly way to cover that up?

      • He wasn’t talking about expanding rosters specifically. With a team like the Rangers, giving D-men a breather during the course of a game might prove beneficial. And some will play less minutes which may be beneficial, especially if one or two guys have a bad night. It won’t happen with the Rangers but its an interesting idea nevertheless.

    • Boucher such a genius he kept his last club out of the playoffs. Once they canned him Bern caught fire and won the league.

  • Brooksie reporting that Rangers are planning to keep Clendening and are actively seeking a trade partner for DMAC. Whether there is a market for the kid, or if the rumor is even true, remains to be seen. Tough decisions ahead to trim the roster. Even tougher if they decide to recall Nieves.

  • Holden the weakest D that can be moved, cap hit is the same whether he’s up or down. If you put him through waivers there’s a chance of him being claimed and getting 100% of the salary off the books.

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