Rangers waive Tanner Glass, Nathan Gerbe; Cut Boo Nieves, Gabriel Fontaine

tanner glass
Photo by Jenn Pierce/NHLI via Getty Images

As expected, the Rangers have waived forward Tanner Glass. With all the offseason moves made, Glass’ spot was already in question. The preseason performances of Brandon Pirri, Pavel Buchnevich, and Jimmy Vesey put his role further in doubt. With Josh Jooris signed to provide some improved skill and penalty killing, it seemed all but a certainty that Glass would be waived.

Glass has been a hot topic over the past three years, but there’s no doubting that this year he was outplayed by everyone who has made the roster. Nathan Gerbe also joins him on waivers, having been outplayed by a number of players.

Gabriel Fontaine returns to his CHL team. Nieves would have been cut a while ago, but stuck around due to injury.

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  • The only question now is, how long until AV decides to bring him back?

    Maybe someone will claim him off waivers!

      • It’s a pretty fair point Ben makes. Dude played 57 games last year, which is 57 more games than he should have played.

        • And who would you have played in the other 57 games instead of Glass? Emerson Etem, Daniel Paille?

          Both Hrivik and Megna were given shots and in some cases dressed in games with Glass. Neither impressed enough to take Glass’ spot.

          The truth is the depth at forward last year sucked and this year it does not which is a really good thing.

          Time to move on folks – given the new found depth with the Rangers and the trickle down to the Wolfpack I believe that Tanner Glass has played his last game as a Ranger.

          What are all of you going to write and complain about now?

          Well I guess you still have AV to beat up….

          • I don’t think I’m quite as salty on the topic as you apparently (of course, we seem to go opposite directions on AV)…but yes, I would have had Hrivik in Glass’s role, to answer our question. I’ll take any possible unknown upside over a known none. Etem is not a bottom six player even if he did put it all together. Paille should never have been signed in the first place. I think Hrivik may have more upside than Megna, just my take on those two.

            If AV makes less loyalty/personal preference-based decisions and more strictly talent/skill-based decisions, and puts bottom six players in the bottom six and top six players in the top six…and gives third pair defenders third pair and/or sheltered minutes…I think a lot of people (myself included) will cease to have as many concerns.

          • I’m not a Glass lover or hater. I am just tired about everything that is wrong with the Rangers being because of Tanner Glass.

            Personnel – or lack of it, is the reason Glass played last year and this year it is why he won’t be playing.

            And I’m not an AV lover or hater either. My bitch with him has been the use of DMAC when Girardi and Staal* looked so bad last year.

            I’m also tired of listening to the same old crap about why we didn’t do this or that three years ago. Time to move on.

            At this point my approach is to look forward and see where this goes. As far as I am concerned Gorton has put everyone on notice including , Girardi, Staal* Nash and AV. I think this will be a very telling season no matter what direction it goes in.

            Emerson Etem – some people think he has skill. I sure didn’t see it. And I sure didn’t see anything that would put him on a top six line. If it came down to Glass or Etem it would be Glass for me every time….

          • I hear Ya Swarty. I’m not a big Tanner Glass guy either but I’m not into bashing guys all year long or formyears in this case. One thing we can all agree on I think is the guy stood up for his teammates. I worry about AV not playing guys in the right spots or not playing them at all but I also,say the guy has been to final a few times and a period away from getting us there twice so I’m pretty sure he knows much more then me or anyone on here. I don’t like seeing the jokes about Girardi either. The guy was on oir top line for many years and never missed any games and because he can’t do it no more doesn’t mean we make jokes about him. I see it as fans have to have something to complain about. Believe me I get frustrated and pissed off that they never seem to go app the way. I’ve been watching the Rangers since 1970 n actually before that but it don’t make me an authority on hockey. It just makes me a long time fan. I like to consider myself a long time supporter. If I’m gonna complain every year then I shouldn’t be watching them anymore.

    • I can never be this excited about losing a team mate who will fight like tanner did for his guys!

      Well we still lost a player who brought other things to the table well.

      Locker Room presence
      Team mate

      I only hope the rangers mold and mesh this season, Glass provided things that aren’t easily found in players.

      • Joe, if that's the case then maybe Gudas will be in the line-up on the 6th.Jerry says:

        Extremely well stated.

      • That is true and I think that’s why he remained with the NYR as long as he did with the Rangers. However, he can’t really play hockey. He skates well but gets pushed off the puck as if he weighed 140lbs wet.
        I didn’t hate Glass but he is poor at driving possession and he doesn’t get in on the forecheck often enough. I’ve seen him jump on the defenseman retrieving the puck after a dump in and cause a turnover which led to a goal.
        He can be effective on the ice but he doesn’t. Even without touching the puck.

    • GLASS spent a good chunk of last season in Hartford as well but guess what. He eventually found his way back and stayed up. I would take this with a grain of salt.

      I’m kind of surprised Gerbe was waived. He has been one of the NHL leaders in SOG the last couple seasons. As a 4th liner, that could have been a essential part of driving possession. I guess Pirri bumped him out. I always thought the 4th line would be Grabner/Jooris/Fast and finally be a good group that can actually do more than defend, get the puck out and go off the ice. 13/14 our 4th line spent shifts in the the offensive zone and wore down the oppositions defenseman. We haven’t had that since.

    • I can never be this excited about losing a team mate who will fight like tanner did for his guys!

      Well we still lost a player who brought other things to the table well.

      Locker Room presence
      Team mate

      I only hope the rangers mold and mesh this season, Glass provided things that aren’t easily found in players.

      • I do get the impression that everyone on the roster enjoyed having Glass as a friend in the locker room. He seems very well liked. But the Rangers have plenty of personality (Zucc for example), seasoned leadership (Hank for example), cerebral hockey minds (Kreider for example), and muscle (The Undertaker for example) in the room aside from him as well. I think they’ll be fine.

        I think I’d certainly enjoy having a beer with Tanner Glass…I just prefer he isn’t playing ten minutes a night for the Rangers is all.

          • True, but I do hope so. At least for the teams where there is a high chance of conflicts and altercations.

        • without asking your experiences on competitive sports teams, I will add this.

          On every team there needs to be something in terms of an intangible. The sort of thing you see with championship teams when they win. Those guys that bleed the team and other guys grab hard as they can in those winning moments.

          Your reference to having a beer with Tanner is so off point.

          I am 1000% positive every guy in that locker room is not happy about Glass not being there right now.

          I am 1000% positive they know he didn’t make the cut.

          I am 1000% sure they hope who every the new guys are can become a part of what they had with Tanner Glass.

          Take the happy personality, goalie leadership, brainy mind and grit you mentioned and I bet dollars Tanner Glass had something that is still missed.

          You just don’t get the rep he had be accident, its character.

          I would also love to have a beer with him and hear some hockey stories.

          Lets Go Rangers!!!!

          • Pas….very insightful, and while we have no way of knowing for sure, I would bet you are absolutely correct.

          • Hey, how’s it going Eddie? Hope all is well. With the Glass/AV conspiracy theory out of the way, what do you predict will be the next non-hockey related chat that will consume the majority of these posts? lol. What’s your feeling about Pirri and his place on this team? I love the offense he brings, just not sure there is a top 9 spot to accommodate. I can’t see him being asked to play a fourth line defensive role. It’s just not his game. Looking forward to your response pal

          • I played on a number of teams growing up, and continue to play softball in a league setting into my mid 30s. I’ve been on teams that were great personality-wise but not very talented, and I’ve been on teams that were much flatter personality-wise but very talented. The latter have always produced the better results in the standings in my experience.

            I think most players are missed by their teammates when they don’t make the team, and especially in pro hockey when they are players who take a beating protecting others. It’s just an unfortunate reality that keeping a player around past the point that the product on the ice suffers due to skill issues is counter productive to the reason the team plays the sport; to win. My rec league softball team can afford to keep a great guy on the roster even if he can’t hit and field worth a damn and probably still be competitive, but professional sports teams do not have that luxury.

          • Eg, I’m no fan of Glass, but aren’t we overblowing all this? He played 10 minutes a game. In his first year on the team, he was part of a squad that put together one of the finest seasons in Rangers history tha was derailed from making a return trip to the Finals only due to massive injuries. Last year, the team wasn’t as good, but it still was a 101 pt team. Do you honestly believe that the ultimate outcome of either season would have been any different if Glass had not been on the roster?

            It’s like saying the 2011-12 Rangers would have gone further if only John Mitchell had played less. Ultimately, it’s the guy who plays the last and that guy rarely makes enough of a difference to matter.

          • Well, my last comment was simply to respond to Pas, haha. I understand and respect the sentiment, but ultimately no matter how much the locker room, coaching staff, and management like Tanner, it is the right call. What makes Glass such a frustration to many folks is not just that he didn’t ever need to be brought in to begin with…but that he continued to get regular ice time while producing a very poor on ice product.

            You can certainly win a cup with a player many might consider to be underwhelming on the fourth line. Eric Fehr played in 55 games for the Pens last season and for 13 minutes a night. Little less than that in the postseason of course. He may be generally regarded as in the same general production category as Glass…but if you look at a HERO chart, that’s where it becomes clear that under the base general perception, Eric Fehr is significantly better than Tanner Glass. Eric Fehr is appropriately suited for the fourth line in the NHL. Tanner Glass is not. He has one of the most appalling HERO charts I’ve ever seen.

            I do not believe the ultimate outcome would have been different without him, nor did I say that. Every roster spot counts for something though, and when a coach plays a favorite (his, the other players, or both) over more productive options, it is a disservice to the team (whether they like it or not) and the fans.

          • IMO, the Rangers go when players like Zucc and Kreider bring their “A” game. I feel these are the contagious type of one ice guys that get the team going. I’m hoping Zibanejad and Miller can add to that this season.

          • For as good as all that sounds, the bottom line is that everyone involved with the organization wants to win. From a pure on-ice production stand point, having Tanner Glass play a significant role on your hockey team is not conducive to that goal. His teammates know and certainly understand that. Also, while I always got a vibe that he was very well liked by the staff and his teammates, Tanner Glass is far from the heart of the team.

          • At 10:17 ATOI Glass was never a significant part of the team. Etem, Stoll, Paille, Hrivik, Megna all averaged more ATOI with the Rangers and were each given shots to take Glass’ spot – which they were unable to do.

            Again – I am not a Glass lover or hater – I am just a realist. The five guys above each were given opportunities to make an impression and except for Megna’s first game they were all pretty much non-eventful.

            Unlike, DMAC, who arguably would have been a better option at D for much of the season, Glass played because the Rangers did not have any better options.

  • I didn’t see where Jooris did anything so great to make this team. Not saying he shouldn’t make it over Glass, but I did like what I saw in Boo last night.

  • Agreeing with Amy, if Tanner Glass is officially off the team, then the only muscle/protector/enforcer, that is left is Dylan Mcllrath. The kid has earned the right to be an very day D-man with the Rangers on his play alone. The fact that he is the only one left to stick up for the majority of this finesse orientated team makes his presence magnified. If Mcllrath is not a top 6 D-man on a team that is severely handicapped in that department, then Gorton ( who has Boston Bruin toughness in his genes) needs to have a long chat with AV. Mcllrath needs to be in this line up every night!!!

  • Last night was the first time I saw Boo play. I suspect that in the not too distant future that boy will be with the parent club. The kid looked good out there !!!!

    • I sure hope he progresses nicely, good to hear he had a nice game! I’m a Michigan fan too, and he grew up not too far from where I did, so I’ve been a fan of his for a while.

    • I agree with you Walt on Boo. He’s big, fast, skilled and tough. I see him as our number 2 center in the future as things are now. Oh, he’s good on face offs to. If Boo has a solid season in The AHL I would bring him up to the show and see how he does. Then we can trade Stepan for Trouba and slot Boo or JT in that number 2 spot. The future is now bigger, faster, skilled and tougher.

    • Walt,

      I’ve said it before that, Boo will be a fan favorite one day, and am happy to see that indeed, that’s the case so far!

      Just wait till he blossoms a bit and plays w/o any jitters. That fumble on the two on one last night was funny lol… You could tell he was a lil nervous 🙂

  • Greetings everyone! I finally had a moment to take a break from the craziness that is work right now and check in on my favorite Rangers blog. Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to see much of the pre-season, and probably won’t catch a lot of the first half of the regular season. So, I’ll rely on all of your expert commentaries to keep me in the loop until then. Typically, AV coached Rangers teams don’t hit their stride until the calendar turns to the new year, so I hope to be around when our boys are playing their best! 🙂

    I haven’t seen enough to really have an opinion thus far. I’m sure most everyone is thrilled that Glass is gone (for now). Not really a surprise. For the first time since AV’s first season, the team, on paper at least, has the kind of depth that gives AV a lot more options. No Boyle….no Glass. Who will we complain about? Well, thank goodness Girardi and Staal are still around to be our pinatas. 🙂

    The next big question is, what will AV do about McIlrath? I haven’t had a chance to watch him much, but the press seems to be somewhat split on whether he’s had an effective camp or not. Skjei has struggled for sure, which is a reminder that transitioning to full time duty as an NHL defenseman is as difficult a job as there is in sports. Still, I like what I saw of the kid last year and am not giving up on him.

    Fascinated to see how Vesey and Buchnevich play. Wondering if Miller and Hayes are capable of bringing a Grade A effort every game this season. Hoping that Kreider and McDonagh can emerge as stars on a team sorely lacking in any other than Hank. Still believing that Girardi and Staal will have big bounce back seasons, but we shall see.

    Lots of question marks. I look forward to reading all of your analyses and chiming in when I can.

    Have a great start to the season everyone…..LGR!!!!

        • Eddie is back, The Blog is complete once again, enough said!!!!, Eddie, I know you will be wearing your Mcllrath jersey on a regular basis, did you get that Mcllrath autographed poster I sent you?? 🙂

          • You da man, Bobby! :). Just a quick visit. I expect to be pretty much out of the Rangers loop until mid-season, but I will be out here reading and keeping up with the team through the eyes of the best fans, which are right here!

            Hey, I’m rooting for your boy to make it. I’m just not at all sold on the notion that he MUST be in the lineup for the Rangers to be successful. But I hope for your sake that he is.

            I trust the storm did not affect you too much my friend!

        • This one missed us Eddie – thanks for thinking of us down here. Watch out for Matthew II though if it gets into the Gulf…

    • The devil you defended is not gone yet. Fool me once shame on you… I am sure you are not happy like a majority of Rangers fans are. I guess you like to see people suffer and make people look as though we were crazy as you defend the indefensible. You and Glass and AV made the fans unhappy only to try to prove that AV/Leopold is the greatest coach since sliced bread and can do no wrong. Leopold hurt us and deprived us of the Stanley cup because of his pride as you defended him.
      Now your new put-down of the people is who will we hate now. We will hate the bad which you will defend.
      You mean lets go AV not the Rangers. If you wanted the Rangers to win you would want the best players there to play.

      • Missed you Rock! Your posts always fill my heart with laughter! 🙂

        Why should the coach be gone? Based on what? Not record, right? If so, then I guess John Copper and Barry Trotz need to be fired as well. And pretty much I guess every coach in the league not named Sully, Quenneville and Sutter (the latter of which has done an abysmal job the last two seasons).

        How did he deprive us of the Cup? Because he didn’t play your savior James Sheppard of the Kloten Flyers in Game 7? Please!

        Bottom line, AV was a dramatic improvement over the prior coach, who in virtually every season he coached here barely qualified for the playoffs. He did it with a roster that is devoid of stars other than Hank. You claim that I underrate the roster and that we have stars. Who? Every time I ask you go silent. How many of our guys played in the World Cup? Compare that to a team like TB. The only star we have is the goalie, and you dislike him as much as you dislike AV.

        Now, is he the right guy for this team going forward? A more than fair question. We will know the answer by season’s end. But a coaching change isn’t going to matter much if the talent isn’t there. Right now, we are a good but not great team. That’s on Sather/Gorton much more than its on AV.

        • Eddie,

          Two things my friend:

          1) Welcome back! (Not that I’ve been around much myself lately either :-))

          2) Just ignore the Trolls bud, regardless of whom they’re impersonating 🙂

        • The talent is there you just don’t want to recognize it. Pulling you head out of Leopold’s posterior might help but I am not sure. Then Mr original Rob should pull his head out od yours.

    • Do you still believe in the Easter Bunny, as well? Don’t mean to be too snarky but all the gains made on offense personnel will be for naught if Girardi is getting big minutes and abjectly failing to move the puck out of the d-zone.

      Even if Girardi were to have a bounceback season, how high of a bounce could he possibly make? It would have to be spectacular just to bring him to the level of a 3rd pairing defenseman.

      • Girardi and Staal were, in the 2014-15 season, integral parts of what was widely considered the best defense in hockey. They both had bad years, I believe largely due to lingering injuries. Girardi is 32, Staal is 30. That’s not exactly over the hill. It’s more than reasonable that they both can bounce back. How much and how effectively remains to be seen.

        • Come on, Eddie. Girardi and Staal were atrocious last year. In fact, it isn’t clear if Lundqvist had not blossomed into the greatest hockey player of all time whether or not the Rangers would have won a single game.

          • Ray, I agree they were bad last year. But why are we so land locked on this? They have one atrocious year and that’s it, no chance at all they can rebound?

            Again, two years ago, they were part of arguably the best defense in hockey. I think it’s more than reasonable that they can bounce back.

          • sorry, my sarcasm misfired. At even strength, the McDonagh-Girardi tandem was +1.31 per 60 minutes, best among the 53 pairs that played 500+ minutes together. And they did it playing against the best players the opposing team had.

            Yes, it was mostly McD. Yes, it helps to be on a good team with a good goalie. Yes, there was some luck. But even in his darkest hour, Dan Girardi was at least a decent second pair defenseman at even strength.

          • My bad! I should have realized it based on your other post below. 🙂

      • I wholeheartedly agree with Eddie and have/been/will blame Staals/G’s performance last year to injuries.

        Just curious, have you seen G and Staal play in pre-season Ray?

        From what I’ve seen, they instantly look better to me. G even looks like he really got in shape and seems to be a lot lighter on his skates.

        • Rob did you not see G on Sean Courtirre goal last night? I’ve watch G this preseason and he’s been awful.

          • Harlem, Girardi is burnt toast , he was in severe decline last year, this year he looks worse!!. If the majority of the fan base see’s it, then the trained eye’s of Gorton, Beaukaboom, & AV ( no matter how stubborn he is) have to know this guy is done. What do you do now ??, the guy is owed a boat load of guaranteed money and has a bullet proof contract!! I say offer him a front office position, if he balks??, make him head of the equipment department. I loved the guy, he was a WAR HORSE, but every player must look in the mirror and know when the game has passed them by!!.

          • But Bobby, while you may be right, isn’t this a totally pre-mature conclusion to draw? One bad year and that’s it, “burnt toast”?

            The combination of the NMC and the fact that Girardi is one year removed from being part of a very successful defensive unit in their President’s Trophy season, it’s more than reasonable to see what Girardi can do before making any rash decisions.

          • Eddie, I stayed off this site for months for those exact reasons. The “what have you done for me lately” mindset is very selective. The majority of the posts have Girardi in a wheelchair and the “Undergiver” as the second coming of Scott Stevens who “MUST” be in the lineup every night in order to protect the Rangers from the scary big bad wolves of the NHL. I just can’t imagine what this site is gonna look like when he is playing for the Hurricanes a year from now. Sorry Bobby, all in good fun.

        • don’t live near NY and don’t get to see that many games — no preseason. I’m glad to hear Staal looks better. I wasn’t that worried about G, he’s not really old. OTOH, Staal’s concussions and actual vision damage could really make him tentative.

          It is interesting the way the game has evolved. Ten years ago, a 33 yr old defensemen was better than a 25 yr old for the most part. It just seemed to take forever to learn the ropes and old guys could make up for age shortcomings with greater smarts. Obviously the greats were good early, but most guys weren’t.

  • Yawn. Most likely scenario – no one claims Glass, he goes to Hartford and AV brings him back the first time some one gets hurt. Just like last year.

    • In AV’s and Gorton’s defense, there was nothing on the farm last year worth bringing up, except Hrivik, who I’m pretty sure was hurt when Glass was recalled.

      Megna/Adam/Gibbons = garbage/garbage/garbage

      Now the Rangers will have a bunch of strong candidates for recalls at Hartford, namely: Nieves and Kovacs right now, and later in the year, if they develop, Fogarty, Gropp, and Tambellini.

      • Chris, bang on exactly right. The whole Glass argument is just a whole lot of angst over a rather unimportant player who played 10 minutes a night. Big deal! With more options this year, AV and Gorton have, on paper anyway, better choices.

  • Much as I realize Glass is not Gretzky, this league has not changed that much where you dont need a couple of physical players……because the NHL does nothing to protect its players unless its a Crosby type star…..
    The LeTang crosscheck to Viktor stallbergs face, the Simmonds hit on McDonagh, etc
    The BEST and only way to keep your best players safe is to have a McIlrath and another player [Bickel, Rupp, Colton Orr] and hard Hitters [Stallberg, Kreider, etc} in the lineup willing to SEND messages to the Gudas’s of the league……
    Fighting could be a deterrent if when a vesey, or mcdonagh is hit EVERY ranger on the ice goes after Gudas or Simmonds and pound them…
    Repeat for three consecutive games and they will be less likely to continue their cheap shots.

      • But Rich and Bobby, I ask you, what physical players did the Hawks have for their last Cup? Or the Pens last season?

        McIlrath was on the ice for the hit on Stepan that broke his ribs. Did his presence deter the hit? Did his presence deter Gudas from flattening Vesey the other night? I remember back in ’94, Bueke was on the ice when the Canucks imposed their physicality on Leetch over and over again, who was playing with a dislocated shoulder.

        Players of that ilk deter nothing. Nobody in the modern day NHL, where most players are pretty big and can play physical, is going to be intimidated by McIlrath or anyone else.

        Now, retaliation is another matter. And obviously, in the right situation, I’m all in favor of it. But at the same time, do we want one of our defensemen to compile 200+ penalty minutes? How will that serve the interest of the team? I’d much rather have that in a 4th line winger than a 3rd pair defenseman.

        Now, let me be clear, I’m not at all saying that McIlrath shouldn’t play, and perhaps play regularly. He should….IF he proves he’s the best choice to be a stay at home defensemen who can keep up with the speed of the modern NHL player. I personally liked what I saw last year and agree that probably he should have played more. I just don’t agree that what he brings to the table is ESSENTIAL to the Rangers success.

        • Save your breath Eddie, I’ve been trying to make that point (admittedly not as elegantly as yourself) forever. I honestly don’t think it’s about the idea of carrying an enforcer with some people Eddie. I believe it is strictly about getting McIlrath on the ice. I have literally never seen this level of obsession over a player who was taken with the 10th overall pick 6 years ago and has shown no signs of being the type of player the Rangers thought they were selecting. It truly is mind boggling. I think people would rather see him for 82 games and not make the playoffs then the other way around. If he was was good as most believe he is, why is he fighting for a spot on a roster that includes Clendening, Holden and a struggling Skjei? Oh, I forgot…… AV doesn’t like him. Apparently, the problems with the Rangers (yes, the same Rangers who are only a couple of years removed from a Cup appearance and a game 7 loss from another one) are the Coach, Stepan, Girardi, Staal, AV’s fascination with Glass (which is no longer an issue), Sather (who is no longer an issue) and AV’s hesitation to unleash the Rangers secret weapon…… “The Undertaker”. I got this image of McIlrath standing at the top of Mt. Sinai (MSG), displaying two tablets containing the 10 Commandments of successful Rangers Hockey. Jesus Christ! Pun intended

          • The numbers are there for McIlrath in terms of the quality of his play. Too bad you’re too busy trying to write him off to notice. He was the Rangers’ 3rd best defenseman last year in my opinion, behind McDonagh and Yandle. His possession numbers were good on a defense that was terrible in that regard–and for all of his supposed lack of speed and mobility, he’s quicker and more mobile than Dan Girardi. Add in his willingness to shoot the puck and a poise that everybody except Kevin Klein lacked on the Rangers’ D and right there he’s a solid candidate for the top 6–and that’s all without mentioning his physicality/nastiness/ability to crush people…..

            You’re using the lamest possible excuses for Girardi’s play….how good he was 3-4 years ago has utterly no bearing on the player he is today. What he is today is one of the 10 worst defensemen in the entire league. His play in the last two seasons has been disgracefully poor. He’s a terrible skater, lacks stickhandling/passing ability, is decently physical (but won’t fight to defend teammates, ask Gaborik about that one), and seems to lack the veteran poise that is a strength for most vets. Keeping him in the lineup is pretty much indefensible at this point….I’d rather see any of the other 7 defensemen in the lineup over G.

          • Tanger, Truer words have never been written. This is NHL hockey, not ICE CAPADES , Although I think AV is a big fan of the latter. Mcllrath is a future team captain, if not on the NYR, definitely on some NHL team..

          • Chris72, the juices are flowing, this is what this blog is all about!! I never said Mcllrath was the second coming of Moses ( your quote did get a charge out of me) but what I do see is potential to be a combination of Jeff Beaukaboom, Mark Tinordi, and mix in some Darien Hatcher, The type of Ranger D-MAN we have not seen in 25 years.

          • Hey Bobby, it’s all in good fun and I honestly hope your assessment of McIlrath is accurate as it only benefits the Rangers. Trust me when I say I wholeheartedly root for each and every player who wears the jersey. And like I said, I believe his game is improving. It’s the idea that he is this feared equalizer who has opponents wetting themselves that is way off base. Is he big? Yes. Is he tough? As tough as 90% of the players his size. Is he feared? Absolutely not and Who cares? His job is to play a sound/physical defensive game, make smart decisions, use his shot and move the puck efficiently. That’s how he’s gonna make the team. The “bone crushing” nonsense is lunchtime schoolyard talk and does not effect wins and losses (until it starts forcing your team to play shorthanded and shortens your bench for extended periods of time). I guarantee AV, Gorton and Beukeboom aren’t high fiving each other after watching tape of “bone crushing” hits. If the hit, no matter how big or small, results in moving the opponent off the puck, that’s all that matters. The rest of it is theatre and for the fans. They are concerned with one thing….. wins. As am I. This superhero persona is created by the fans for the fans. Looking forward to the start of the season!

        • Eddie, major difference is that the Hawks and Pens have lethal power plays, thus they can make the opposition pay for their nasty stuff. Rangers power play is awful, so it invites the chippy, nasty stuff. Add to the fact that we have a bunch of kids still wet behind the ears is a recipe for disaster. We need Mcllrath in their every game. We need another tough winger who can score and fight, if I am Gorton, I try to get Ryan Reeves from St Louis or Evander Kane from Buffalo.

    • yes because Tanner was very instrumental in keeping Gudas from smashing Vesey’s face into the boards.

      • I don’t think Glass scares any true goons at heart, honestly. He’s not a particularly skilled fighter.

        • that’s true, plus today’s NHL does not favor “protectors” rendering them useless. That’s why no has them anymore. Maybe a few left but not many. Gudas can actually play but he is a criminal.

          Adam Graves could play and also could fight if needed. Sometimes all a player needs is a “stick tap” from someone to say “enough” and that stops them from running at players.

          Glass or anyone like him is not stopping a guy like Gudas taking a run at a vulnerable player.

          • Ricther1994, a Adam Graves type on this current roster would fit like a glove. I saw Gorton should target Evander Kane from Buffalo, or Ryan Reeves from St Louis.

          • Good one Swarty, but I would take a chance with him, he did have a 30 goal season. He was named after the fighter Evander Holyfield.

          • without the legal issues I agree about Kane. man can he fight and score goals.

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