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Chris Drury named Rangers Assistant GM

Photo: NYDN
Photo: NYDN

Chris Drury has been named Assistant GM of the Rangers. Drury was instrumental in the Rangers landing Jimmy Vesey, and McDonald also noted that this process has been in the works for some time now.

Drury has been with the Rangers organization in some fashion since being signed as a free agent in 2007. He played four seasons with the Rangers, and was very productive in his first two seasons. Knee injuries limited his playing time and productivity, and let to his buyout and eventual retirement.

Drury was named Director of Player Development in September of 2015.

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  1. Good for Chris, it appears that he earned this position within the organization !!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you Chris ………….

    1. To my two daily thumbs down idiots, thank you for not disappointing me today. Combined, you two have the IQ of a jack ass, which is 2!!!!!! Keep up the good work, it makes my day knowing that you enjoy your daily activity, along with choking your chickens !!!!! Morons………..

      1. Sounds to me like they annoy you Walt, and I say that, fully stating I am not one of them…

        1. Joe

          To be honest it doesn’t, except when you go out of your way to say something nice to a guy like Drury, and these idiots see the name, and automatically go thumbs down. I’m thick skinned enough to handle it, but they do this to several guys, like Eddie as an example. We don’t agree on much, but I don’t play the silly games, I respond, or ignore his post, but some automatically see Eddie’s name, and bingo, there they go. I look at these two as Raymond, in the movie Rainman!!!!!!!!!!!

          Have yourself a good week end Joe !

  2. This is great news. Drury was a hardworking player, and he seems to have brought that same ethic to his new role. It was hard to watch him deteriorate has a player on Broadway, but it’s wonderful to seem him flourish in a management here now.

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