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Chris Kreider arbitration updates

chris kreider

Chris Kreider is set for arbitration on Friday, and the details of his case and the ongoing negotiations have hit the interwebs:

  • The arbitration numbers have the Rangers coming in with a $3.2 million offer, and Kreider looking for $4.75 million, both on one-year deals (that’s how arbitration works). Naturally, the Rangers are low and Kreider is high –negotiation 101– and the middle ground is about $4 million.
  • Apparently both sides are negotiating to a long-term deal. Kreider is looking for $5.25 million over five years, the Rangers offering $4.75 million over that time frame. I’m with Melissa here, and say just get it done. Five years, $5 million. That’s the logical contract.

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  • Boy this is a tricky one to me. I love Kreider and I thin he can be great at times but that’s the problem it’s only at times. There’s plenty of other times he wasn’t really doing anything out there. I realize he’s been here longer then JT but look what he’s getting for his 20 plus goal season compared to what Kreider is asking for. I rally don’t ant to skydiver go anywhere but I think he’s asking for a lot of money here. If he played 100% all the time he would be worth more then 5 mill but that’s big if. I was really hoping we could sign him for 4 mill 5 years or very close to that anyway

    • Totally agree.

      On Monday, Kreids is a jacked up monster truck, ripping fire from his dual exhaust. His insanely hyper exaggerated wheels running all sorts of s++t over. Leaving havoc and ruin in his wake.

      Somehow, come Wednesday he’s all but morphed into a hyper-passive/inoffensive/noiseless Prius. All sorts of annoying bunny hugging ‘Give Peace a Chance’, ‘Namaste’ decals on his rear windshield.

      A complete non factor. Except when his Prius is doing 49-mph in The HOV lane… and you can’t get around him/his aggravatingly geezerbag driving for miles.

      For sake of comparison, JTM plays with far more heart, gusto. Build around him, MZ and Buch.

      Moreover, if Richter’s oft-mentioned rumor has some floor beneath it–Kreider for Jacob Trouba–and we’re not moving Nash, then I’d move Kreider.

      Nonetheless, if Nash goes, then I would commit to Kreider. Albeit grudgingly. And find him a sports psychologist. Or a couple weeks at Bobby B’s hell camp.

      • Fotiu, your words of wisdom hit home. Lets let Kreider spend some time with Nicky , Gary Roberts, and Messier for that matter to see if his heart is really into the game . His potential is off the charts, he needs to bring the BEAST mentality every night, not once in a blue moon. If he can channel his inner soul into to a take no prisoners attitude, we have a Monster in the making..Lets start training camp off right, Lets put Mcllrath and Kreider in a boxing ring to set the tone for this new season. AV can watch from the rafters, with his binoculars..

          • The boy needs a heavy dose of “on ice approach” and “off ice preparation and training” from the School of Marty St. Louis in Connecticut.

            While we are at it send Mr. Hayes up there as well. They’re both Boston dudes – it’s right in their back yard.

            Nobody does offseason like MSL.

            Kreids is the one guy I would go some term on. I think $4M/4 yr. or even 5M/5 yr. is fair for everyone.

            I would not be upset with a 1 year deal though to keep all the possibilities open and the motivation high.

            Please don’t trade him.

      • I don’t think you let an arbitrator decide his salary because that will not bode well for the future in either case. I can see another 2 year contract coming.

      • Nick

        I said this on more than one occasion, he isn’t the same player he was since the Price hit !!!!!!!!!

        Was he told to stop the body slamming against the boards by the coaching staff, or is his feelings getting hurt by people calling him dirty????? Whatever the case, he should make an appointment to visit Doc Pauly to get his head screwed on right………

        $5 mil per year sounds high for his results, but that is the going rate for these guys, what can we do???????????

      • It’s a shame too cause when Kreider is playing with that fire in his belly he’s capable of carrying this team. He may not ever be a 50 goal guy like that guy in Washington but he’s got the size and strength like #8 does and is faster. My point is he’s got so much potential and when he first came up I thought we had our version of Ovechkin. Then all of a sudden he went to sleep for a few weeks then woke up a few days before he took his next nap. You get the point. My biggest concern is if he didn’t play hard every game last year when he knows he’s gonna be looking for a new contract then what’s he gonna do when he is signed. He definitely is a bit of a head case. BTW I just wanted to tell ya I always loved Fotiu. I wish Kreider had some of Nicky in him as a matter of fact. I thought Kreider was gonna be taking boxing lessons from Fotiu. Whatever happened to that one. Fotiu said he never showed up for lessons

        • God bless, Ranger 11.

          My nine-year old son’s named for Nicky Fotiu; I told 27 that once we became Facebook friends. He’s as cool and soulful-grounded as anyone you’ll ever meet.

          I also heard tell of Kreider backing out from that training setup. Strange, eh?

          • I heard the same thing actually. I realize hockey isn’t like it was when guys like Fotiu played but it’s still a physical game n it’s nice if you can be talented n yet be able to take care of business when it’s called for. If Kreider is gonna want 5 mill he should be doing more then just scoring 20 goals. 20 goals is nice but he don’t help on the PK, he’s not a great defensive player so it’s either score or nothing. I’m just not sure that’s worth 5 mill even in today’s market. It all comes down to his effort level to me. If he went all out every night he would be a 30+ goal scorer

          • I think Kreider found some vintage films of Nicky going toe to toe. He probably thought even if this guy is 25 years my senior, no way am I getting in the ring with him, You can not blame him, most people would not dare go there!!!

          • Clear case of FP, Bobby B: Fotiu Phobia.

            The hard eyes below the original Ramones’ haircut put the zap on Kreider. He wanted no part of 27.

      • Sorry but there is no way in hell. I trade Kreider. He needs to stop worrying about taking penalties & go out & play in beast mode. And if AV gets on his case for that, then show AV the door & bring in Mess, who will take the wheels off the Prius & let loose the Monster truck. And if he needs a psychologist, I’ll do it for nothing. After a couple of hypnosis sessions with yours truly, he will be UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!

          • LOL!!! I once hypnotized this social worker in the office who was a pretty good slow pitch ball player. She had arms like tree trunks & could really launch a ball. She was in a terrible slump & asked me if hypnosis could help her even though she was a skeptic. So I hypnotized her, told her she wouldn’t think, just play relaxed & on instinct & the ball would look like a beach ball coming up there. Result: She went 5 for 5 with 2 Homers.

      • Nicky,

        Awesome post my man! Awesome post! As always, so eloquently put.

        However, I MUST object to one thing you said…..

        It’s the darn Left Lane those God forsaken Prius’s need to clear out of and not so much the HOV lane, for loners like me 🙂

        • Agreed, bro.

          But here on The Left Coast, Lotus Land, a.k.a. Cali, we merge HOV and fast lane into one lengthy logjam, Rob.

          You get behind that double decker bus full of Chinese gamblers headed to the Indian casino and you’re completely FUBAR’d. (The traffic citation’s north of $500 for breaking out.)

  • I am afraid to give him that much money. He is so inconsistent. 4 years at $4.5M tops or put him out there as available.

  • I agree get it done, but PLEASE don’t give the no trade clause. In this cap era you can no longer do it. We traded Brass at the right time to get younger and save money. This is the new N.H.L. we need to get use to. Gorton has done a great job with the nightmare he inherited from Sather.

    We all want him to trade Staal and G, but need to remember it’s not that easy to do. Would you take them? Lets keep them for now, hope they have a bounce back year and then try to trade them when the value is high.

    • You have I consensus all the way around, Red.

      We keep Marc Staal and DG out of respect, sense of legacy. Not to mention the fact that they’ve both played through some wicked serious issues: Girardi’s litany of injuries to Staal’s neurological/post concussion and eyesight concerns.

      Forasmuch, if 18s on his game he’s one of the best shutdown types in The Eastern Conference.

      And I’m also 100% on board with not acceding any no-movement clause to a putative Kreider contract.

      You want to get in that kid’s head… get him motivated, Red? Let Kreider hear or read rumors of his being moved to Winnipeg. Even if they’re simply plants or deliberate leaks.

  • Brad Richards retired just now. He had a pretty inconsistent tenure here, but he was also the defacto captain that led this team to the Finals in 2014. He’s one of the better players to have suited up in this league, and overall, he had a tremendous career.

  • Given the Brassard deal, giving krieder a long term deal makes sense. Now Gorton has a core group 26 and under with step, krieds, miller, mika buch and hayes….now trade Nash and get shattenkirk or fowler on defense.

  • Sounds fair considering they are buying some of his ufa years. I don’t like long deals the players get soft after they hit pay dirt.

  • Big Kreiber fan that believes a line with Zuc centered by Zibanejad, could be the kind of aggressive change the team needs. If Kreiber and Zibanejad play to their strengths consistently, Kreiber would earn the kind of money he seeks, and Zibanejad would earn his raise later. And the Rangers would entertaining and winning. It’s not just up to the team doing what’s needed to retain them, it’s up to the players to earn the money.

  • Well here we are, it’s Friday. I guess it’s arbitration time for Kreider. Though it is only 6:30 AM. The countdown begins. Will they get a deal done hours before arbitration like they did with Stepan? I think it was Stepan that signed just hours before going to arbitration. I could share I seen they’re were close to a money figure. There’s so many things it could be that hold up an agreement though. As we’ve seen before with signings everyone wants a no trade clause so maybe that’s it. I would like to see him back this season. I just hope it’s with a reasonable contract and that Kreider moves his ass out on the ice.

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