Irresponsible Rumormongering

So what happened to that big trade the Rangers were supposed to make?

Ring ring ring ring Bananaphone
Ring ring ring ring Bananaphone

Heading into the offseason, the Rangers were rumored to be heavily invested in a roster shake up, one that saw them fielding offers on everyone on the roster except for Henrik Lundqvist. They were rumored to be going after the fourth overall pick (Edmonton) and/or the 15th overall pick (Minnesota) in an attempt to re-stock the farm system.

Instead, we are left with two bargain bin free agent signings in Michael Grabner and Nathan Gerbe, and one minor trade for Nick Holden. The club has the exact same blue line, just with Holden/Brady Skjei replacing Keith Yandle/Dan Boyle. Grabner and Gerbe replace Viktor Stalberg and Dominic Moore.

So what happened?

While there is still plenty of summer left –remember that the Rick Nash trade was made in late July– the Rangers appear to have been unimpressed with offers received. We have no idea what was offered for anyone, except for the rumored Derek Stepan for Matt Dumba or Jonas Brodin and the 15th pick. If the Rangers were in on the fourth overall pick, the only player that can fetch that from Edmonton is Ryan McDonagh. That’s not confirmed, it’s just me thinking out loud, and it makes sense.

Marc Staal and Dan Girardi are still Rangers, for better or for worse. There is another buyout period that will open in August for the Rangers, since they had at least two players file for arbitration. It’s unlikely one is bought out, so expect them both to be on the roster next season.

Tanner Glass is still on the roster for now. It’s a possibility he will be with Hartford next year, the way he started this past season. But for now, it’s safe to assume he will be in the opening day lineup.

Is it a matter of the Rangers not getting any offers for their three anchors? It’s certainly possible. There are fewer and fewer teams that ignore analytics, and the longer the Rangers hold on to these contracts, the worse off they are.

But here’s a scenario: Maybe the Rangers didn’t get any offers they liked because they want a return valuing something a top-four defender can give them. Something in which Staal and Girardi cannot get anymore with those contracts. If this is the case, then the club may have missed the boat on the real value: Dumping the bad contracts.

Or perhaps there is still something brewing. There are plenty of teams who are looking to make moves. Cam Fowler looks to be out in Anaheim, although I hope the Rangers avoid him like the plague. Dallas voluntarily traded for Kris Russell, so there’s a start. Calgary and Edmonton make weird moves. So does Boston.

It’s odd to see the Rangers so quiet this offseason. It’s even more perplexing when you consider the rumors that they wanted to gut the team. Perhaps there is more to come. Or perhaps, on the frightening end of things, they got cold feet and want to give this group another “one last kick at the can.” This offseason has been oddly quiet. Too quiet.

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  • With all the rumors that were floating around, I felt that most of what we were hearing was smoke, and mirrors, and don’t believe anything until something is finalized !!!!!!

    Really, we as fans have watch our team, and figured out the short comings of all the players mentioned. It’s more than fair to assume the GM’s in the league have too, and value for them isn’t coming our way anytime soon ……….We may well be stuck with the three musketeers, and see how far down they slide that slippery slope, but on the brighter side, we will get a decent #1 pick, and get Glass off of the books at seasons end !!!!!!!!!!!

    As for the two remaining boat anchors on defense, maybe there will be a GM that needs a defenseman at the trade deadline, and we could get a 198th pick for one of them??????????

    • With all the arbitration dates now set for a little later this month, Gorton needs to concentrate on getting some of these guys signed. Who he can’t will be packaged and shipped. Then in early August the trades will happen again.

        • “What’s that Sal?…

          “Nah, paisano; I don’t have a ticket to the Jeff Gorton Bobblehead Doll night.

          “Swarty’s got the seats that night. Who’re they playing, Baltimore Skipjacks? Can’t watch another blowout.”

    • And Girardi and Stall are not boat anchors; they are solid 3rd pair (on many teams 2ND pair) defenseman who have bad contracts.

      • that my friend is your assessment, and I respectfully disagree, as does the vast majority of the posters !!!!!!!!

        • I’m not trying to start conflict with you, but could you explain your opinion? What is it about Girardi and Staal’s game (not their contracts) that you find to be below third pairing capability?

          • Not true. They are more cautious than some of the others, but Girardi does make quite a few nice stretch passes. They truly are defense-first defenseman. I feel their lack of speed weighs down their appearance as good defenseman, but they play the man in a one on one better than most on the team.

          • “with any consistency” are the operative words there.

            Like it or not, the game has evolved to a point where your defensemen need to make that first pass to start the breakout. Staal/Girardi can’t do this consistently.

          • You constantly advance the dogma about the D and their inability to make a first good pass, however, let me repeat again, that that presupposes you have somebody to pass it to. How often did you see the Ranger D men backing up and throwing it back & forth to each other, because there was no one to pass it too, because the opposition knew the forwards over them. It’s a TEAM game & when all five players were not in sync, you have a disaster. In my opinion, the real problem was the system that didn’t fit the D. Chasing forwards out to the blueline, inevitably leaves the front of the net open, & Rangers led the league in giving up shots from this area. Blame Ulfie & AV, not Staal & Girardi(who shouldn’t have even been playing really,except AV wouldn’t trust DMAC).

          • Paul, I wrote a very detailed and lengthy post about the changes AV need to make on the breakouts to address this.


            This is another major problem for the Rangers. I’ve been all over AV this past season for his inability to adjust.

            Don’t misunderstand my comments. I focus on puck moving D because NYR lack them. But I’ve also specifically called out the need for AV to adjust.

            IMO, the breakout and the lack of PMD are compounding each other. Fs fly the zone bc that’s how the breakout is drawn up. Yes, they share blame, but AV needs to adjust while Gorton needs to get PMDs into the lineup.

          • how about lack of speed?

            how about lack of a decent shot?

            how about the lack of playing the PP, where AV has put Girardi on for soooooooooo long, and terrible results?

            how about all these questions as starters????????

            how about you defend them with some good qualities??????

            I believe the general concusses in the hockey community is that these guys have seen their better days !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Have not seen Girardi on the PP in years.
            Girardi and Stall cannot hit the net, granted, but both are better defenders than Klein and Yandle.

            Don’t say the hockey community, because this board is NOT the hockey community, it is a bunch of complainers who all think they can do better than any coach or GM in the NHL, which btw, is not true.

          • It’s inarguable that Girardi and Staal are not the defensemen they once were. Multiple injuries and age have deteriorated their top-end skills. Due to their huge contracts, I feel both players should be moved. However, I don’t think these guys are so bad that they couldn’t be third pair defensemen on most NHL teams, including this one.

            From what I saw, a lot of their mutual deficiencies were exasperated by two things: their huge contracts and coaching based on salary. Clearly AV is slotting them in the lineup according to their salary, playing them in situations where they’re mismatched against opponents top lines. So of course their faults are going to manifest and be taken advantage of.

            Given less responsibility, better deployment, and a little luck staying healthy, both are still solid bottom-pairing defensive defensemen.

          • I agree. The argument isn’t that they should get these minutes, but that they can be solid if given third pairing roles.

            All points aside, Gorton still needs to move these guys.

          • Yea, the talent evaluation on Staal/Girardi is moot at this point. No matter what you think of where they should play, their contracts are terrible for their production. Not a good recipe for success.

      • Say what you want about analytics, like the advanced stats or hate them, but when about 15 of the advanced guys I read ALL come to the same conclusion (#5 comes in at the Bottom of everyone’s list and by some margin), he’s going to be impossible to dump.

        My lasting image of DG is him raising his hand for icing in the Pittsburgh series on a play that wasn’t even close to being icing and then getting beat to the puck for a goal.

        Yes, he served us well. But, yes, he’s done. I asked a bunch of the stat guys to look through to see if anyone has ever rebounded back to form after falling as far as he has. Sadly, the answer is nobody.

        There are roughly 185 defenseman in the league. He’s 190.

        • My thanks RD for reminding us of that night. Which had nothing to do with a knee. That was one of many boneheaded plays G made during the season. If Dylan would have made that play we would be calling him a bust or worse.

        • The other glaring Red Flare for me was the countless # of times the opposition scored and Girardi and Staal were always 2 steps behind the play. The red light goes on and they skate away with their tails between their legs, that constant OH NO, I got beat again look on their faces!!!

      • I’m with you SalMerc. I’m not into bashing guys on our team especially guys that have been here for years and been top line D men. Fans these days get so carried away with things. They hear fans say things and jump on board and it escalates like crazy. We both know Girardi had a bad year and made some real passes n bad decisions with the puck. Staal had an off year too but got better toward the end n was never as bad as Girardi. My point is I don’t seeing fans nick naming them with stupid names as if they were never a big part of this team. Girardi has given every ounce of him to this team. He don’t deserve the bashing. I’m glad to see you back them up too.

        • What you are describing is known in the literature as potential false consensus bias. There are some folks who feel you should never challenge the coach & there are also those who think one should never challenge the blogmasters. Some will use the explanatory fiction that what one is saying is “conjecture”, when the truth is that it is all opinion & conjecture, even the analytics. I recently saw a stat on adjusted +/-, and not one Ranger was in the bottom 60, not even Girardi, but it was surprising who was.

          • “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending The Blue Seat Blog Annual Awards Ceremony.

            “Here to present this Year’s Most Obtuse Reference Award is Fotiu.

            (Thunderous and sustained applause heard; a “Beat-your-Wife Potvin” chant ensues, led by Bobby B…)

            “Can I have the envelope, Swarty?”

            (Sound of envelope being torn)

            “Dr Paul Ronty, 12 July; for use of ‘Potential False Consensus Bias’!”

            (Thunderous applause heard)

          • I got your ‘Potential False Consensus Bias’, right here, Doc Ronty…

            Frank Olson was a biochemist working for the Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland in the 1950s.

            As Deputy Acting Head of Special Operations for the CIA, he was investigating the use of psychoactive drugs when on November 28, 1953, he seemed to have a nervous breakdown and jumped to his death from the window of a 13-story hotel in New York.

            Since then, there are rumors that Olson made have been unknowingly used to test LSD and that unknown people in the government might have been responsible. Forty years later, Frank’s children still want to find out what really happened to their father.
            Suspects: Dr. Robert Lashbrook, Swarty

        • how long do you stay with a player based on his past history? should we bring back Brian Leetch based on his history ??

          what is the most important thing, winning, or keeping a role player who is past his prime by a huge margin?

          how willing are you to pay $5.5 million a year, and have to go to the bargain bin to fill your roster????

          this isn’t personal at all, these type of role plyers are moved all the time, why not Dan ?????

          • I believe it is because not one other team will except that contract! Next CBA needs to have contract year maxes! I suggest 3, or get rid of salary cap. Something has to end the madness of carrying these ridiculous cap hits for years. Do you think the Panthers will be leading that charge next CBA?

          • There already is a maximum number of years for a contract, it’s 7 (8 if you are resigning your own player).

            Why would the Player’s Union ever accept a 3 year max for contracts? The CBA is called a Collective Bargaining Agreement for a reason.

    • Coach Walt, you’re like famiglia to me. Reflexively, akin to your respectful nephew or consigliere I consistently defer.

      Put you at the head of the table. Start Sunday Dinner by passing the red-lead/The Guido Gravy/the meat sauce to my left, to you. Raise that first glass of Sicilian red, or pinot noir to you.

      But, paisan, let me lead you away from the pinyata, that straw man our fellow posters love to pillory or pile on: Tanner Glass.

      Talk about a pointless floggingpalooza, all Glass does is hustle. Hit. Yap it up. Stick up for his teammates. So he scores about as often as I did in my adult hockey league. (Three in ten years. Hey, I’m a stay at home D.)

      Inasmuch, this non-kerfuffle calls to mind one particular scene in “Airplane II”.

      As the space shuttle careens uncontrollably toward a fiery collision with the Sun, foxy and fabulously thin flight attendant Elaine steps up to address the passengers.

      Despite the unavoidable vaporizing that looms, with a noticeably cool élan, Elaine initially attempts to smooth over the cabin’s mushrooming anxiety.

      Then, in her next breath, she glibly closes out with, “Oh yes… and we’ve run out of coffee.”

  • that is the reason we couldn’t make the trades we wanted to make we are burdend with bad contracts so now what you do is sign the guys that you have to and as far as Girardi and Staal are concerned see how they do as a third pair

    • If we get stuck with Girardi and Staal, we will most likely miss the playoffs. In the meantime Hank will be a year older and in my opinion he is already started his decline of play. What will management do then, waste another season, it does not look good at all. How can anyone justify putting inferior product on the ice for exorbitant ticket prices? It doesn’t look good at all.

      • Just curious, what makes you think Hank is declining?

        His numbers suffered thanks to the inordinate amount of point blank shots he had to face. Most of the goals Hank gave up last year wouldn’t have been stopped even if Raanta was in the crease right next to Hank.

        • he is showing signs that he has had enough with bad play in front of him…

          thats for sure!

          who could blame the guy!


  • LGR!!!!

    Not judging JG until mid to late season. this is still not all his fault…

    But I have to admit, I am starting to get really excited… hoping something BIG can still happen!

    But can AV and his style win even with upgrades?

    • what upgrades?

      Skjei Boyle

      Gerbe Moore ?

      this is a push, at best, but I think we’ve gone down the ladder a step or two

      we can all HOPE for Staal & Girardi to have bounce back seasons but, in hockey, hope is not a strategy, and they are another year older.

      Whatever the reason we did not make the big trade or move into either the 1st or 2nd round of the draft; it was a high risk decision by Gorton when he has little room for error. The restructuring needs to begin yesterday.

        • again!!! system error, for sure

          Skjei is less than Yandle

          Holden is greater than Boyle

          Gerbe is less than Stalberg

          Grabner is greater than Moore?

          • It is reasonable to believe the system parses the greater than and less than symbols because they are used in HTML and could be an indication of a cross site scripting (xss) attack.

            As far as your comment, I agree with it. I would put an asterisk regarding Skjei and Yandle. Skjei is two way defenseman who is a little stronger defensively than offensively, whereas Yandle is an offensive defenseman who has some fairly significant defensive flaws. Given the Rangers need for defense, Skjei might be an upgrade overall by the end of the season, although he will be a minus offensively.

          • Good simple assessment…..

            every year we change our 3 and 4 lines……
            we find real good player -Stallberg- who HITS and has speed and skill and plays for very reasonable money and we let him leave for a small but fast, not faster player who doesnt hit…
            What the F$%^& is gordon thinking…..I really wonder if he watched the games…..

  • While I believe a shakeup is in order, we just don’t have that many assets and trading Nash, Stepan, McD, etc. just for the sake of making a trade is not a sound strategy.

    As much as we need a defense upgrade, we should be prepared to start the season with what we have and see how it plays out. Perhaps a “miracle on ice” will occur and Girardi and/or STALL will come back and resemble NHL caliber defenseman once again.

    I am prepared for a transitional type of year and maybe that is OK. What I don’t want to see though is the go for it all mentality that has left us in this position with the cupboard bare. It would be nice to go to the trade deadline and have teams wanting to give up good young assets for our veterans as opposed to us giving away the store once again…..

    • The issue is that other than the two Boat Anchors, Klein, Hank, and Nash, the Rangers don’t really have veterans. Who are you trading away for youth and picks? The Rangers being an ‘old’ team is a lazy and inaccurate narrative.

      The organization is in a weird spot. If, and it’s not that big an if, Hayes, MIller, Kreider, Buch, and Skjei take big steps forward the Rangers will be in a great spot.

      • I was alluding to Nash, Girardi, Staal being potentially useful veterans for a contending team at the trade deadline.

        The value they bring to the Rangers or any team who might be looking at them is going to depend on how they perform in the upcoming season (and of course where they will consider waiving their NMC/NTC’s if it comes to that).

        You are putting words in my mouth if you are telling me I called them old.

        • And as I said earlier, we will have to let the market emerge for them (Nash/Girardli/Staal) if it does not exist right now. An unfortunate injury or an unlikely team making a push could use one of these players at the deadline. We may be able to offload them then. Until then, embrace the sweater and the 20 that wear it!

        • I agree Swarty. The lazy narrative isn’t coming from you, it comes mostly from the press. I agree with what you said, I just wanted to piggyback your original post and reinforce the idea that the Rangers aren’t that old a team.

          The only thing I had issue with was that the vets currently wouldn’t fetch much of a return to build around, and you seem to agree. What you said below about having to wait for a market develop for the Rangers’ vets is 100% correct. No one wants any of the Rangers vets in July. There should be some interest in February.

    • Thank you sir, I complately agree with your “conjecture” because it’s exactly what I think, so it can’t be wrong LOL!!!

  • It all comes down to this: NYR is a business and has to be run as such. Gorton apparently had a plan but it didn’t work leaving him where NYR is now. If a businessman is uncertain what to do, he should do nothing until a clear choice appears. Nash, Staal and Girardi are good people but they must be treated as business assets perhaps now diminished in value. If they are to be moved, I don’t see giving them away. If they are truly diminished, I do see realistically appraising current value when considering offers or making proposals and this is certainly complicated.

    • You’re right, except for one thing, trading Girardi away for nothing is a net gain for the Rangers. It frees up cap/roster space and allows for more flexibility at next summer’s expansion draft.

  • the rangers hands are tied. it’s that simple..buying either out doesn’t save them much. no team is willing to take either on for the length of their contracts. one last kick of the can, yea, they don’t have much of a choice anyway.

  • perhaps and just maybe, both players are taking all the negative juu juu personally and are getting in really great shape, working on skating speed, etc.?? who knows.. one can only hope.!!

  • The only guys I really thought would get traded were Stepan & Klein, if & only if Stamkos was signed. But he wasnt , and I wouldn’t want to see Gorton make moves out of desperation because that wouldn’t be productive. Honestly, my real concern is not about the players. it’s about AV getting them to play together as a team.

    • Paul

      Right on the mark with the AV comment. It’s funny, when I make statements about our Bozo coach, I’m being negative, mean spirited, etc. Nice to see another objective set of eyes see the problem, and that has to be corrected because we are going nowhere with him at the helm !!!!!!!!

  • I think that many of us realized that the chances of NYR not having both Staal and Girardi on their roster during the upcoming season were pretty slim in view of the decline in their performance and the weight of their contracts. There is very little about them that will stir another team’s interest at this time and we may see them on the team for the foreseeable future. I don’t denigrate their character at all. They have been excellent players. But their stats don’t lie. Sure, they may do better if the system is adjusted, their bodies heal a bit, and if the forwards start to care about team defense again, but let’s not pretend that their upside is more than it is.

    Because of the quiet summer, I expect the team will be a borderline playoff team next season. What I’d like them to do, but doubt that they will, is fleece another team out of top notch young talent at the trading deadline in exchange for any of our veteran forwards or veteran defensemen. They should be in all in to rebuild mode. I doubt that will happen. If not, at least the Bolts and Panthers will be fun to watch in the playoffs.

    Hopefully I am wrong and management will give Gorton a free hand to do what is right for the long term competitiveness of the team. He is a talented hockey man. Question is whether they will let him run the show.

    • Ranger 11, and Sal Merc, please read the above post, it makes too much sense not to……..This is basically my reason to rid ourselves of Girardi, and Staal for that matter, not because I dislike the two !!!!!!!!!!

      • I never said we shouldn’t try to move them, I object to your term “boat anchors”. They are still are decent players who signed lucrative contracts. Are they overpaid, yes, but so is Nash. Are his 15 goals any less of a “boat anchor” than Girardi’s play?

        Every player has the right to make as much as they can and management can choose to pay them or not. Sather made some good choices and some bad choices. Guys who cannot play at all are of no value. I do not consider Girardi and Staal in that category.

        If the offense scored 35 more goals last year, we would have had a much different year. You can laugh, but both Girardi and Staal are both better defenseman than McIlrath are right now.

        • One more time, I respectfully disagree on your assessment of the players involved, and their worth to this organization !!!!! Good exchange just the same…..

  • I feel like we have to give Jeff some time. It’s like he just started to date a girl that’s had another boyfriend for a long time.

    He needs to make some changes, big and small.


  • I said this last week, and I’ll say it again: The most exciting part of the year for this team will be the trading deadline. They are running in place this year. Maybe they surprise us, and all the guys who stunk up the joint last year, come back and have the kind of years they are capable of. I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen, but you never know. And lets be honest, even when they were playing up to par, this group wasn’t good enough to get to the Promised Land. No, this year is starting to add up to a transition year. Nothing gained(except maybe some draft choices); and another year lost for Hank.

  • Very simple, Rangers did not buyout G, are up against the cap and teams know it and are not willing to help the Rangers out of it. Plus, the “assets” the Rangers are offering (Nash, G, and Staal) are players that were hurt and/or stiffs so teams are offering 10 cents on the dollar for them, if anything at all (or they want a bigger asset back to take on the stiffs the Rangers are willing to trade). No deals to be made that make hockey sense. For now.

    Not a mystery, but Gorton did try (and still is trying).

    • True dat, Brother Richter.

      Akin to the implosion of a cheaply built Egyptian or Bangladeshi tower block, buried beneath the feedback loop rubble and virtual blather of six dozen posts is yours: a sober, big picture perspective shaped succinctly, a la Occam’s razor.

      It’s a given Mr Gorton’s dealing from a position of weakness.

      We’re the overfed, slow afoot beast sensing its final days, shirked and avoided by the younger and healthier in the herd.

      • Poor Jeff is in a corner for sure. But THAT’s WHY they should have bought out G and waived Glass. NO OTHER TEAM NEEDED to get them off the books.

        I know for a fact that they almost had a deal with the Ducks for Nash before the draft but then the Ducks thought they could get the 4th or 5th pick in the draft so it fell apart (yes, Fowler was in that deal).

        Now I keep hearing Nash to Buffalo (Franson, etc?). Knowing Buffalo they are trying to throw Kane in the deal.

        The Rangers did it to themselves. What would I do now? Keep everyone, sign Justin Shultz for about $3M, and then buyout G and waive Glass during the 2nd buyout period in August. At least Schultz can skate and shoot (and is a righty). Not ideal but as compared to what else? Options are very, very limited.

        And I would keep Nash at this point. No sense in trading him just to trade him.

        • Dude, why would Bob Murray want the $8M Disappearing Man?

          Does he somehow owe Jeff Gorton a favor?

          Did they all get Russian sailor drunk one night in Tijuana, only to end up with that tranny dancing bargirl, she of the stupendously-upswept-Russ Meyer conjuring assets…

          Someone get Richter a double espresso.

          • Bro, the deal was an inch from being done. If you look at the Ducks roster they need forwards desperately and they have cap space. Nash to them was a perfect fit.

          • I can see, Richter, glancing at Buffalo’s RWs, their lack of depth, a deal unfolding there.

            As for Anaheim: Bob Murray’s one of the better, more cagey minds amongst current GMs.

            That said, if we can secure Cam Fowler and, say, the big, nasty kid Nick Ritchie in a Rick Nash trade… dude, that would certainly get us jumpstarted all over again.

          • The Ducks trade has come and gone, plus Fowler is not good and a lefty.

            I would rather get Franson and something if Nash is traded at all. I keep hearing Buffalo now for Nash, evidently they want him and it would make sense for Rick since he now has a son living in NYC. Somewhat close proximity.

        • Richter: why are you, if not a fair share of fellow BSB regulars so hellbent on running down Glass? (I just had this convo, well, more of an intervention, with Coach Walt.)

          I don’t get it: In a league of Tonya Harding’s you’d dress, what, more Nancy Kerrigan’s?

          I’m seeing the penultimate scene in “Apocalypse Now”: you and all the Glass haters have turned into Colonel Kurtz’s stoned paramilitary irregulars.

          Amidst the heady swirl of incense, Laotian hashish and ceaseless primal drumming you all take turns goring our lone village beast, Tanner the Ox.

          Over and over. Awful, horrific bloodlust.

          One after another, atavistically you stab. Until Eddie-Eddie-Eddie, Hatrick or Original Rob lops poor, beat-down Tanner’s head off.

          • Nick,

            Dude….. It’s YOU who is ABSOLUTELY killing it today :-)!!!!

            I’m outside in the backyard reading everyones posts after a LONG day at the office, and whenever I get the privelidge to read your Hockey Poetry, I’m bursting out in laughter!!!

            Keep em coming brother!

          • Appreciate the kindness, TOR.

            I don’t give a whit what Eddie-Eddie-Eddie, Hat-trick, Guantanamo-Bay-Watch, nor Ringo-Death-Star say: You’re one of The Good One’s.

            Hey, man you gotta a beer and a tequila for Swarty and me? C’mon, Rob; the good tequila…

            Now freaking lay off Tanner Glass! 😉

          • Nick,

            Don’t you worry my friend… I’ve got Cabo Wabo, Herradura and Don Julio in my cabinet for ya :-). I save the Tequilla for celebrating any time the Rangers do well, hence why I’m stocked with Tequilla 🙂

            The only thing I’ll object to you on is…. I’ve never have said one bad thing about Glass hehehehe!

          • Claro que si, papi chulo!

            Es tiempe de tomar! Salud!

            Yea, you don’t want to see Swarty huffing the white label tequila. He turns into the chupacabra.

          • Because Tanner Glass may be the worst hockey player in the league?

            Maybe proven that the Pens got rid of their Tanner Glasses (including Tanner Glass) and won the Cup? What thug did they have on their team this past year?

            The NHL has changed. And BTW, McIlrath fits the bill just fine as a player that can actually play and also knock an opponent into next week.

            Not to mention, the idea of “protection” is delusional and doesn’t deter anything from happening? Rangers were plowed from behind plenty with #15 in the line up.

          • C’mon Richter. We’re all sizzle with no steak.

            Tanner’s a solid citizen. Smacks people around with the bite and verve of Bobby B.

            Plus Glass gives great interview.

          • LOL, none of which serves the Rangers any good purpose on the ice bro.

            You know who impressed me when he was here? Carcillo. He could actually play and had a pretty good shot. I was shocked.

          • we have an accord bro? I bow to this BSB King but you should come over to my BSB every once in a while.

    • LOL!!!! 82 games will feel like 182, while false consensus bias(jump on the wagon Fotiu!!) will proliferate like the Zika virus.

  • Given current state. I’m very disappointed with this offseason.

    We have gotten worse from last years team due to cap and bad contracts. But they were going for broke and they were playing well when they signed them.

    That being said. I believe this next season has a lot of ifs in it. Whereas previously we had a lot of givens.

    Like what if
    Staal gets a little better
    Girardi comes back playing better because his knee ain’t busted.
    McDonough has a better year.
    Stepan progresses
    Kreider decides to lay people out with big hits and speed
    Zuc goes bananas and hits 100 pts.
    Nash finds his mojo
    Skjei has a stellar first season
    Fast gets some scoring touch
    Brassard becomes a leader.
    Beuk gets the defense back into form.
    AV starts coaching.

    I am hopeful for next season but realistic when I say we are going to be putting a worse team on the ice next year and i don’t like it.

  • IF…….this all happens …………we should trade all of the above except miller, kreider , brassard, zucc, sjell, Mcilrath…….

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