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Kreider, Hayes, Miller, McIlrath file for arbitration


In the least surprising news of the offseason, four Rangers have filed for arbitration. Forwards Chris Kreider, Kevin Hayes, and J.T. Miller, and defenseman Dylan McIlrath all filed for arbitration before yesterday’s 5pm deadline. This is a part of the process, and shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It’s a common occurrence for the Rangers, and it buys them more time to negotiate a contract.

This does protect all four players from receiving an offer sheet, something some people were concerned about. I’d expect that all four players reach deals before going to arbitration, since these hearings can get pretty ugly (remember the Sean Avery hearing?). Also this triggers the August buyout period for the Rangers, so they will have a second window to buyout players, if need be.

Only Marek Hrivik and Tommy Hughes remain without contracts at this point. I’d expect those to get done pretty quickly as well.

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  • Not that I believe this will happen, but what are the stipulations if the arbitrator awards a player a dollar amount the Rangers are unwilling to pay, if he signs with another NHL team? I’m assuming is standard RFA compensation?

    I only slightly remember the Zherdev arbitration, but the Rangers didn’t receive because he signed with a KHL club and wasn’t an RFA, right?

    • God bless, Reverend Bobby.

      God bless, The Undertaker.

      But paisan, you and I both recognize this club stands on the verge on spectacular mediocrity. Like .500, perhaps sub .500 mediocrity.

      Glancing to our near abroad, though Tavares’s Isles took a couple huge hits/free agent losses, their farm system’s arguably far deeper than ours.

      Moreover, beyond our boy patrolling the blue line and Tanner Glass taking 10-12 shifts a night these Blueshirts are completely deficient in snarl. Nastiness. Grit. The ability to impose any kind of will. Physical presence.

      Hell, Reverend Bob, the spindly, gacked-up transvestite hookers in my ‘hood throw better than nearly any of our big boys. Good grief.

      We can only hope for JT Miller to seize the moment. By that I mean ascending to the 25-30 goal plateau while reminding us old timers of Verbeek and Kris King, Theo Fleury and Noonan.

      Kreider? A pezzonovante: a heavy in his own mind. Or in the press guide. An enigma wrapped in too many puzzling disappearances.

      Give it to Gropp, Fogarty, Skjei, Holden, Boo even… and say a prayer.

        • You said it, HBs.

          But hey man, someone’s having their way with your handle: you did notice the insertion of the “I” (in HARLEM). Or are you reverting to the old Dutch spelling?

          The avant-esoteric in me approves of the lower case “u” though.

      • Fotiu, we must be doing something right, look at all of the thumbs up we are getting ( Thank you fellow bloggers) . The lack of sand paper and grit is concerning, because we can not rely on pure talent ,AKA Tampa Bay , The Pens, The Caps. To be honest , I feel the Isles & Devils have us beat . When it comes to physicality, this Ranger team takes its lead from their finesse orientated coach (AV). We have Mcllrath, Tanner Glass, yes Miller can be physical, Kreider has the best natural strength and speed, but not the HEART. Really dig the past, you mention, Verbeek, Kris King, Theo, Noonan. Lets add George Mcphee, Nick Kypreos, Troy Mallete, heck for a short time Ian Lapperierre and Shane Churla, Matthew Barnaby, Darren Langdon, Give me any of those grinders/enforcers on my team anytime. Man I miss those guy’s and those days.

  • $4mm for Miller & Kreider, $3mm for Hayes, $2mm for McIlrath: term to ur 28, front loaded, plenty of incentives.

    Team can deal Girardi to a floor team next year to handle bonus pool, Nash off the books in 2 years to be wide open with cap room.

    • Hi Alec, too much money IMO for all players except for maybe Kreider.

      I guess it does depend on term though. Fact that Miller and McIlrath only signed for 1 year last year puts them in unknown territory regarding normal 2 year bridge deals etc. Hayes should be up for bridge now.

      Maybe something like:

      Kreider $4M
      Miller $3M
      Hayes $2.5M
      McIlrath $1.25M

  • Okay we bring them all back. So our only change on offense pins the hopes on a Russian kid and washed up 4th liners we got on the cheap. How will our power-play get any better?

    Do we expect all of the following to happen: Kreider to score 30, Hayes to score 25, Nash to score 40, Stepan to score 30?

    Can we expect Skjei to quarterback the PP?

    Mama – I see the white light. I am coming to you. What was the definition of crazy you told me? Oh yea, I remember now, putting the same team on the ice, and expecting different results.

    Is that Crazy Train I hear playing on the radio?

    • Actually, the local rock station just played old Ozzie’s tune about 10 minutes ago. So, yeah, the train seems to have left the station. Lord Stanley, have mercy on our souls!

      • Mama take this Ranger crest off of me, I don’t need it anymore.
        Its gettin dark, too dark to see. Feel like I’m knockin on heavens door.

    • No way, Sal. Not from where I’m sitting, er, slouching.

      More like “There’s a Tear in My Beer” by Hank Williams, Sr.

      Maybe Roy Orbison’s “Cryin’.”

    • Sorry Sal, I just don’t agree. You can put the same team on the ice and expect different results. If these players play up to where it was expected last year and then some, and Buch adds a little more and Skei rises I don’t see why we can’t compete. Can Girard, Staal, and Nash really ply as bad as last year again? I think not!

      • It must be sad to be a Fan and 3 months before season starts and think they are out of it. What will make you even watch? I prefer to hope for the best, this is sports and stranger things have happened. The NY Mets won the pennant in ’69, bet the fans never thought that would happen before the season. there have also been many other examples of this as well. I assume you do not need me to number them.

      • By Thanksgiving we are 8-10-4 with a tough December ahead of us. Boobirds will be looking for a scapegoat. If this team has a major injury to Nash/McD/Zucc or Lundqvist we are deadmeat as the minors are thin. If Grabner sees ANY 2nd line action, run for the hills. This may be the year we are sellers at the trade deadline.

        • If they have that record going into December I would hope the coach was gone after the Western Canada swing in Mid November.

  • Dave,

    I keep hearing people talking about the Ducks targeting speed and scoring in a trade involving Cam Fowler. How could the Rangers not be all over this and be offering Nash or Krieder?

    • Only way we unload Nash for Fowler is if we carry salary. Only way im carrying salary is if I’m off the books completely in any other move. Bigger problem he’s a lefty and unless I’m stealing somebody got McD, not really worth it.

      • Agreed, and all this talk about we left him behind to take Mcllrath, Fowler is the 4th best defense-man on the Ducks. That is not saying much..

  • Here’s a question.

    Hayes, Miller, Kreider.

    Who out of the 3 will have the most points this season? Who scores more goals?

      • Quite the optimist Chris!

        I think Hayes leads the trio and flirts with 50 points.

        Kreider gets 25 goals

        Miller just shy of 20 with 19 goals.

        • Kreider was great the last 30 to 35 games last year. He has a big season in him, it would be nice to see him put it all together this season now that (presumably) his big payday is behind him.

  • So much unfound negativity and pessimism in these comments.

    “If you don’t root for them when they’re struggling, then you don’t deserve to root for them when they’re succeeding.”

    • Hi 43. I’m not sure I see anyone bailing from this team. I see a lot of FANS who are being realistic. Personally I have been a Ranger fan since I was 9 years old, wayyyyyy back in 1955. I like many here have seen the bad times and the good times. Fans bitch when things go wrong that’s what Fans do. But I don’t see anyone here who will not root for the Rangers this year. I certainly will. I think the 2016/17 Ranger team will be mediocre. Will I bitch, yes and that’s my right as it’s the right of all Fans who are being realistic. There is a lot wrong with this team as constructed. What makes matters worse, is Sathers ridiculous wasting our first and second round draft choices has laid our cupboard bare. So while I understand what you are saying, the Fans who are negative and pessimistic have the right, just as those who think this team as presently constructed will challenge for the Stanley Cup. I may disagree with those who look at this team through rose colored glasses, I’ll always respect their opinion. Thanks for listening 43.

      • “Nobody is bailing”?! Please re-read the above comments, in particular, those of Salmerc. This is the very definition of bailing 3 months before the season starts. Yes, it is their right to do so, this is the greatest country in the world, however, it is still “bailing” on the team. I just don’t get it.

      • Blessed are us old Blueshirt Believers, Jerry.

        I caught my first puck off of Vic Hadfield’s stick. Unfortunately it first caught the face of the fiercely attractive older woman, a mod in a tight skirt and Nancy Sinatra-like hairdo seated next to my Pop and I.

        That was ’69. I was seven.

        Since then I’ve lived and–far more often–died with this club. Heck, my favorite cousin, Joey Vizzini–a 30-year Blue Seater–went into the ground with his Vanbiesbrouck jersey, Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in The Bronx.

        You, I, the conscience of this online forum, Coach Walt, funk-soul-brother Swarty, Doc Paul, stony Sal, Bobby B./the hit man…

        Collectively, we’ll never get over the image of Dale Rolfe being beat on like… well, like Dale Rolfe. Dave Brown nearly taking Tomas Sandstrom’s head off. Bryan Trottier?!… What, behind our bench?! The Hodge-for-Middleton trade. That neither Leetch nor Adam Graves closed out their respective careers in our jersey.

        Oh the good times.

        Yea, so f**king forgive us when we carp long and loud, and get ornery-obstreperous about our club, its seemingly endless travails.

        We’ve been here before.

        But more importantly, we earned our turn.

        • Well stated Nick, I’m with you on this.

          To the new guys out there who have been around 5-10 years, be advised the same bull shit has been stated before, and the same old policies, also repeated, one more time, will give us the same results, bull crap on skates. We’ve been there before, and it appears that we will be there again. Oh how sad to see this repeated again !!!!!!!!!!!

          Never call me a quitter, that is absolute horse shit !!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Walt, as I riffed above, you are The Conscience, if not the righteous gentleman of this realm. (Hope you’re enjoying your vacation.)

            And Bobby B./The Hitman, you’re heart ‘n soul.

            God bless both of you…

          • Great day to be at the beach with the boys, and their boogie boards, so much fun………

        • Fotiu, lets not forget the Mark Tinordi trade, as well as the Ridley & Miller to the caps for Bobby Carpenter disaster. God Bless all the Blue Seat Bloggers.

  • Nash was out last year six weeks with a serious leg injury and still scored 15 goals. Will he bounce back and get 30-40 goals this year? He is still a top player.
    Girardi had various injuries including a cracked kneecap, a serious injury (definitely slowed him down). Now hopefully healthy, can he have a bounce back year at the still fairly young age of 31?
    McDonaugh was out a few weeks with concussion injury and other ailments. Wasn’t himself most of the year. Can he regain his excellent form and rack up some of the assists missed by Yandle leaving?
    Boyle is gone which is a bonus in itself
    Will Skeij who is already solid on defense, develop more offensively?
    Can Stephan stay healthy all year? He is still a very good player.
    Will Kreider have a breakout year fulfilling his potential?
    Miller showed signs of brilliance for a month and a half last year. Can that be more consistent as he matures?
    Can our Russian friend excel and become an offensive spark this year?
    The Rangers may just surprise a few people and not be as brutal as many are thinking.
    We still have a decent core of players.
    Hank may come back with a vengeance and be Hank.
    Our young players may develop this year and excel, who knows what may happen.
    Maybe the right trade could change the chemistry for the better.
    Lets wait and see before we assume the worst.

    • If, If, If, maybe, maybe, maybe, how about new guys who will give their heart and soul for this team ????????????

      Then there is Clarabelle the coach, will he play anyone other than DMC. Will Girardi play again, only in a wheelchair this coming season ????? Is Buch going to play on the third line, fourth line, then the pine line if he misses an assignment ??????? Will JT be jerked around again, and have Fast as a top six guy ???? We have a sorry coach, a real HOS’er don’t we.

      I’ll pull for the blue jersey, not the organization that force feeds us this garbage. I just want to send Sather to hockey heaven, never to be seen again, or even heard from again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Walt, Interesting “who will give their heart and soul for this team”? The Rangers, in my opinion, have become a reflection of the coach. Very vanilla. The Garden recently sound more like the Nassau Mausoleum, quiet. The “monster of the garden” the roar that started in the blue seats and was deafening throughout has been silenced. We lack the fire. You are one of the most critical of Girardi. I will agree he is not what he was before. I still think he gave it all out there and deserves the respect of the Fans. I agree his contract is now an albatross, but that’s not his problem. No one here would have turned it down. He represented all that is good about this team. Dedication and commitment, and sacrificing all of himself for the good of the team. We need more grit, more heart and more soul. Just as you said. We need to have a personality again. Get the “monster of the garden” back. We need someone who hit’s like a truck, and not reluctant to stick up for his team mates WITHOUT fear of being benched for taking a penalty. Anyone come to mind????? 🙂 We need one of our young forwards to become a bit more abrasive. Harder to play against. Krieder must hit FAR more then he does now. He can punish opposition D-men. He has all the tools to be a prototype power forward, he has to use them. I think this team has the chance to surprise us, but that will take a major philosophical change in AV’s approach. An example would be playing Raanta far more then he did last year. Maybe Hank will be a bit fresher at the end of the season. Just my opinion.

  • Here’s a possible solution for Gorton concerning Girardi. If it is impossible to trade him without retaining salary, maybe they should consider this: Ask him to retire and give him the defensive coaching job with the Pack which was vacated when Beuk got promoted. He can teach all the youngsters much about dedication and commitment. He stays in the Organization and he knows a lot about being a defensive defenseman. Just a thought.

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