Ahti Oksanen signs with Wolf Pack

Ahti Oksanen
Ahti Oksanen (Photo: SBN)

In a roughly translated article, s/t to HockeyStatMiner for the link, the Hartford Wolf Pack appear to have signed defenseman/winger Ahti Oksanen to a one-year deal. Since this is an AHL deal, Oksanen will not compete for a spot with the Rangers, and this is more of a year-long tryout with the big club. His contract does not count towards the 50 contract limit.

Josh has been all over Oksanen lately, and this appears to be him getting his wish. Oksanen has been linked to the Rangers for a while, and it’s good to see they are giving him a shot.

Oksanen put up 15-21-36 in his senior year at BU, a year after putting up 25-13-38. If he develops, he could be a sleeper for the Rangers and a big win.

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  • THe Finlanders youth hockey program is producing some great talent. Ahti could very well be a sleeper and will develop into a NHLer.

  • Is this the kid Josh said was big, could skate, and played with a bit of a snarl ???? If so, good to see this signing take place !!!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed, kind of odd that he signed with the Wolfpack and didn’t sign an ELC. I wonder if there’s a loophole here … I looked it up and there kind of is thanks to Oksanen being 23. If he signed an ELC this year it would be 2 years long and if he signs one next summer it’s 1 year long.

      I wonder if he is making more on an AHL contract than he would have if he signed an NHL ELC? Also, I think he is completely free to sign an ELC during the year and to jump to that NHL organization at any point during the year.

      • Chris

        Whatever the reason, the fact that he signed, and if he is the real deal, he is in a position to get a nicer contract next year. With the lack of any real draft picks, moves like this seem to be very shrewd, and may be the way to get around the draft, and build the team depth that is so needed today!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Pack is in such bad shape, just about anyone would help. Thank you Sather, we really didn’t need or want any of those high round picks anyway…………….

  • When was the last time a player signed with Hartford and then went on to sign with the Rangers? I imagine it has happened, but I don’t remember it. There was some interest in Audy Marchessault, but he went elsewhere.

    I say this because it seems to me that these signings are just what they proclaim to be – signings for Hartford (which doesn’t get quite enough players from the big club to fill out their roster). and players the Rangers see a very very very remote chance of an NHL future for, if even that much.

  • Look at it this way: he gets to learn his trade on the job under Beuk for a year or two. If it doesn’t work out, he goes back to Finland. If he’s progressing, he signs an ELC. If he really breaks out, he plays one more year on an AHL contract, prays he doesn’t get hurt in 17-18 and is a UFA without ELC restrictions in 18-19.

    If he jumps to Europe, then jumps back, subject to ELC/RFA structure until 2020

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