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Rangers to recall Raphael Diaz

The Rangers will be recalling defenseman Raphael Diaz from the Hartford Wolf Pack in a relatively expected move. Diaz is to be recalled to replace the injured Dan Girardi and the supposedly ineffective Dylan McIlrath. McIlrath barely played in yesterday’s Game Two win, so this move was someone easy to predict. Whether or not you believe McIlrath should play, Diaz’s skill set is better served against the Penguins.

Diaz is expected to practice in full with the Rangers tomorrow and play in Game Three.

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  • Problem is that Diaz barely played half a season down in Hartford due to injury.

    I’m starting to think AV would rather have Ulf play before giving McIlrath a fair shake.

    • Funny how people see the game so differently. I only saw half the game yesterday so I can’t say but on another thread people were raving about Skjei’s play, yet Carpiniello tweeted that his second period was a nightmare. Go figure. I guess AV thinks DMAC is the nightmare.

    • Problem is Diaz sucks. We’ve seen this show before. I’m sorry you don’t change a thing after that win. If Dylan doesn’t play Tuesday I’m done with AV. At home he has the last change so what’s the FCKN problem. Diaz isn’t the answer and he’s not better then DMc. The veterans on this team make bad plays even bonehead plays over and over again. An no accountability. Why would you make a change when you have played such a strong playoff game on the road. Another thing if Eric Staal has to play out of position because soft ass Kevin Hayes can’t play the wing than Kevin Hayes better wake up and get involved. Stop floating and hit somebody. Know ones asking you to fight or put someone thru the boards. Let the Pens know that Kevin Hayes is on the ice. Dylan should play Tuesday.

      • HARLEMBLUES, I remember last years series against Tampa bay Hayes got drilled with a clean open ice hit by Steve Stamkos (of all people, their best scorer, U listening Rick Nash?? ) Hayes became invisible after that, he is a soft player, belongs in the European league, no body checks allowed!!

      • playing Diaz makes no effing sense at all, now you can understand why I call him a peckerhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • To this rather spirited thread, I’ll ask:

      1) How many Cups did Marek Malík and Per Djoos help us win?

      2) How many did Jeff Beukeboom, Jay Wells, Kevin Lowe, et al. help us hoist?

      Indulge me further. Let’s say Bedbug Eddie wants to collect $30K gambling debt you’re into him for. With 20% vig.

      Now who do you bring along: your accountant, Myron Diaz, or your local Hells Angel, Mongo McIlrath?

    • Unfortunately, paisan, the joke is on us.

      AV’s problem with McIlrath is by turns completely baffling and counterintuitive.

      The implied message by the Ranger’s bench bosses to the Penguins is this: by all means, occupy our crease. Feel free to violate Henrik, run amok on Antii. Or just hang out, man.

  • Diaz skill set is better served against Pittsburgh?

    I thought I heard it all, but then this comes across the page. Oh my.

  • other then 1 play in the 3rd where dylan got beat, i thought he played a pretty good game considering getting less then 10 minutes of ice time! even on the play that he got beat on, zucc bailed him out! AV causes me to do alot of head scratching!

  • Ok, I must be stunod, but I don’t understand what AV doesn’t like in Dylan’s game. Maybe some better hockey minds than mine can explain it, because I can’t see how Diaz can fit right in after not being with the big club for even a nap the entire season.

  • Why is there utter panic? A call up during the playoffs after the AHL team is eliminated from making the playoffs? That’s completely unheard of!!!!!

    Did anyone hear AV two nights ago? He hadn’t made the call up earlier BECAUSE Hartford hadn’t been eliminated yet. Does that sound like a player that he plans on inserting in the lineup? If he was called up to play than AV would have said to hell with Hartfords playoff chances and recalled the guy once Girardi was made a scratch.

    but then again who am I kidding. Maybe I should just buy in the the thought “something happened in Rangerland. AV is a moron!”

  • I much rather have Diaz clearing out the slot in front of Hanks than Mcilraith……yeah right.
    AV’S is turning into a disappointment.

  • I, myself, thought that early on, McD was having trouble keeping up with the pace of the game. It was probably nerves, but I guess the coach has other ideas. Look, McD just doesn’t fit the type of player, especially dman, that AV covets. It is what it is. I just don’t think putting a Diaz in makes them stronger—other than experience, what does he bring to the table? Hopefully the Captain can get back sooner than later, and we can put him back in the pressbox.

    • Although Mcilraith does not fit into AV ideal defensive mode, he is the only, and I do mean only physical defenseman on the team. You need at least one else physical player back there. All I see is AV robbing this kids confidence the way that Tortorella did to Kreider, Miller and who else?

    • Reports were that Stepan passed the concussion protocol after the hit and actually returned to the bench for the end of the game but did not play.

      He said he is “fine”, so signs point towards him playing tomorrow, which is a huge break for the blueshirts as he has been our best forward IMO.

  • Well after absorbing this post I allowed myself a few hours to get it together, I went to the gym, I had a few beers, I am NOW READY TO VENT!. I just to not see the logic here?, Even if Diaz was lighting up the AHL with points and his play ( which he has not been, the guy was hurt most of the year ) I still would not bring him up. I am convinced that AV just does not see Mcllrath as a legit NHL player. I know Mcllrath will say the right things, he is a team player, whatever the team wants me to do, I will be ready if called upon, inside he must be saying F**K these guys, I am out of here. The kid has proven he is a legit NHL defenseman , he stands up for his teammates, throws the big hit, a crowd favorite, yet AV basically treats him like he does not belong. This is going to cause locker room issues, Kreider and Yandle have both gone on the record saying the team plays bigger and meaner with Dylan in the line up, opposing teams are a bit more apprehensive to get nasty , knowing payback is looming. The team is playing with an edge out hitting the Pens 2 to 1, because this is how you can beat them, wear them down. All of a sudden our genius head coach has a brilliant idea Raphael Diaz to the rescue, all 5’9 ,180 lbs of him. As a Ranger player , I take a step back, no Dylan to watch my back if things get out of hand?, maybe I will not throw that extra check, the Pens are saying lets get more physical, lets camp in front of Hanks crease, no one will be around to deliver payback. Next time a Wayne Simmonds decides to give one of our players a concussion, let AV tap Diaz on the shoulder, go take of business. Hey, I think Mcllrath is on a 1 year deal??, If I am him , I tell my agent to find me a new home, their are 30 other NHL teams, tell me their is not a market for a bruising young defenseman, who will fight anyone, anytime , who can play his position, and is affordable. This has Mark Tinordi 2 written all over it!

    • I wholeheartedly approve of your lifestyle sequence, Bobby B.:

      Bench-press; beer; nuanced bellicosity (albeit of the online kind).

      Make sure it’s American-made, small batch. (Beer.) You know, something you’d find–likely in volume–tucked into Tony Amonte or Brian Noonan’s ‘fridge.

  • Won game 2 mainly because we woke up, got the fore check going AND HIT THE PENS OUT OF GAME (apologies for the all caps). Don’t sit DMAC.

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