Derek Stepan leaves game after hit from behind

Derek Stepan has left Game Two and will not return after getting hit from behind by Ben Lovejoy. No call on the play.

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  • Players are taught to circle into the boards at a young age – sadly many NHLers don’t listen very good or are poor learners or don’t care if they get hurt or hurt someone

  • twice in the last year Stepan has been injured on illegal hits that did not result in penalties called on the ice yet warranted supplemental discipline after the fact. He’s back on the bench so it appears that he has avoided that fate this time. That non call is so damn mind boggling.

  • The officiating was pathetic today (yeah, I know – it is almost every night). The boarding on Stepan was hardly the only Penguins foul they missed. At one point Zuccarello and Stepan were both tripped in about a 15-second span with the referee staring right at the play – no calls. Fast was hogtied and practically tackled on a 2 on 1 – no call – I could go on …

    Also, The goalie interference on Kreider was questionable

  • Can anyone call this a fix in favor of that Mario Le Wimp owned team???

    Look folks, I don’t know if it’s my imagination, or not, but I’ve seen so many calls made in favor of the Pens, and against many teams that are playing them, I have to question the integrity of the official’s, and the NHL. Let’s not forget that Cindy is the face of the NHL, and we can’t have that dude penalty box, now can we???????????

    Today the two kids on defense played good games for themselves, especially Skjei.

  • pierre duche quire makes all the missed calls ok …. The first goal should have never happened,there should have been a penalty Letang for hauling Step down or they could have called the slash against staal 30 seconds later …. the missed hook on Krieder breaking in on the 2 on 1 …. the hold on Stalberg … the hold on Brassard (a battle along the boards )which lead to a turn over and a great chance by Kessel,great battle but a hold is a hold … missed call on the step hit …. think the only call they missed on the rangers side was Zucc tripping up someone when the pens had a powerplay ….. I know some calls will be missed but 1 or 2 not a gazillion …. then they take a half hour to see if brassard is offsides when the puck is on his stick well before the skate comes up ,possession is onsides

  • Anyone see the Caps/Flyers game tonight (Monday)? Exact same hit on Orlov goes for 5 and a game. NHL refs are really a disgrace sometimes. Absolutely no consistency.

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