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Buchnevich to come to North America for next season

Pavel Buchnevich
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As expected, Pavel Buchnevich will be coming to North America for next season, per Buchnevich, one of the Rangers’ third round picks in 2013, is the most highly touted prospect the organization has had in a while. His point totals in Russia put him a notch below guys like Vladimir Tarasenko and Evgeny Kuznetsov.

Many hoped that Buchnevich would join the Rangers for a playoff run, like Chris Kreider did in 2012, however this is a different case. The Rangers were thin at forward that year, and Kreider was ready to jump right in. This year, the Rangers don’t have any openings, and it makes sense for them to keep a year on Buchnevich’s ELC.

I am under the assumption that April Fool’s Day does not exist in Russia, and that this news is legitimate, however I reserve the right to be fooled by this news.

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  1. Dave

    Like you I hope this isn’t a joke ??????

    It appears that the St Petersburg team is trying to convince this kid that he is the future of the team, and the whole of the KHL!!!!!!!!

    I’ll believe it when he shows up in September, ready, and willing to play for us all out…………

  2. ” however I reserve the right to be fooled by this news.”

    Haha, very good. happy holiday and have a great weekend guys!

    1. Dave, I found this with a quick Google…

      “In Russia, too, they have always respected the good humor and a healthy laughter. In the first warm days (which approximately begin in the beginning of April) the ancient Slavs went out to “scare” the winter away. They dressed in animal skins, wore masks and staged noisy presentations accompanied by laughter. Well, the actual April Fool’s Day was first introduced by Peter I. Since then, this unofficial holiday in Russia has been adored both by adults and children. To mark April 1 in Russia means charging with positive emotions for the upcoming year. Perhaps it is only in this country that they treat humor so “seriously” and cannot imagine the holiday without the funny practical jokes. The joke might be kind, funny and even extreme, if you want, but in the end it all should end in laughter with tears (of joy, of course). Besides, on April 1 in Moscow and other Russian cities they arrange various comedy shows and concerts, which are worth visiting in order to experience unforgettable pleasure.”

  3. Sounds legit. His KHL season and his KHL contract ended within the past week. This would be the natural time to announce his intention to come to N. America.

    To me it was pretty obvious Buch was always coming to N. America, I never quite understood why Rangers fans were so afraid of him staying in Russia once he became physically mature enough to play in the NHL. He signed his last KHL contract when he was 18, there was no way he could escape that contract and come to N. America. Just because he wanted to stay in his native country for his age 18 and age 19 seasons didn’t mean that he was against the idea of coming to N. America.

    1. The only reason a player of his caliber fell to the third round and into the Rangers’ lap was because every other team was unsure if he’d ever come over. I think another part of it is just the reputation Russian player have: lacking effort and playing with a lot of apathy, being somewhat detached and uninvested. Like Zherdev, who didn’t attempt to learn English and often played pretty disinterestedly. The rumor has it that Buch can’t speak a lick of English, either. Buch stating that he’d rather play in the KHL than in Hartford, basically saying if the Rangers don’t just hand him a spot on the roster, hell jut stay in Russia. Things like that formulate apprehension.

    2. Some time last year, or so, I read that the kid’s mother tried to talk him out of coming here, and that she preferred he stay in Russia, hence the reason I questioned his coming over in the first place. Maybe the story wasn’t true, but that’s what was written??????????????

  4. “… lacking effort and playing with a lot of apathy, being somewhat detached and uninvested.”——-After last night’s putrid effort, he’ll fit right in!!

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