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Rangers continue solid play, put on clinic against Bruins

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II
AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

There are going to be those that look at the box score, specifically the Corsi numbers, will say the Rangers got dominated and were a product of good shooting. While the second part is true –two goals banked off Bruins, although from good angles– the shot attempt (Corsi) numbers are very misleading for this game. For starters, the Rangers jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead, so score effects are a thing for this game. Second, despite the number of shots, the Rangers really limited the Bruins to the outside. It was a clinic.

There were blips, specifically that one shift where Dan Girardi turned the puck over three times in a one minute span, but the Rangers persevered. The penalty kill was sloppy, but the puck didn’t wind up in the net. What matters is that the Rangers picked the Bruins defense apart, and it was ugly for the Bs. Their defense is their Achilles heel, like the Rangers. But as mentioned in the game thread, the Rangers have better overall depth, and they feast on teams with holes on defense.

This is the second strong game in a row for the Rangers. A good thing. I’d prefer they didn’t give up third period goals, but that’s a thing this season apparently. Sigh. I’ll take this game.

As always, you can view the full videos on our video page here. All GIFs are on nyrgifs.comfiltered under the date of the game. On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Bruins 0

On the powerplay, Keith Yandle simply made a brilliant pass down to Mats Zuccarello, who banked it in off Tuukka Rask’s arm. Yandle feigned shot the whole way, not even looking at Zucc, and just put it right on his tape. Wow.

Rangers 2, Bruins 0

Yandle did it again on the powerplay, this time with Derek Stepan finishing. Yandle simply drove all the way down the ice, splitting two penalty killers, while Stepan joined in late. Adam McQuaid didn’t pick up Stepan, who had a tap-in once Yandle made the perfect pass.

Rangers 3, Bruins 0

After a little tangle at center ice, Kevin Klein found Derick Brassard with room. This is just a rip. Bottom gif is in real time. Sorry for the quality of the top gif, but that’s for you.

Bruins 1, Rangers 3

2016-03-23 21_32_37

Ryan McDonagh was pressured into a turnover by Patrice Bergeron, which turned into a 2-on-0 for the Bruins. Brad Marchand fed Lee Stempniak, who buried it. This one counted.

Bruins 2, Rangers 4

2016-03-23 22_36_01

Loui Eriksson did a good job to make a backhand pass to Frank Vatrano on this shift. Dan Girardi bit on the loose puck and didn’t block the pass in the process. Left Vatrano open.

Shot Attempts


This is absolutely riddled with score effects. You can tell the Rangers focused on defense once they took a 2-0 lead, but they also converted their chances when they could.

Scoring Chances


This is what I was referring to above. Despite the quantity of shots allowed, the quality just wasn’t there for Boston. The Rangers really shut them down.

Individual Corsi

icorsi copy

Score effects. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this.

Shot Locations

locations copy

Everything is to the outside, as mentioned above. I’d like to see the Rangers get more even strength shots, though.

Shift Chart


This is a bit al over the place, but it looked like Alain Vigneault wanted to get McDonagh and Kevin Klein out there against the Bergeron line. It makes sense, as it’s top pairing (shutdown) against top line. That’s the AV staple. Other than that matchup, not much else to really note on AV’s deployment. Normal defensive deployment at the end too, nothing changed.

This was a solid game for the Rangers, who have beaten two of the East’s top teams. That’s a big confidence boost for a team that hit rock bottom in San Jose over the weekend.

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  • Congratulations to JT Miller on his 20th of the season. Now can Kreider start scoring as well?????????

    Good team game, with a little luck for us. When we were up early in the 3rd, I got a bit nervous due to that damn prevent, but when Miller scored, and took Chara out with that check, I felt a lot better. Bottom line, solid team effort, good win, great night for Yankle, and for Hank!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • The calls in the first period set the stage for this game. We played a solid game all around. Not sure how Oskar is getting back into this line-up (except for Hayes).

      • I think at this point, with all the upside he has shown this year, it has to be a top off season priority.

        The question of course is cap room but also what is the back end of the contract going to look like.

        • Signing Yandle will make the D corps disgustingly expensive, but it needs to be done!

          We would just need to suffer though one more year of old war horse Girardi then he can be dealt.

        • That’s not exactly true for 2016-2017, Dave.

          The Rangers are currently at $54.15M** for next year.

          Here are my salary projections for the Rangers FAs:

          Yandle: $6.3M
          Kreider: $4.1M
          Hayes: $1.8M
          Miller: $2.4M
          McIlrath: $1M

          Call up Skjei for $.925

          Sign a backup goalie for about $1M

          That brings the cap hit to $71.675M and the roster will consist of 10F, 7D, 2G. You can easily fill out the remaining bottom 6 wing slots with $2M+

          Is resigning Yandle while keeping G & Staal easy? No. Is it impossible? Not really. Of course, the Rangers would likely be better off for moving one or both Ds to create cap/roster space, but that’s a different discussion.

          ** No one knows, at least I think no one knows, how many performance bonuses Hayes will hit. I assume he at least hits one for games played. So, the Rangers cap hit to start 16-17 could be higher due to bonus overage carryover.

          • The market for Kreider has been set. There are too many similar players in terms of age, experience, output, that signed recently for Kreider’s agent to use in negotiations.

        • I’d prefer Gorton move Girardi, but I think it has to be Staal. If we keep M.Staal I believe Gorton will try to re-sign E.Staal, which would make signing Yandle nearly impossible without letting all the kids walk.

  • Good performance with lots of good little things sprinkled in last night. JT Miller taking it to Chara along the boards. Zucarello pushing back at Seidenberg. Glass mixing it up with Belesky and another night with a pulled goal tender on the other side and another empty net goal to seal the deal.
    The biggest thing I noticed was very little time in the penalty box. Best way to deal with a plagued penalty kill is don’t take penalties.
    Face-offs were tough, but we overcame it.

  • RAANTA IN MONTREAl… let the king rest and then show the pens what the playoffs will really be like if they meet up with us baby!



    • I’m cool with that. Montreal has kind of been a house of horrors for The King. If it were up to me, Raanta would play half of the 8 remaining games.

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