Rangers trade for Eric Staal, give up two second rounders and Aleksi Saarela

It’s confirmed. The Rangers have acquired Eric Staal from Carolina, per Bob McKenzie. McKenzie believes the Rangers will send two second round picks and prospect Aleksi Saarela to Carolina. Saarela was the Rangers third rounder this year, and is in the middle of a breakthrough season in the Finnish league, putting up 18-13-31 in 46 games as a 19 (!!) year old.

I liked Saarela as a prospect, mainly because of his success as a kid in a tough league. Tough to see him go. The second rounders in 2016 and 2017 aren’t much, the cost of doing business.

Carolina will retain 50% of Staal’s salary to make the deal work.

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    • The Finnish kid Saarela looked solid in the World Juniors.

      But yeah, to echo Sal and Spozo I’m okay as well, if not relieved Gorton and Slats didn’t loot what remained of our system.

      Tomorrow, Brandon Pirri, eh?

  • So logistically how does this fit. Where is the extra 4 million in cap space coming from? And where does Staal play? Is another move coming?

  • No roster players going back? Did he lose a leg or an arm somewhere? It sounds too good to be true. And, Car absorbs 50% of the salary? Sounds like Carolina really wants him gone. Whatever!! Hes ours now. Now lets see if they get themselves some defensive help.

  • I was looking forward to seeing Saarla in a Ranger jersey for years to come. The Rangers were better off in the long-term going into the playoffs with a red hot Kevin Hayes as their 3rd. line pivot then Eric Staal. This organization never gets it.

    • How could you look forward to see a player who may or may not ever make it? He’s only 19!!! And hes a European—theres no guarantee with any prospects, but I would think there would be even less with a young Finnish player coming over—culturally speaking. We now have a proven Center in the lineup every night that other teams have to prepare for. If they can steal a cup with this move—you won’t even remember Saarela!!!

      • If? If my grandmother was my grandfather . You will remember Saarela. E Staal very expensive rental. NYR management just doesnt get it. Which of our centers move? How happy are they now? Where is the cap? Will M Staal give some his money to his brother?
        yech and ugh!

  • This is about the lowest cost we could have hoped for. I’m strangely OK with this. It might be a bit tough fitting Staal into our current lineup, but Carolina has been treading water for years. Coming to NY, a contender, where his brother plays could do wonders for E. Staal.

  • All season long, when looking at who was out there, I always kept coming back to Staal. I’m just surprised at the cost. Lets see if he has anything left. Its obvious that this is the last kick at the can for this group. And Gorton is gonna’ give it a good go!!. The rest of the season has just got very interesting!!!

    • Joe, you have been prescient all year. Well done on your prediction! Agree, things are going to get very interesting. Keys going forward, Nash fully recovers and the mystery wrapped in a riddle named Kreider gets it together. Those things happen, the Rangers have a GREAT chance against anyone.

      • You flatter me, Sir! For the first time since Game 7 last year, I’m a little bit excited to see where this ends up. Now, if we could only call Pitt and ask if a certain Swedish winger might be available……..(:

  • The Finnish kid they gave up is a good player with good hands, but a little bigger than Zucc. Said to have heart too. But, not a sure fire star either.

    Two second round picks as well. Carolina picks up 50% of Staal’s salary.

    Not a disaster, but still giving up youth for a rental who is not going to be a savior.

    Oh well.

  • My earlier comment is awaiting moderation? Ok then…

    My take is that while not a disastrous trade, they still are giving up youth for a rental by trading the young Fin and two second rounders. Staal will obviously help, but he isn’t a savior because they need more than just him to win it all.

    • Peter,

      Everybody always needs more to win it all.

      If you look hard and long enough at anything, you will in all likelihood find flaws and always feel like improvements need to be made. Us being Ranger fans have a propensity to do just that with our club, and that’s putting it lightly lol.

      This team is a lot closer to winning a cup then you and many here have thought almost all year. I’ll say it for the umptheenth time that this team has a been there done that attitude and turns it up at will, when they want.

      What you have to do is remind yourself that this isn’t your dads Rangers, the Rangers of ten years or from 5 years ago. Those teams that mortgaged the future were in no position to do so.. So what I’m getting at is, this teams first, second and third rounders are all on this team now, and most of em are around the prime of their careers.

    • “…they need more than E. Staal”??? I don’t believe he was brought in to win this on his own! They have more! Have you not heard of Nash, Krieder, Fast, Zuccarello, Hayes, Yandle, Stepan, Brassard, Klein, M. Staal?? And then there is this other guy named Lundqvuist, who is not half bad! You people are certifiably nuts! LGR! All the way to the CUP! Bravo, Mr Gorton!!! A jb well done. A star for nothing!

      • All I can say is that I hope that y’all are right. I’d love to see them hoist the Cup.

        I have been less optimistic regarding trades than I used to be because of losing players like DuClair, Calahan, Straalman, Asiimov, Hagelin, etc. who are young and talented in recent years, and the club seeming to play soft recently. Thank God Hank has been standing on his head.

        No doubt Eric is a fine player.

        Let’s go Rangers!

        • Peter,

          Trust me, many if not everyone loved all of those players, and I was super sad to see them go, but unfortunately this game/sport/league is a business and most of those players had to leave because of just that. With Stralman being the one screw up in that group of players you mentioned.

          E. Staal is the ONE UFA signing that has some unique advantages for us, as far as the difficulty in signing Unrestriced Free Agents go in general. The chance of him to resign with us is far greater then most deadline UFA signings because of Mark being here. Also, a friend of mine told me something interesting. Maybe there’s a better chance of Yandle wanting to resign here more now. I know that’s going to be difficult financially but let’s see what happens here in the next 4 months 🙂

    • Giving up a maybe prospect, and a couple of 2nd rounders is hardly ‘shooting their wad.’ And getting Carolina to take back 50% of the contract? C’mon. Its a pretty good gamble,IMO.

    • Trading Saarela and two second rounders is shooting their wad? That would be appropriate if they had dealt their top prospects. They didn’t. Great move.

  • nbc just laughed at the rangers.

    Not one positive really they mentioned.

    They said we havent mortaged the house to win, we gotten a second and third mortage.

    Cup this year fire them all. Front office.

      • The best part of that trade wasn’t even mentioned. He also included a first round pick that ended up being Jason Spezza.
        He also traded away Roberto Luongo.
        The guy is an ass who never passes up an opportunity to take a jab at the Rangers.

        • Or how about…
          Bryan McCabe, C Todd Bertuzzi and a third-round draft pick(LW Jarkko Ruutu) to Vancouver for Trevor Linden or…

          06/24/00: Islanders trade G Roberto Luongo and F Olli Jokinen to the Florida Panthers for F Oleg Kvasha and Mark Parrish. or…

          06/24/00: Islanders trade D Eric Brewer, LW Josh Green & 2nd round pick in 2000(Brad Winchester) to Edmonton for D Roman Hamrlik. Or…

          06/25/00: PHI trades G John Vanbiesbrouck to NYI for 4th round pick in 2001 draft(later acquired by NSH who selected Jordin Tootoo). *Note. Tootoo is STILL pkaying today! Or…

          06/23/01: Islanders obtain C Alexei Yashin from Ottawa for D Zdeno Chara, RW Bill Muckalt, and the second overall pick in the 2001 Draft(C Jason Spezza). Or…

          06/24/01: Acquired C Michael Peca from Buffalo for C Tim Connolly and LW Taylor Pyatt. *Can’t get on Milbury much for this ine but still ended up being a disaster as Peca got hurt shortly afterwards and retired. A super young Tim Connolly on the other hand… Or…

          03/09/04: CHI trades D Alexander Karpovtsev to NYI for a 4th round pick in 2005(D Niklas Hjalmarsson).

          There’s A LOT MORE, but you get the idea.

          Also, how he’s wishy washy with some players in general like how despises Jagr when he’s a Ranger or going to the KHL, then a couple years later he loves him. Same with Ovenchicken.

          Also, I notice he contradicts himself a lot. Like how he feels the game should be played a certain way or calls out a players manhood, but on that same token, declares his stance on where fighting should be disallowed!

          I don’t hat the guy and agree with many of his opinions, but I just wouldn’t take his opinions too seriously.

      • No, it was the Milbury who traded his second overall for Yashin. Or maybe it was the one who traded away Bobby Lou.

    • Then go watch the Swedish league, that is not the NHL, this is a big boy league and playing well in any other league means nothing!

    • It was the Finnish League, massive difference. Like NHL vs. ECHL difference.

      If he was an SEL (Sweden) star then the Rangers wouldn’t have dealt Saarela. The Finnish league is probably the fourth best league in Europe, behind the SEL, KHL, and Swiss League, and I think there’s a big gap between those three leagues and the Finnish league.

  • The only thing I see keeping the Rangers from seriously contending for the Cup this year is AV’s devotion to the hapless Dan Boyle. Is it wrong for me to root for a minor injury to sideline him for the remainder of the season, nothing serious mind you.

  • Even with Carolina eating half the contract, I’m not seeing how they’re doing this cap wise barring someone going on LTIR. AV said they weren’t going that route with Nash, but I guess the trainers & docs told him that the knee is worse than they thought.

    • The Rangers had space to absorb almost $5M in salary.

      Based on full season figures, yes, the Rangers are over the cap. Thankfully, the cap doesn’t work like that. You only get charged for what’s on your roster at 5 PM (maybe it’s noon?) every day. The daily charges are calculated by dividing the annual cap hit of each player by the number of days in the season (about 180).

      That’s why it’s important to leave cap space over the course of the season. All that unused space gets banked and can be used to cover short term overages, like trading for E. Staal.

  • Brilliant trade and a huge upgrade to the roster. Staal is big and pivots are critical in the playoffs. This trade blows away the St Louis trade

    • I believe you will see a very rejuvenated Eric Staal. A hungry E Staal is a good thing to have. Now who plays with him? Can Nash still play or do we have cap issues and shut him down for the remainder of the season?

  • I always liked E. Staal’s game but it has gone south pretty quickly – at least in terms of scoring.

    But he is definitely an upgrade to the current lineup and that has to help. If coming to the NYR can give both him and Marc STALL a spark then even better.

    I don’t know anything about Saarela other than what I have read here. He could be a long way off in terms of a prospect or he may never make it as some suggest be he sure sounds like he has a hell of a lot of upside.

    I believe we will now NOT have a 1st or 2nd rounder in either the 16 or 17 draft depending on which one the Coyotes take for that other prospect we traded last year. I really don’t want to say his name because every time I hear it or say it just hurts REALLY, REALLY bad….

  • Can you imagine him on a line with Rick Nash? That’s a huge line. Throw Zuke on the other side just to even things out!

  • How can a guy like Eric Staal not make the Rangers a stronger team? He will excel in New York on a good team like the Rangers. Did anyone notice how fast that big 20 year old Russian kid was on Dallas who scored against us last night? Yandel straight up for him and let Skeij replace Yandel on D. That would make the loss of Duclair not as painful.

    • Not happening. Yandle is NOT being dealt. It was said again today. And it would make no sense. You are either all in or all out. Trading for Staal makes no sense if you then deal Yandle for futures.

      • Good point as usual Eddie, he may not be dealt (unless the Rangers can get something good in return), but do you think the loss of Yandle and his passing ability, will really totally nullify the Rangers chance of winning the Cup? We have McDonagh back to himself and Skeij though much less experienced and not offensive, didn’t seem that out of place defensively and not any worse then Yandle. I don’t think it will hurt our chances as much as people think if Yandle goes. He is average defensively, with no real shot from the point, but obviously he is a darn good passer and I wish we could keep him and get him signed, but getting nothing when he books, doesn’t make total sense either …

        • Craig, thanks!

          The only thing I disagree with here (and I’d say you’re as “guilty” as many other out here on this premise), is the notion that you can just call up Skjei and have little if any drop off if you deal Yandle. Yandle is a $5 mil a year player with years of NHL experience who’s among the best puck moving defensemen in the league. To think that you can just slot in a rookie with minimal experience and not have a significant drop off is, especially come playoff time is, I think, extremely unrealistic.

          Now, this may well happen this summer once the cap forces the Rangers to make important decisions. But if the team is going to go all in by making the Staal trade, then it doesn’t make sense to needlessly weaken yourself on the blue line. Not unless the return was enormous.

          And I don’t agree with the premise that you would be losing Yandle (or E. Staal for that matter) for nothing. Cap space is an asset too, and if the Rangers do lose one or both, they can use the acquired cap space to make other moves.

  • Craig Button
    ✔ ‎‎@CraigJButton

    For @NHLCanes Aleksi Saarela is a very good prospect. High IQ, makes plays. Quick & plays & executes at high pace. Versatile. Competes.

    Sounds like we gave up a lot for a rental player, who at he end of the season walks back to Carolina if he wants, while we give away a sold prospect, and two #2 picks. I’m not pleased with this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So the trend continues, we give away the future again ????????????

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, wasn’t this the kid that the staff wrote about, and were very pleased when we go him in the draft????????

    • Cmon Walt. He’s what the 4th or 5th best prospect in the system and probably 3 years away from a training camp invite? Skjei, Gropp, and Bush are clearly ahead of him in the pecking order. How do you fit all of the prospects on the roster at the same time?

      You have to give something to get something. They didn’t place Nash on IR so that means he is expected to return at some point. So your adding Nash and Staal for the playoff push. This has ripple effects throughout the whole roster. It gets fast out of the top six and likely fixes our “4th line problem” when lineup decisions are made. I’m not going to get bent out of shape over a pair of 50+ overall draft picks.

      • Agree Spozo.

        Walt, did you see what the Hawks just did? And the Panthers? You go for it when you have the chance. Saarela is hardly what anyone would consider an elite prospect. We held onto our key top prospects and didn’t budge on the first rounder. That’s a real good deal. Virtually no downside.

          • Not so…we are only only on the hook for one more (to Arizona this year or next). After that, all intact.

        • Explain to me if you could, they write this kid up as a diamond in the rough, now he is a bum which is it??

          I’ve never seen him play, so I’m just commenting out loud that we never seem to get a chance at decent players at the draft, and always chase the old times who may, or may not work out.

          Based on this season, I have a bad feeling. Let’s see what happens, I’ve been down this road too many times, and can tell you it still needs a new surface!!!!!!!!

          • Walt, who said Saarela is a bum? He’s a mid range prospect. rates him as, at best, a second line forward who’s potential to even make an impact on the NHL level is questionable. He’s a smallish player. Has speed and skill. But hardly an elite level prospect. A long , long way to go before he will even get a sniff on the NHL level.

            You have to give to get. It’s what every team does that’s a contender. The Rangers didn’t trade future number one picks or any of their top prospects to get this deal done. So to me, this is a steal with very little downside.

          • sounds like Zucc to me?????????

            as for giving to get, I wanted no trade for this guy in the first place!!!!!!!!!!

            we’ll see what happens………

          • Zuc is a nice player, but we don’t need more Zucs to win the Cup. We need big time stars. Saarela is likely not a future star. Our best players are still in the system.

    • Oh, Walt, have a scotch!!! Worry about the future in the future. They got somebody that the other team has to prepare for. They’re all in—-you should be too! And this is coming from a pessimist like me!!!

      • Joe

        I’m not arguing with anyone on this, it’s just a gut feeling that this won’t pan out, and he walks, leaving us choking our chicken!!!!!!!!!!!

        Just for record, I hope I’m wrong…………..

        • So he walks. So what? So what if Yandle walks? Cap space is an asset too that we often forget about. If we decide to not sign one or both, then there’s room to make other acquisitions.

          One of your biggest complaints is not giving “old farts” long term deals. This is a short term rental and we gave up little to get him.

          • Going forward, we will gain picks back when we have to deal to get under the cap. Such as the Hags deal that yielded Gropp. More to come this summer.

    • That is correct, Walt.

      For a club which has an enviable record of drafting quality NHL players in the 2nd and later rounds, we really know how to play against our strength and dump a bunch of valuable draft picks/prospects.

      But the drug addicts who need a big name trade on the back pages of the NY Post will be loving this trade….until they don’t. And that will occur in just a few short months.

      Win now!

  • So what happens if the Rangers can’t sign Staal & Yandle before they become UFAs? Then we have a disaster, but in the short term it likely strengthens a shot at the Cup. If they manage to sign both, a couple of guys are going to have to go. like Klein & ?. So here we go again, boom or bust.

    • As mentioned above, I don’t agree if they walk it’s a disaster at all. If they walk, we have lots more cap space to work with to make other moves. Cap space is a precious asset as well, just as important as a player or a draft pick.

      But I agree, boom or bust and this definitely makes us a better team in the here and now.

  • Eh…it’s an okay deal. Not happy about trading Saarela, but at least it wasn’t Boosh, Skjei, The ‘Rath, or Hayes.

    So I presume Hayes moves to the wing…

    This means center ice is Stepan/Brassard, E. Staal, and Moore? That’s not bad at all.

    • I’m very curious about line pairings too. I don’t know if you acquire Eric Staal to get 3rd line minutes though. I’ve heard he can play wing so maybe that puts him in the top six. Or they can just roll the top 3 lines evenly as far as ice time is concerned. I’m really looking forward to what practice lines look like tomorrow morning!

      • very interesting thought………

        Staal goes to the center of the first line, Step second, Brass third, and Moore on the fourth. Hayes goes to the wing, Quickie goes to the third/fourth line, Glass sits, that’s how I see it!!!!!!!!!!

        Brass had a great season playing the 3rd center, maybe everyone will target E Staal, Brass gets less quality opposition, and he lights the lamp, that would be a good outcome……….

  • So much for the crazy notion that Gorton somehow was going to do a 180 from Sather and start trading for future pieces! There was never a chance of that happening, not at this juncture.

    I’m not a cap expert, but the Rangers apparently had enough cap space to make this happen, and apparently have the cap space still to make another depth acquisition if need be.

    It was reiterated again today that there is NO chance Yandle gets dealt. It would make absolutely no sense at this point. You are either all in or all out. The Rangers, appropriately, are all in.

    Also, unless there is a medical setback, Nash will NOT be placed on LTIR. He is apparently making progress.

    To me, unlike the Yandle deal, and even the MSL deal, this is a low risk/high reward move and I give Gorton high marks for this. You get a quality NHL center that adds depth, size and Cup experience. This should improve the top line and create a ripple effect throughout the lineup that makes us deeper and more effective. The only question is, can this change of scenery invigorate his game? Everyone talks about how he has struggled in recent years, but he’s been saddled with a pretty weak team for awhile now. He’s only 31…hardly over the hill. Once Nash comes back, suddenly, our forwards look a whole lot better. Especially if The Unpredicatble One, Kreider, actually finds his game. And as a sidebar, I will bet this also further re-energizes M. Staal’s game too.

    As for what we gave up, it’s hilarious reading those who are on the verge of tears over losing that future superstar Saarela. Please. A 3rd round pick last year, smallish player, excelling in the Finnish league…oh my…what are we thinking? The chances are if he makes the NHL at all, he will be a unremarkable pick that is easily replaced. We give him up and a couple of second rounders that also likely won’t be heard of down the road. We did not buckle to the Canes demands for another number one pick, or any of our elite prospects.

    As for paulronty’s point about what happens this summer, it’s a valid one. Clearly, the Rangers will have some significant decisions to make. The Rangers may very well see this as a last kick at the can before they retool to some extent this summer. But if either Yandle and/or Staal leave this summer, I don’t agree it’s a disaster at all. You take your shot, and if you can’t resign them, then you have lots of cap space to work with. So if their departures lead to other acquisitions, that’s ok too.

    Great job by Gorton. Now, let’s see where this takes us.

  • Shortsighted, poor trade of two 2nd round picks + Saarela for Staal.

    Gorton was faced with his first major decision and rather than stamp his authority over this organization, he perpetuated a strategy that has produced 1 Cup in 70+ years.

    The Rangers never seem to learn.

    • It’s the same strategy any team in contention would do. And a low risk/high reward move that didn’t cost us any key current or future assets.

      As I said before, Gorton was instrumental in making the Brassard deal and Yandle deal happen. He was Sather’s right hand man and his hand picked choice to be his successor. Sather is still the President of the club and still very much involved. To expect a significant course change at this juncture, especially considering the Rangers have been one of the best teams in hockey the past 7-8 weeks, would be nothing short of unprecedented and unwarranted.

      The time will come to rebuild and trade current assets for futures. The cap will force it and their record will force it at the proper time. No organization in sports would choose to do that now given the record and the contractual commitments made over the last few years.

      Sorry my friend, but the rebuild for the 2020 Cup chase will just have to wait I guess. 🙂

      • More like a high risk/low return trade, and one which certainly did cost us assets.

        Perhaps expecting different was too optimistic but that doesn’t make the organization’s strategy the correct path.

        Rangers management and some fans are like addicts when it comes to the trade deadline: load up on the morphine for a brief stint of satisfaction, only to hit the golf courses early like other teams.

        Sorry my friend, but the rebuild for the 2020 Cup is shaping up more like the rebuild for the 2023 Cup. But what’s another 7 years when we’ve had 1 Cup in 75 years, and call that success, right?

        Enjoy the rest of the season because it will be ending shorter than the last few.

  • Is it true we got Staal from the Canes????? Oh wait we got the old, second best Staal from the Canes, for more draft picks and a prospect that I have only read good things about. The oldest team in a young man’s sport just got older. Wonderful job!
    The Rangers will not get past Washington. Period.

    • Right, because there’s no chance for the team with the second or third best record in the East to have any chance. When does that EVER happen in the SC Playoffs, that a dominant number one seed gets knocked off? Maybe every team in the East should have just thrown in the towel and conceded to the Caps!

      • Eddie, you have a solid argument, when does the winner of the presidents trophy go wire to wire and win the Cup. ( EXTREMELY RARE FOR IT TO HAPPEN).

  • Do we think the loss of Yandle and his passing ability, will really totally nullify the Rangers chance of winning the Cup? We have McDonagh back to himself and Skeij though much less experienced and not offensive, didn’t seem that out of place defensively and not any worse then Yandle. I don’t think it will hurt our chances as much as people think if Yandle goes. He is average defensively, with no real shot from the point, but obviously he is a darn good passer and I wish we could keep him and get him signed, but getting nothing when he books, doesn’t make total sense either …

  • So who gets traded next? We made a very bad trade to get Yandle because we needed a defenseman after we let Stralman walk and Boyle didn’t work out. Today we get a top 6 forward who can score because we traded away Duclair.
    So, if we had signed Stralman, we would still have Duclair, Saarela, J. Moore, a #1 pick and 2 #2 picks. We traded all that for 2 guys who now we can’t afford to sign in the offseason. WTW…talk about stupidity. Let’s see who we trade tomorrow. Maybe Kreider for a 35 yr old.

    • We traded for Yandle because of “win now” which is Sather’s way of saying I want to win the Cup before I croak.

      How many seasons of “not winning now” does it take for some fans to recognize a new strategy is needed?

      • M.Staal, D. Girardi,Ryan McDonagh, Jesper Fast, Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider, JT Miller, Domenic Moore, Mats Zucarello, Oscar Lindbergh, Kevin Hayes and Henrik Lundquist…. Are you referring to the strategy of bringing up homegrown players through the system? I think they’re doing just that and have been pretty successful with this strategy thus far…..No?

        • The only way to build a contender through strictly drafting is to tank a couple season and load up on top 10 overall picks. That’s what Chicago did. So unless you’re willing for this team to be bottom feeders for the next 5 years, and completely ruin the opportunity that is 1st ballot HOFer Henrik Lundqvist, this is what we have to work with.

          • I don’t agree with that because there are other ways but let’s say your point is accurate and the team tanks for a couple of seasons. So what? The end result is the same as recent seasons: we go home without the Stanley Cup.

            But like I said it isn’t a “tank” or “win now” proposition.

        • I am referring to the strategy of having a dearth of draft picks which sets back an organization for multiple years.

          A team can tank because it trades assets for picks; or because it trades picks for assets, who do not win the Cup, and then there aren’t enough picks to replenish to put out a quality team.

          Staal, Girardi and Hank were drafted ages ago. We have very little in our system now to assume the roles Staal, Girardi, Hank, Dubinsky, Anisimov assumed to help elevate the team.

          Let me ask you this question: you are an NHL player and have been playing the past 22 seasons. Would you rather have 2 Stanley Cups with the Avalanche or nothing with the Rangers, but get many more playoff games under your belt?

          Every player would opt for 2 Stanley Cups yet the Avalanche are often looked upon as a weak organization because they don’t spend stupid $$ (e.g., Brad Richards $55mm for 3 years of hockey).

          Hey, enjoy the ride. The Rangers will make a splash every year that fills the seats for the playoffs. But we won’t be winning a Cup with “win now.”

          How many seasons of “not winning now” are enough?

          • since the last time, 22 years, and counting!!!!!!!!!!

            one in the last 76 years, and counting!!!!!!!!!!

            The Hawks have won three in the last seven years, almost as many as we won in our entire history!!!!!!!!!!

            I’m no GM, but the same crap year in, and year out keeps these guys happy, so be it, I just don’t want to play second fiddle anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Obviously the organization is faced with hard choices this time of year. I don’t mean to minimize the difficulty and complexity of managing a NHL team. Eric Staal is a terrific player even if he has a lot if miles on him. The team has been winning recently which is why they were buyers rather than sellers at the deadline.

    If it doesn’t work out this year, then they might have to consider being sellers to improve the club over the long haul. It might be heresy, but I wouldn’t mind watching a young team struggle if it was stocked with kids with huge upside potential. But, right now it is all in. I am afraid that it will always be that way.

    The boys have been given a vote of confidence by management. Now they need to go out there and leave it all on the ice.

  • I like the deal. Eric Staal has the size, he can win face offs, and has a Stanley Cup in his resume. i like it because we gave up very little and Carolina is paying half his salary. The word was the Staal seemed to have lost his enthusiasm for the game ( loosing will do that) its up to AV and his STAFF TO RELIGHT THE FIRE. Maybe this gets Marc Staal fired up too??, I wonder if something else is brewing??, Hats off to Gorton, good acquisition..

  • The Rangers finally addressed their one major weakness…the lack of a true #1 center. They finally have what they need to win a Cup with this group. It’s a shame they didn’t get him last season when all of the vets were a year younger, but since they lost Zuc to injury last year maybe it is better they got him this year.

    In a short series anything can happen. If the Rangers get bounced in 4 games it doesn’t mean the trade was bad, just that luck wasn’t on their side. I think it is far more likely that Hank becomes unbeatable and Stahl does a star vet players often do in the playoffs and rises to the occasion. This ain’t the first rodeo for this group. This may be the year.

    I know we’re all Ranger fans, but put the pessimism and worry about 5 years from now aside. Just cheer the team on and believe in them the same way they have to believe in themselves.

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