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McKenzie: Carolina wants first rounder, Rangers won’t give it up

Per Bob McKenzie, the Rangers and Hurricanes are hard at negotiations for Eric Staal, but the breaking point for both teams seems to be the inclusion of a first round pick. The Rangers refuse to give one up –likely in 2017, as Arizona owns their 2016 pick– while the Canes are adamant about including one.

It’s good that the Rangers won’t give one up, but considering the rumored asking price of “a young roster player, a high pick, and a prospect” it is alarming that the Rangers have agreed, at least in principle, on the young roster player. I’m not a big fan of deleting a young, cost controlled player for the sake of a rental, especially with how inconsistent this club has been. But that’s just my two cents.

It seems this is going to happen at some point, and the cost is what should scare many.

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  • Rangers shoukd just walk away from this one because the asking price is ridiculous. Staal will be a UFA and the Rangers can sign him as a UFA because I really do believe he wants to be a Ranger & play with Marc. Frankly, they should look for a PKer & leave it at that. No Parenteau, no Versteeg, Buchnevich is coming next year & he will be top 6 with one of the other wingers dropping to third line & Stalberg to fourth if he’s still around.

  • Some reports I read today speculate Kreider being part of the deal.. Compare their numbers, especially recently. This would be a downgrade as a straight swap. If we give more than Kreider, it’s robbery. No good.

  • Please no. Center is not the need area. Assuming Nash is in the wings somewhere, top 6 is not the need area. It is grit and defensive awareness in the bottom 6. If this team is so good it is not going to consider moving Yandle*, then commit to that and fill in the bottom 6 (hello, PK) and go with it. No more rentals at the expense of an already almost bare cupboard.

    * If they keep Yandle, then I would like to see them try to move Nash in the off season and sign Yandle. Please, no more of these ‘all in’ moves with no back end return.

  • Eric Staal plays over 19 minutes a game for Carolina and has a paltry 10 goals to show for it. He is clearly in decline. The Rangers are on a good run and soon Nash will be back in the lineup. They do not need Eric Staal,as he offers little and the Rangers organization will pay huge price now and in the future to acquire him.

    • He’s been in decline since the lockout. He was once a 30-goal scorer who hasn’t scored more than 25 since 2011-2012. He doesn’t really give the Rangers anything they don’t already have. No move is better than this one.

      • Sharrane,

        I agree with you but the one thing he gives us is Power up front, and that is something that the majority of the die hards here including myself at BSB all agree with getting this type of a player on both sides of the fence. However, he’s been injury prone and if you’re gonna go after a player of this type, he better be healthy.

  • I don’t know why my post didn’t show up before…
    in short, I’ve been reading Kreider’s name as being included if this goes through. That would be a non-starter for me. Fast or Lindberg, sure. Kreider? No chance.

  • The rumored asking price of “a young roster player, a high pick, and a prospect” .. No thank you. Unless this is Carolinas bargaining bid, but even then it’s too much.

    Heck, I wouldn’t even give up a young roster player and a prospect, let alone a first rounder as well!

    Would you guys even give up a first rounder flat out for him???

    Would you guys even give up a Hayes alone for him???

    Would you guys give up a Brady Skjei only, or a Buchnevic only for him???

    I know I wouldn’t.

    Sign him in the offseason for 3 years at 4.5 Mill, but even then, how do we fit him in with all the current centers on the roster?

    • Hahaha.. It took NONE of these options to get him, unless you wanna include Saarela but he was a very new prospect.

      Still a lot for him but was afraid we would have to give them alot more.

  • The Rangers refused to deal for Richards a few years back knowing full well he would sign with them as a UFA. Do the same thing here if you really want the guy.

  • I think the Rangers lost the 13/14 Stanley Cup final at center. The Kings centers are all huge and Brassard was the Rangers biggest at 200lbs. Staal gives us an elite pivot that can win draws, get to the net, score goals, and set Nash up to succeed. Stepan and Brassard have their qualities but Staal is the best of them both.
    I was against this trade because I thought it would cost too much and I thought the back end needed help more. However, for what we paid this was a good trade. Stepan and Brassard can move down in the lineup a bit and now the Rangers are stacked at center. I like the move.

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