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Rangers return Jayson Megna to Hartford

The Rangers have returned forward Jayson Megna to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the AHL. Megna was called up on Wednesday night to play in last night’s win over Minnesota. Megna played in place of Tanner Glass. He was held off the score sheet.

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  • This basically confirmed that Glass wasn’t fully healthy. Either a little sore or sick or whatever. He got the night off and Megna went in. Fine.

    BUT when of that 4th line you’ve got Moore (+0 shot diff), Paille (+1 shot diff) and Megna (+7 shot diff) then why on earth not give him another look? He earned it. Par for the course, I guess. Dejection ensues.

      • No, I believe even strength only. That’s typically how shot differentials are filtered to normalize for things as you astutely point out.

        • Well thanks for the clarification! I just thought it was odd that linemates could have such differing shot differentials and thought that was a logical answer.

  • Or, he was being specifically showcased, as a part in a deal. Lots of scouts there last night, I’ve read. So, you never know.

  • I will put $100 on Glass over Megna in a once around the rink race with being healthy. Tanner is not slow.

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