Rangers acquire Nicklas Jensen from Vancouver for Emerson Etem


The Rangers have acquired forward Nicklas Jensen and a sixth round pick in 2017 in exchange for forward Emerson Etem. Etem was recently sent on a conditioning assignment to the AHL, as he had fallen out of favor with the Rangers.

Jensen, a 2011 first round pick, has not made an impact with the Canucks. The winger has played just 24 games with the Canucks. He has a line of 4-8-12 in 27 games with the Utica Comets this season.

The Rangers will shed Etem’s $850,500 cap hit. Jensen will report to The Hartford Wolf Pack.

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  1. The talk going into the season in VAN was he has some tools but no heart… questionable work ethic… has size but doesn’t finish his checks… disappears for long stretches… so either AV has a poor eye for talent or the market was that low for Etem, but I wouldn’t get too excited about the return on this deal.

    1. And I say again, it’s not AV that has a good or poor eye here. It’s Gorton and his team that makes this call. AV has enough to keep him busy behind scouting minor leaguers. I know he was in the Canucks system at the tail end of AV’s time there, but these are GM moves more than anything else.

      Trading underwhelming former draft picks for each other. Just another reminder to those who say, “got to hold on to your picks”, that late 1st rounders often are exactly like the Etems and Jensens of the world. Not going to build a championship with those kind of guys.

      1. Meant to say “besides scouting” as opposed to “behind scouting”.

      2. Just read Gorton’s remarks following the trade. He said AV had a “small recollection” of Jensen. It was the Rangers scouts who recommended this.

    2. It looks like his ELC expires after this season, so not only do we lose Etem, they’ll not tender this guy and let him go play in Sweden.

      Megna has to clear waivers so he’l be the 13F. To be honest, if they thought that little of Etem they should’ve done the conditioning loan a while ago and dealt him then to bank salary cap credits come trade deadline.

      1. For those Glass-haters – you could now think of Glass as the 13F.

        NYR have already shown they will expose him to waivers. I think we all are expecting more moves so we shall see what happens.

        1. I wouldn’t drop Glass from the lineup for Megna, He’s been playing as well as he did in the playoffs.

          The team took a run at finding alternatives, found them wanting.

          1. I’m not a Glass-hater – but i do think Megna showed some skill and energy in his first game.

            One game does not a season make but i hope that Megna can continue to contribute. The best thing that can happen is that we have guys actually competing to be the guy who doesn’t sit

    1. Only in the sense that the cap means you can’t carry 14 forwards.

      This is really about the simple fact that if a player isn’t good enough to make the team, must clear waivers to go to the AHL, and won’t clear, you can rarely afford to keep him. This was true even before the salary cap existed. The whole point of waivers is to keep teams from stockpiling players who can’t make their team but can play for someone else.

  2. One thing about the last game is that Megna’s stock went way up. If the Rangers try to send Megna back to Hartford, will he actually clear waivers? In that case, the fact that Etem won’t clear waivers either is a bit of a problem.

    Bottom line: Rangers couldn’t keep Etem and they got what they could – in this case an even more dubious prospect (but one they can keep in the minors) and a draft choice.

    Won’t fault either Etem trade. For Hags they got a lottery ticket with a potential great payoff. Sometimes these things don’t work out. When they realized that hanging on to Etem was costing too much, they got what they could.

  3. This was simple Cap Savings move – take a guy that doesn’t get exposed to waivers & cheap pick for a guy that would be exposed to waivers. Saves us 800k off the cap right?

  4. I was gonna’ respond in a way that would rehash the whole Hagelin debacle—but why bother. They got their Cap relief—even more today–and yet another “hail mary” prospect to add to the list. To sum up this deal—drek for drek! And as of 1/8/16, the team is still weaker than it was at the close of business last season. There has to be more coming, doesn’t there?

    1. Gorton says the deal was mostly about getting Gropp, who they felt was like getting a first rounder. If he pans out, then trading Hags was a great deal. And he said again, the deal was all about the cap. They didn’t want to deal him.

      I agree about not being as good as last year, and you’ve been saying it all along and you’ve been proven right to this point. But, what we have are a whole bunch of underachieving players who we know have a track record of playing better, so the odds are they will rebound. And also, the very likley chance that they will find a way to upgrade prior to the trade deadline.

      Also, other than the Caps, who in the East doesn’t have issues? Just get in and you never know. Still plenty of time.

      One other interesting point he made when asked about Yandle. When asked about his status, he said, “we’ll see how the team does and how we stack up and see how we do from there”.

      That’s typical GM-babble, but I read that as, if the team gets it together, he will probably not deal Yandle. If not, he may be the chip you trade to get some assets for the future. We’ll see.

      He also clearly still believes in this team and its chances. “I have faith in this team. The core has done a good job and is still intact”. I take that to read, “since I still believe, we are NOT going to sell off assets at the moment to set up the future”. But if they unravel, then that says his expectations will not have been met. In which case over the summer, all bets are off, and AV would find himself on the hot seat. But no chance of that this year, as I read it anyway.

      1. I’m really, really excited abt that 6th round pick in 2017. Did you know Hags was a 6th round pick & we got Hank & Fast in the 7th? Hey Eddie did you hear what Perry Como said today. He said to reporters “wouldn’t you agree that we are better now than in the first two years.” I choked on my lemon water when I read that! That is not even close to Dalai Lama awareness. As for Yandle if he isn’t signed before the trade deadline, he’s gone, gone, gone.

        1. I have gone to the highest mountain top to study this situation with the greatest sages in hockey (Adam Rotter-SNY). This was the full quote-

          On the halfway point and struggling to find consistency, “wouldn’t you say we are ahead of where we were my first two seasons? I remember that first year it took us a while, it took us a while last year, mid-December we were a game or two above .500. I would say to you, even though we were winning a lot at the beginning we weren’t playing the way we think we are capable of playing. Our game is getting better, making strides in the right direction and I am confident that the results will be there with the better play that we are getting into.”

          He’s simply saying that the team got off to rough starts in the first two years as well, so they are further ahead, which is accurate. I think this is a very realistic and enlightened evaluation. 🙂

          Self-awareness is a deeply healthy ideal and state of mind….:)

          1. Huh? Last year at this time they were setting the league on fire, And they got off to a good start this year not a bad one, so really they have been regressing when they should be moving forward. We’ll see in the next two weeks how much awareness there is.

          2. 40 pts two years ago. 52 pts last year. Averages to 46. Current squad has 48.

            Granted, it’s a stretch, but it’s not like he said this is the finest first half we ever had here–simply that it’s better than the first two years (combined) record wise. He acknowledged that even when they were playing well early, he wasn’t fully satisfied.

            I agree he could have phrased it better, but I think his message simply is we tend to play better in the second half, our game is coming around, we are in decent shape in the standings, so keep everything in perspective and keep growing and improving as a team, which they seem to be doing since Girardi and Klein returned.

      2. An alternative theory would be this: If the team looks comfortable in making the playoffs, yet not looking good enough to go deep, I deal Yandle & Klein, call up Skjei & Graves and thrown them & McIlrath into the deep end while pushing Staal & Girardi down the pecking order.

        With the World Cup you’re going to miss McDonagh for most of camp, so if you don’t think you can go on a deep run, you need to integrate your future quicker than expected or desired.

        Upside is that both players are ready enough, your “laggards” are more productive with new assignments until you move them via expansion or they ask out.

        Downside risk is them not being up to it, losing early or missing the playoffs entirely; screwing with the development curve and waiver exposure of both players, being seriously devoid of talent on the farm.

        I’m not sure being in Hartford is hurting or helping at this point as while both players are somehow hovering around even, the team is otherwise playing turnstile hockey.

        1. Alec, your perspective as always is brilliantly thought out and could happen. A couple of things–

          1) in reading Gorton’s comments yesterday, I get the sense he is all in–until or unless the Rangers show they aren’t. If the team unravels, then I can see your scenario happening. Given the fact that the East, other than the Caps at the moment, seems a bit underwhelming, I doubt the Rangers would dump guys if they felt they could make the playoffs–which they probably will do. There have been many examples of low seeded teams that got hot at the right moment. To debate from that, Yandle and Klein would have to bring back a hell of a return that would not only help the Rangers now, but in the future.

          2) You seem to have a very broad knowledge of Rangers future players, so I defer to you on this. But from my less enlightened perspective, I’d say given how inexperienced both Skjei and Graves are at the moment, I can’t imagine being in Hartford is hurting them at this point. I mean, it’s not as if either player is dominating at this point. I’d think a full season would do them good, but who knows.

      3. Interesting, giving up assets to get an earlier pick, because they felt they were getting a first rounder in Gropp???????????

        Just thinking out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Walt, it isn’t all one answer or one approach. The draft is only one part of the equation. They clearly would NOT have traded away Hags for a future player if the cap wasn’t a concern. It was improbable they would get much in the way of NHL-ready caliber, at least high caliber, and they needed to shed the salary. They targeted a young player they thought could help them down the road. Makes sense. I truly don’t get your point.

          We’re not going to see Ryan Gropp for several years, and it remains to be seen if he will be anything more than a depth player.

  5. Great, we traded a guy who has had trouble establishing himself at the NHL level but was a beast in the minors for a guy who isn’t even doing well in the AHL. He’s only one year younger, so it seems like a downgrade to me.

  6. Well there is one down and thank you for it being Etem. Just never saw what he brought.

  7. Good riddance. May I never hear Etems’ name again.

    I’m laughing at the clowns over at Blueshirt banter on SBNation…their mourning this, like Etem was Mike Bossy.

  8. Watching the Ducks and Blues tonight. Hags missed another glorious scoring opportunity. He has 3 markers so far these year, you would think the Rangers traded away Phil Esposito when you read the comment here.

  9. You can talk about this as a cap space move all you want, but the fact of the matter is that there was 1 MUCH BETTER WAY… Glass on Waivers.
    -If claimed, because people think he is playing better (kinda of like my morning crap not smelling quite as bad as normal) and other teams would want him, we save $1.5M prorated for the remainder of this year and next)
    -If unclaimed, he goes back to Hartford and we save $950K, $100K more than moving Etem.

    A 4th line of Moore-Fast-Stalberg would be a fantastic line for puck possession, offensive potential, and defensive awareness. Megna (who has only 1 game under his belt), Etem, Lindberg would be a very good 3some to rotate in and out. 3 young players that are cheap and we could continue to develop.

    This was a bad move that AV coordinated by his handling of Etem, all for the sole purpose of making sure his bestie Glass is still employed at the NHL level.

    1. Etem is a power forward type of player. Power forwards tend to develop slower. Hard to say at this juncture whether Etem will become a flop or a productive player. I do agree more could of been done during his stay in New York to give him more of an opportunity to develop.

    2. Just absolutely ludicrous.

      If AV was so all in with Glass and could influence the GM to the extent you say (and I will say again, it is the GM who is responsible for managing the roster and the cap space, not the coach). explain why Glass was put on waivers to begin with? If AV was so enamored with Glass’s game, then why doesn’t he role all four lines equally and give Glass more than the 10 minutes per game he got last year and this year, which is least on the team?

      You can make a case for the extra $100k, I grant you. And Glass may still yet be vulnerable depending on what other roster moves are made. But if you were actually being objective, you’d realize that Glass 2.0 is a better player than he was last year. The 4th line has arguably been the Rangers most effective line over these last few weeks. Why would you break up something that’s working? The guy has won at least one Broadway Hat since he’s been back, the writers have had him a few times as one of their top three Rangers (admittedly, more due to the fact that the team has struggled), and if you take him out of the mix, who provides a physical element on your 4th line?

      Etem had a terrible camp, he clearly didn’t do anything to earn more time. It was the right move.

      My suggestion, watch more hockey and spend less time watching conspiracy theory shows like the X-Files.

      1. Lets just see where Vancouver plays Etem in the line up . Dose he play play with Sedins to begin with or the fourth line or somewhere in between , it will be interesting to watch . Time will tell

        1. I’d buy into it that it was AV’s fault if he had had succes in Anaheim. He failed there, too. So how do tou conclude its AV?

          Hey, he may very well succeed in Vancouver, but that doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes you are a fit with a certain group better than others. Sometimes the light finally goes on and he realizes, hey I got to make some changes here and the athlete gets better. He’s still young. He has time to figure it out. I’m not saying he can’t. That’s unkown.

          As Michael Jackson said….”start looking at the man in the mirror and ask him to change his ways”. It’s up to him.

  10. Very very well said and I echo it fully.

    Never do I like to admit a coach can ultimately sway a GM, but they are supposed to work like an organization. In any case, your scenario above makes infinitely more sense to me. Yes I’m on the outside looking in but for the life of me I can’t figure this one out

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