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Morning skate: Dominic Moore to be scratched

Per Steve Zipay, Dominic Moore was skating with Dylan McIlrath as the extras this morning. They will both be healthy scratches. Emerson Etem will be in the lineup tonight.

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  1. What are the chances our bottom 6 looks like

    Etem – Hayes – Lindberg
    Stalberg – Stoll – Fast

    1. A crucial point is that AV wants his lines to work. It isn’t about finding a place where Etem will thrive, it is about finding good lines. Since the Stalberg – Hayes _ Lindberg has worked so well, it’s tough to break it up. You only do it if Etem can’t cut it at all on the fourth line.

      1. Agree with you that good lines > best place for your 13F.

        But, arguably, you maximize your roster by placing players where they can best utilize their skillset. So, to me, if Etem can make up for what Stalberg does there while Stalberg outperforms Etem in the more defensive minded 4th line role, you do it.

        All semantics, because as Dave and others have pointed out, there aren’t really any bad options with our group of 13

  2. Nice to see that Lindberg has forced AV’s hand into this move.

    I bet before the season started AV had planned to try this out for a few games earlier in the season, but the original plan involved sitting Lindberg and moving Stoll or Moore up to the 3rd line for a game or two.

    This is all complete conjecture on my part, but it makes sense, right?

  3. What is the difference of the line you play on. Let the coach do what He wants, an stop guessing about every damm move that is made . REALLY

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