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Rangers name Chris Drury as Director of Player Development

The New York Rangers have appointed Chris Drury as the new Director of Player Development. The current Rangers front office page has Jim Sullivan listed as the Director of Player Development, along with a few other titles. My guess is that Drury will just take the development role, and not the other roles Sullivan has.

While Drury’s contract wasn’t great, he has always been a well respected player and was widely regarded as one of the best leaders in the game. It’s nice to see Drury back with the organization.

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  • Always good to have a more current player evaluate talent. The game has changed and hopefully Drury knows what it takes to be a player in 2016 and beyond.

    • I just wanted to touch on a subject that was brought up yesterday concerning Russian players and the effect it would have on the NHL if they were forced to play in the KHL until the age 28. I broke down, by country, the percentage of players that occupied NHL rosters every 5 years since 1970.

      1970 – Canada 95.6%, U.S. 2.6%, Sweden .3%, other 1.6%

      1975 – Canada 90.6%, U.S. 7.3%, Sweden .8%, other 1.2%

      1980 – Canada 81.7%, U.S. 11.7%, Sweden 3.4%, Czech .6%, Finland .9%, Slovakia .3%, other 1.3%

      1985 – Canada 76.3%, U.S. 14.3%, Sweden 4.4%, Czech .9%, Finland 2.2%, Slovakia .7%, other 1.3%

      1990 – Canada 73.6%, U.S. 16.7%, Sweden 2.3%, Russia 1.6%, Czech 2.6%, Finland 1.5%, Slovakia .5%, other 1.1%

      1995 – Canada 62.3%, U.S. 18%, Sweden 4.1%, Russia 6.5%, Czech 4.1%, Finland 1.6%, Slovakia 1.2%, other 2.1%

      2000 – Canada 55%, U.S. 15.3%, Sweden 4.8%, Russia 7.4%, Czech 7.3%, Finland 3.5%, Slovakia 3.1%, other 3.6%

      2005 – Canada 53.4%, U.S. 19%, Sweden 4.9%, Russia 5.1%, Czech 6.8%, Finland 4.1%, Slovakia 3.3%, other 3.4%

      2010 – Canada 53.2%, U.S. 24%, Sweden 6.4%, Russia 3.4%, Czech 4.3%, Finland 3.1%, Slovakia 1.4%, other 4.2%

      2015 – Canada 50.8%, U.S. 24.2%, Sweden 7.9%, Russia 3.6%, Czech 4%, Finland 3.6%, Slovakia 1.3%, other 4.5%

      What impact would it have on the NHL if Russian players were forced to play in Russia?

  • I don’t have feelings about this hire, one way or the other. My thoughts immediately turned to Mess, and what he must be feeling. Yeah, I know, hes been out of the game for a while, and I agree it is nice to have a more current ex-player as a talent evaluator. But still, was that position ever offered to him by Sather a few years after he retired? Or any other high level position, other than assistant, or advisor? Just asking, As for Drury, what does he bring to the position? What has he been doing since he retired?

    • I thought he was working with Edmonton on the player development side of things. At least I thought he got a gig with them.

      • I know that—I meant the time after he retired—maybe 2 or3 seasons removed from the game—was he offered any substantial position with the club by Sather as Drury has been, by Gorton.

    • Mess never has said a single negative thing about the way the Rangers handled him after his retirement. Why make up an issue?

      • Nobodys making up an issue. I just find it curious that Drury gets a hire with no experience, and Messier gets told he needs to build up a resume by going down to the AHL and learn how to be a coach. Yes, hes never said anything publicly negative about how he was treated by the Org—-but he left pretty quick after he was passed over for the coaching job..Sometimes no words are needed.

        • He left pretty quick or an opportunity opened up in Edmonton?

          Aren’t you the “messier by March” guy?

          • Don’t know what you’re talking about–“messier by march?” —I have no clue. And when the opportunity in Edm. opened up; because he was passed over, he was free to take it. There were other opportunities to go to Edm while he was still working for Sather—but when he didn’t get the coaching job, he saw the writing on the wall– and left.

        • Joe – according to Andrew Grosss at the Record, Adam Graves has served in a similar role. Were we even aware? I don’t think this is as high profile as its being made out to be, and certainly not comparable to the Head Coach role. Sounds borderline entry level. I’d also bet there is a BU connection between Drury and Gorton.

          • I have no issue with it; you however, seem to have an issue with every post I make….innocuous as they may be. Was just wondering why the lack of experience for one guy is a sticking point—and not a factor for someone else. Nothing more.

  • My recollection on Mess’s post playing career was that shortly after he retired, Slats put him in the Rangers front office. Wasn’t he the Asst GM for a bit alongside Don Maloney? Either that or he was in an advisory role.

    Then, when Slats fired Torts, Messier threw his hat in the ring for the HC job. When AV got the job, I think Mess decided to leave the organization, probably because it might have been awkward for him to be perceived as “hovering” over AV.

    So, unless I’m remembering this wrong, I don’t think the Rangers ignored Mess in the early stages of his post playing career.

    • I think he decided to leave the org. because he was passed over in favor of AV, and realized, that for the foreseeable future, his hope of coaching the team was gone. I just find it awkward that Drury gets a high profile position, relatively shortly after he retires; with no real resume other than his time as Captain.;
      Mess really was give only advisory positions as one of Sathers perceived successors—-which never came to pass.. Its no big thing,I just find it curious that Drury would be hired without any real experience.

      • I would not equate being named Head coach while having zero experience with being name Director of Player Personnel with no experience. Apples and oranges.

        • Yeah, but if a lack of experience is a sticking point to hiring a coach, I would think it would be just as big a sticking point for the guy who will help develop the players that the coach will be coaching.

  • It’s interesting though that, given how some former stars are now team presidents (Linden, Shanahan, etc), that no one that we know of has approached Mess for a Pres, GM or HC gig. You’d think with his natural leadership abilities, that he’d be on the top of a lot of people’s lists.

    • What makes for a great leader of men doesn’t really translate to building a roster from above in a dispassionate manner. If Moose wants to coach, then climb the ladder like anybody else. A work ethic incomparable, but not everybody is him. Handling that mix is supreme, let the guys wearing the C or A handle esprit de corps.

      But that’s just me.

      • I think history has shown us that great players don’t necessarily make great owners, GM’s or coaches. i.e.: Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Isaiah Thomas.

        • Great point!!!!!!!

          Some of the best coaches, and managers were journeymen in heir playing days. Tom Lasorta anyone ????

  • Congrats Chris Drury, lets hope your new position is much more successful than your Ranger tenor as a mediocre player at best. Maybe I am being a little hard on the guy, BUT memories of the Drury & Gomez signings causes my ulcers to act up!

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