Poll: Will AV really scratch Tanner Glass?

Now that Derek Stepan’s contract situation is all settled, the Rangers roster for the 2015-2016 season is more or less set. There is always a possibility for a Ryan Malone-style PTO, but as of now, this is our group. Currently, there are fourteen (thirteen if you don’t actually count Glass) viable NHL forwards fighting for playing time on the roster. Certain factors like Mats Zuccarello’s recovery and the continued upward trajectory of JT Miller/Jesper Fast’s development could potentially test the depth that Glen Sather/Jeff Gorton have built.

In examining this forward group, I got flashbacks to last year when James Sheppard was brought on board. It got me wondering if Alain Vigneault can ever really bring himself to relegating Tanner Glass to the press box on a regular basis? Now, clearly, we’ve been down this road before. I think the general consensus is that Tanner Glass is literally the worst player in the NHL. He does nothing well. However, AV loves him for some inexplicable reason.

Looking at the fringes, Oscar Lindberg looks poised to take on a meaningful role this season. Ryan Bourque showed enough in his NHL debut last season to give us some confidence he could be an effective fourth line player. Viktor Stalberg looks to be a bargain bottom-six pickup. I suppose you could stretch and talk about Emerson Etem not being a finished product, but you don’t trade Carl Hagelin for the guy if you don’t feel he is going to be a consistent part of, at least, the middle-six.

Chances are the Rangers are only going to carry thirteen forwards, which would likely make Bourque the odd-man out. Assuming a forward group of Nash, Stepan, Kreider, Miller, Hayes, Brassard, Zuccarello, Etem, Fast, Moore, Lindberg, Stalberg and Glass, Glass is the obvious candidate to sit. But will he?

We all rejoiced when James Sheppard was brought over from San Jose at the deadline. We assumed that he would force Glass into a depth role, due to his versatility and defensive prowess. Granted, Shep’s time in New York had a fairly vanilla beginning, but AV had Glass back in the lineup so fast, we didn’t know what to do.

My concern is we are going to end up seeing Stalberg, or worse yet, Lindberg, getting the press box treatment over everyone’s favorite whipping boy. I know this paranoia is probably a little premature, but it’s summer and there’s not much else going on.

So, to validate my own insanity, I want to hear from you, our beloved readership. Do you think AV will finally have the gall to relegate one of the league’s worst players to the skybox where he belongs? Take a moment to vote in the poll below and discuss in the comments. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • While Glass is a BSB whipping boy, AV sees value. It could be his clubhouse presence or maybe just the fact that he gives 100% every shift. With our low-scoring team, AV may just have to sit TG. I suspect Gorton makes the decision easier by moving someone

    • i’ve been a rangers fan for over 50 years. i really don’t understand the dislike of tanner glass. HIS TEAMMATES LOVE HIM !!! according to everything i have read, he is one of the most popular players in the locker room.

      how many enforcers penalty kill? prust – and montreal found out they paid him too much.
      he doesn’t win many fights, but neither did dorsett – the previous enforcer.

      av is probably the best coach in the nhl.
      i don’t know if you recall, but prior to last season, the rangers were ranked 21st!!! and not predicted to make the playoffs. check it out for yourself – pre-season power rankings had rangers at 21st. THEY WON THE PRESIDENTS TROPHY – and if zuccarello did not get hurt, who knows if they would be holding the stanley cup. you might not like glass, but av is the best coach in hockey.

      i strongly believe glass will be the 13th forward. i think lindberg and stahlberg and etem (the three new forwards in the line-up) will all have very productive seasons – and barring injury, i doubt glass will get much game time. AND HE’LL TAKE IT LIKE A GREAT TEAMMATE, AND A TRUE PRO — HE WON’T COMPLAIN – AND HE’LL BE READY IN CASE HE IS NEEDED.

      nick fotio (one of my favorite all-time rangers – i even have his jersey) couldn’t skate, shoot, anything except fight – if he could catch his foe. but he was a fan favorite for his fighting ability. best fighter i ever saw play hockey – golden gloves champ. but TIMES ARE CHANGING. fights are down — way down in the playoffs. the day of the enforcer is almost over. most teams realize they need 12 forwards who can play hockey. the need to roll 4 lines all game long.

      so is tanner glass needed to play every night – probably not — and av already knows this.

      like i said earlier, barring injury, tanner glass will be your 13th forward most nights.

      • This isn’t about Glass the person. He’s an all around great guy, great teammate. We know this.

        But the on-ice product is pretty terrible, and that’s what we analyze. We stick to hockey analysis, not personal analysis. Very often, people confuse the two.

      • I thank you for 50 years of service. But as the poll states at this time not many think AV is too good of a coach and wouldn’t put the worst player on the ice. I would also say the coaches insistent on playing had a direct coloration with the Rangers loosing to Tampa. Now that would be a good poll. Maybe all the players love Mr Glass but that doesn’t mean he should play hockey on the best team or any team.

        • RR-

          Fact–The Rangers, in two seasons under AV, went to the SC Finals and followed that up with a President’s Trophy and a trip to the Conference Finals (and one period away from a return trip despite no Zuc and almost completely decimated defense)–a very rare back to back feat in the modern day NHL.

          Fact–No one with any actual understanding of the NHL and its personnel believes that AV is “not too good of a coach”. He is a four time Jack Adams Finalist, including this past season, as well as winning the award outright once. People actually charged with the the responsibility of making these determination would laugh at your assessment.

          Ok, since you have no facts to actually go on to support your claim, certainly not the one about AV, let’s look at your theories, especially as it pertains to this season–

          Fact–The Rangers had the best record in the NHL this season.

          RR’s theory #1–AV is not a very good coach

          RR’s theory #2–Tanner Glass is the worst player in the NHL…(based on what I’ve read from Rock, maybe the worst player ever).

          So help me to understand this RR. Given the facts about the Rangers past season, how can BOTH of your theories be true? If AV was such a poor coach, wouldn’t every player on the team have to be so terrific (Glass included) to overcome his “incompetency”? Or if Glass was SO bad, doesn’t that mean AV did an amazing job running a team with essentially just 11 forwards? (hey, maybe Glass is the reason AV got nominated….the broadcasters all must have thought, wow, he’s playing a guy who shouldn’t even be in the NHL…the guy must be a genius!!!!!!)

          I always look forward to your posts RR. They are ALWAYS entertaining!

          • For your first fact, the only reason the Rangers made it to the finals is because St Louis’s mom died and they had better players.
            Second fact AV may be a good coach with a crack habit, we just need to take away the crack. Good coach who handicaps their own players doesn’t make him a great coach. Why do you want to play with 11 forwards? Isn’t that stupid? They did not win because of the coach they won despite the coach.
            He was not fired from the other team because he was the greatest coach in the world, but because he was stubborn. The question is why do you accept the stupidity of his mistakes which costs us the Stanley Cup. Why do you want to cover up his sins. You can not hid his mistakes it is blaring!
            AV needs to be accountable for his decisions that doesn’t make sense. His mistake threw the fight. AV put the car in the wrong gear and you blame the viewer. No one knows why he did it what he did and he did not have to explain it because everyone is afraid of asking. Great generals do not lose the big fight.
            AV got nominated is politics.

          • And he was nominated for the Jack Adams for the 4th time despite all that. What were those voting thinking? My goodness…4 nominations. One JA win. Two trips to the SC Finals with two different teams. Sounds like the making of a HOF resume to me.

            It’s a world gone mad RR, what can I say? 🙂

          • Benedict Arnold was a great general too and you are looking at all his awards.

          • Benedict Arnold? Okey dokey then.

            As I said, it’s a world gone mad!

    • when the season starts av will do a lot of experimenting with his lines we know stepan and kreider brass, nasher, zucc somehow he will find a spot for glass

    • Giving a 100% is not much value if you are an AHL level (barely!) player. AV IS a good coach, but he has an absolute blind spot on this one. I’ve just reviewed the UFA list and there are 20 players on there who could help the Rangers for less money than Glass, including James Sheppard who could Center the 3 or 4 lines. Hopefully, McIlraith is able to make the team, at which point Glass has absolutely no value. I predict that this will be Glass’s last season in the NHL. If the Rangers waived Glass, NOBODY would pick him up!

    • The idea of Glass as the worst player in the NHL, IMO is just Ranger propaganda. I’m not sure what the measuring stick is to determine who wins this absurd title, but I would have to imagine team success has to come into play at some point. If anyone thought he was gonna come to New York and score 15 goals with 20 assists and play mid six minutes, I could understand their disappointment. Why anyone would assume that is more disappointing. He is a 9th round draft pick who has been in the NHL for 7 years making a living as a 4th liner. People can say what they want, but let’s be honest at least. The few minutes he does get, he throws the body, digs the corners and patrols the ice. If you would rather have seen the 1.45 million per year be invested elsewhere, I tend to agree with you. To call Glass the worst player in the NHL is without merit

      • rel Corsi is a good start. How much does one player influence team possession.

        Relative is used, as worse players on better built teams will benefit while better players on worse teams will have deflated numbers. Rel, in theory, sets everyone on equal footing.

        Now you can argue that there are other telling stats- and I agree- but seeing how a player influences how his team controls the puck is a good start.

        • Thumbs down clowns… about replying with your thoughts on another useful metric? Like I said in the last sentence above:

          “Now you can argue that there are other telling stats- and I agree- but seeing how a player influences how his team controls the puck is a good start.”

          • Our entire world is built on statistics- recording, studying and interpreting data. Should hockey remain a black hole in the statistics world?

            They’re not the end all be all, by any means, but to ignore them completely is nothing short of irresponsibly ignorant.

          • That’s funny, since a lot of the metrics are determined by people tracking every single game and watching every single game. Not just for the Rangers, but for the entire league.

            Do you watch every single game played by every single team?

          • lol sorry Chris…. the people who just give me a thumbs down for a perfectly reasonable statement but then do not leave a comment.

            Not directed to you at all : )

          • welcome to my club, there are plenty on this site that automatically give the thumb down when your name appears, ignore it my friend !!!!!!!!!!

      • Nailed it Chris72, The only thing I would add is for the haters to go check the NHL stats under Hit totals or the past number of years, you will see Glass, T – near the top 10 in the league most years. One of those he was second or third. Keep in mind this is with half the ice time of most of his rivals. Last year being an exception due to the mumps issue, but he still managed top 20 I think. One other thing, how does the so called “worst player” as those others label him, get calls by a handful of teams come free agent time and have several choices on where he wants to play? Like I said before, had the so called goal scorers done their job in the play-offs as well as Glass did his, you would all have your picture with the cup last spring. Cannot believe a hockey blog run by a hopefully informed hockey person, has brought this up.

        • I like the advanced stats, but I don’t use them to know Glass brings little to no value to ice. As many of the Anti-advanced stats people would say “watch the game nerd”, and in Glass’ case watching the game shows he has very little value.

          Hits? Please, very few of his hits impact the game, and hitting someone after they have the puck is useless and takes you out of the play.

          Protector? I can’t count the amount of times last season where a scrum occurs and who is the ONE Ranger not in it? Old Tanner boy.

          Instigator? Glass does nothing to get people off their game. Carcillo, Prust, Rupp, Avery, and even Dorsett were good at this, and being a nice guy instigator is worthless. Personally I believe that Zucc sticks up more for his teammates.

          Hey its your opinion and you are entitled to it, but there is no need to attack the author’s credibility because you disagree.

          • “Very few of his hits impact the game?” Is there a formula for that as well? As a hockey player, you are taught to “finish your checks”. Every hit impacts the game. It’s meant to wear opponents down and force them to move the puck quickly anticipating the check is coming, with the hope of creating turnovers and forcing bad decisions.

            As for these Corsi numbers and dozens of other micro statistical analytics that determine if a player takes a crap 2 hours before the game, he is more likely to increase his foot speed which in turn will raise his shooting percentage especially against goaltenders with less than 289 grams of fiber in their diet……….. c’mon man. When did hockey become this game to be analyzed over spreadsheets and tiresome pages of data?

            The greatest assembly of hockey players brought together to carry out one persons vision was the 1980 olympic hockey team. Herb Brooks knew what brand of hockey he wanted to play and had an idea of the the exact type of players that could bring that system to life. They weren’t the best players by any means, but they were the best for that system. It was that team, in that system, with that coach, and that staff who succeeded. Not the players a piece of paper spit out and said these guys are the best at this and these guys have a tendency to do that.

            In summary……… those stats are white noise in Mozart’s NHL.

          • Glass was under the microscope with me and I followed every check. He would take himself out of the play. He would go to the wrong players during the play. And his minuses shows that he sucks. He would also make the players around him worse. And the worst thing is he does not pass the eye test which is the most basic test unless you have coke-bottle glasses.

          • your eyesight must be far superior than AV’s. Weird though, I never seen him wearing coke bottle glasses.

            I’m glad he was under your microscope, but….. who are you? it’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s another to think your opinion is gospel.

          • I am the prosecutor and you are defending a loser. The only problem is you are defending the undefend-able. The jerk did not even defend himself he as his minions do his work. I am just shouting the king is naked and you tell me to shut up and who are you. Your King AV was wrong and we lost. I am the voice who is seeking justice and maybe the question should be turned around and asked of you. We did not lose because of the defense-men were hurt.

          • The defense’s case– Rangers go to the Cup Finals. Rangers then win the President’s Trophy despite significant turnover in personnel (Boyle, Dorsett, Pouliot, Stralman) from the prior season, a feat virtually no one thought would happen. AV plays Glass 10 minutes a game because he no longer has the depth he had the prior year due to the cap. And he still wins. AV, to get the Rangers this far after so much had changed the prior year, is appropriately nominated for the Jack Adams. Rangers are one period away from a repeat trip to SCF, despite no Zuc and an injury riddled defense. Arguably, the best back to back Rangers seasons in 40 years.

            Prosecutors argument–AV plays Glass. AV is Benedict Arnold.

            Jury deliberates for 5 seconds. AV is acquitted of the bogus charges against him. Judge fines the prosecutor for wasting the court’s time and his punishment is to be locked in a room to watch all the game footage of Tanner Glass, and is forced to be present at both Henrik Lundqvist and AV’s HOF induction ceremony about 15 years from now!

          • And those better players were, who? Total nonsense.

            All subjective. So therefore meaningless. The only thing factual–best record in the league following a SC Finals appearance. Glass was in the lineup. You can’t do better than number one. He can play Glass all day long if he does that again. Get back to the ECF again and this time with a healthy Zuc and defense, I’ll take my chances any day.

            AV has more than proven himself as a top quality NHL coach. Everyone who actually has an expertise in the sport knows this.

            Case dismissed due to lack of,logic and evidence.

        • Good job Blue76. Thanks for the hit numbers stats especially. Glass has been the target for some Ranger fans for a year now. I’m not by any means saying he is the premier 4th line guy or even someone I would have targeted in free agency a year ago, but if we all trust AV and his system which obviously works, then don’t we owe him the benefit of the doubt on his usage of Glass in the very same successful system? Again, we are not talking about a first line guy who is asked to play 15 plus minutes a game in every situation. Just because Larry Brooks may have written an unfavorable article about him doesn’t mean we have to jump on board and kill the guy every available chance. If the Rangers success lies in the hands of a 4th liner, then we have much much bigger problems. That being said, I believe Lindberg and Stalberg will have the opportunity to remove him from the roster. May the best man win. Whatever makes this team better is what AV will decide. I’m certain of that

          • AV’s system would work a lot better without Glass and the lines would not be unbalanced with out him. We could just throw a stick on the ice and paint eyes on it and it will do the same job. Eventually the puck will hit it.

          • Well when Vancouver didn’t resign him even though they wanted him, but others came first, and he left for WPG, what happened to AV and the sisters again … oh ya … AV quit or was asked to leave I forget? Obviously other things happened there, but … AV coached the Rangers to last place or first place over all? Give the guy some credit that he knows a little bit about hockey, coaching and people.

          • Glass has only been with the Rangers for one year, before that he was the whipping boy on Pittsburgh, where he was also THEIR worst player. Glass was -15 last year on a team that had no other – players. He personally gave up many game losing goals and was liability all year. A little better in the playoffs, but to keep him and not re- sign Sheppard, for instance, is unconscionable!

  • Today is the 31st, so we have to go with Dan Blackburn. Too bad his career was cut short, he really could have been a very good goalie……….

    Honorable mention, Steve Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for AV sitting Glass, I think hell will freeze over before that day comes ?????????????

    • Right on Robert. Minutes are earned. If Lindberg or Stalberg make us better, they deserve those shifts.

  • Lindberg isn’t going to play in every game from the start. AV likes to tinker and see what he has to start the season. So we will see Lindberg as a healthy scratch, like we did with Hayes.

    My guess is that Lindberg and Stalberg will be regulars in the lineup by December.

  • I think the main reason for pining over the issue (like Dave points out regularly) is Glass’s negative effect on 4th line D zone starts as compared to how we used that line last year. That said, I just dug up some numbers and perhaps it IS just all one big over reaction (which I would be part of the guilty party).

    2013/14 CF% rel dZs%
    Dorsett -6.8 51.4
    Moore -6.9 53.2
    Boyle -9.6 52.5
    4thAVG -7.77 52.37

    Glass -8.7 52.4
    Moore -3.9 53.9
    Fast 0.9 49.1
    4th AVG -3.9 51.8

    In other words, Glass actually takes a lot of Dzone starts. His 52.4% is basically equal to Boyles 52.5% last year. And he posted a better relative corsi (The player’s on-ice Corsi% minus the player’s off-ice Corsi%; off-ice Corsi% is the percent of shot attempts taken by the player’s team when the player is not on the ice (but in games where the player is in the lineup); also known as CF Rel%)).

    So the numbers seem to go AGAINST the narrative that Glass’s 4th line presence decreases AVs ability to roll them in the DZ. As another indicator, D Moore’s Dzone draws actually increased from 53.2% to 53.9%- so he was used in the DZ more. He really had a special year as his CF% rel JUMPED from -6.9 to -3.9.

    This very well could have had to do with Jesper Fast being the man and the best puck metric forward out of the whole bunch to get significant time with D more. Anyways, would be very interested to hear what ppl think about this. Dave, if your on the boards, pls chime in as this seems to be a good example of the numbers not agreeing with the narrative.

    • It’s tough to compare year to year CF rel. The 13/14 team was a much better possession team, so the relative numbers for that 4th line will be skewed negatively a bit.

      I prefer fraction of OZ vs. DZ starts over relDZ starts, since it gives me a specific % of starts Glass has in the DZ.

      I went to war-on-ice skater statistics and filtered for the following:
      NYR, Fs only, min 500 GP, reg season only. Click graphical view, change x-axis to fraction of OZ vs DZ starts, change y-axis to TOI/60 of teammates, bubble color should be relCF%.

      Glass is the only negative relCF% on that line. Moore gets fewer zone starts and has better possession. Fast has higher zone starts and better possession. That’s from the graph.

      Tabular view – Change columns to display to Corsi. Glass has the worst CF and relCF by a wide margin – 3% (although Stepan’s possession was atrocious last year).

      Go here:

      Look at how much better Glass is when he plays with Fast/Moore than without. They both drag him around, and bring his possession up. Without them, he’s a disaster.

  • Glass is the only legitimate tough guy, fighter on the team. He will protect anyone. His teammates respect that, AV loves his work ethic and attitude. If Mcilrath makes the team?, Glass becomes expendable. If not, he stays.

    • Bobby — I think in today’s hockey few teams reserve a spot for a ‘tough guy’ if that is the only thing he contributes. Personally I think that is a good development.

  • I don’t pretend to be a advanced stats, guy, I’m not. I just don’t have the time or the inclination. I watch hockey for the pure enjoyment of the game. That’s not to say that those of you who do enjoy pouring over the endless stats available, are wrong. It just doesn’t interest me. Having said that, I defer to AV on this one, he is an excellent coach and by far a greater talent evaluator that myself. I would suggest he is better than you guys, the Glass haters, as well. If that is not true, than you would be coaching the Rangers instead of him. So if he doesn’t think Glass is the worst player in the league, and believes Glass adds value to the team, I’m going to side with him. You guys don’t like Glass, I get it, but AV does! That’s what matters! Would you replace AV if it meant being free from having to watch Glass on the New York Rangers?

    In the words of Taylor Swift..”hater is gonna hate, hate, hate”

    • to the eye glass got better as the season went along including the playoffs , I can’t see av benching him without still giving him the opportunity to show that he can still improve.

    • A lot of good points Joe, but just because AV is a smarter hockey mind than I doesn’t mean he’s infallible and should be free from criticism. I think the opposite…. he’s the coach of our favorite team- all the more reason for him to be under the microscope. FWIW- he has been excellent in his NYR tenure and. Full marks across the board from me. But that doesn’t mean I can begin to understand the whole Glass thing

      As far as the whole stats things go…the reason why I refer to them (while I’m bored at work) is because of how much I enjoy watching and playing hockey. The numbers are a very basic and unbiased approach to try and further my understanding of the game. I haven’t once visited an advanced stat site for another sport because I just don’t care for the sports enough to bother allocating time. I’ll tell you what though, neither watching the game nor looking up stats will be as fun as when I get on the ice to play some open hockey tonight. That’s the best thing about the whole sport.

      • Hatrick,

        Totally understand! Again, Im not saying you’re wrong if you enjoy the advances stats side of the game. I get it, you have such a passion, you can’t get enough. Maybe it is because I found Stats the most difficult college course I ever took. I prefer to stick with the basics. G, A, Pts., GAA, W, L, otw, that sort of stuff. Also not saying you don’t have the right to question AV. Just saying I thought Glass improved last year and played well in the playoffs. Do I think he is the best player on the Rangers?, No, but I also don’t think he is the worst player in the NHL. Along with that, I was just adding my 2 cents to the conversation by saying that I defer to AV on this one. It wasn’t a comment meant to offend anyone here, least of all you, just an opinion.

    • Absolutely agree JoeS. I think some of these guys are messing around posting stuff like that though. They can’t actually believe they know this team better than Vigneault. It’s one thing to actually think that in your head, but to post it where other people can read it?

  • It won’t happen!! Like you said A.V. loves this guy for what reason none of us know. It this day and age of the cap teams MUST learn not to fall in love with their own players.
    I love Moore but we have younger players who can do his job cheaper, ie Lindberg. Between Moore and Glass that’s almost 3 million a year. We can have 3 younger players and money left over. Unless Gorton moves Glass we are stuck with him.

  • It will be a sad year for BSB if Tanner Glass continues to be the most talked about player on the team.

  • Justin, I think your assumptions are too rigid. The team can’t have only fourteen forwards being looked at. Injuries would be catastrophic. There are four other new guys signed, all with NHL experience I believe, and probably as good or better than Bourque.

    I do think you have the right top 13 at present (but things may change), but so far I’m guessing that Etem is the guy who sits. Just not yet convinced he is as good as Glass was at the end of the season.

  • As soon as I saw the topic and knew the day was going to be devoted to talking about Tanner Glass, I shook my head and said…”here we go again”! 🙂

    I am a huge stat guy. It’s part of what I do in business and I love it in sports. And one of the reasons I gravitated to this site is because of the incredible job that Dave and his team do with statistical analysis. It has gotten me to look at and analyze the game in a totally different way, and I’m grateful for that.

    But for me, the reason I love hockey more than any other game is that it is the ULTIMATE team game. To be successful, it requires incredible precision (someone earlier likened it to a symphony….well put!). It requires amazing coaching (I’ve had the privilege of coaching every sport on the youth level. Hockey is by far the toughest, no doubt!). And the skill set that is required to play this game, to play it well, and to play as part of an 18 man skating unit is just indescribable. All of us who who have played and watched the game all these years know this. Hitting a baseball may be the toughest thing to do in sports, but playing hockey is by far the hardest game to play.

    Hockey is unique, because no matter how great your best players are, it requires everyone to make an impact in order to be successful. Bad players can’t be hidden. Any one of us could be placed on the roster of the Yankees, NY Giants, Knicks, Red Bulls, whatever, and we can be buried on the bench and the team could probably keep winning. Can’t happen in hockey. A REALLY bad player will drag a team down.

    My point in all this babble? I really couldn’t care less about Tanner Glass. He’s a 4th line guy who plays ten minutes a game. Would I rather have B. Boyle? Or Dorsett? Or a myriad of other guys? Probably. Would we’d have been better off if AV had played Sheppard more? I certainly had advocated for it. But when I saw him play, I got to tell you, I didn’t see a player that was any better or worse than Glass. Wasn’t he supposed to help on face offs? He wasn’t very good as I recall. He’s a UFA, and so far, NO ONE has signed him. So I certainly reject the notion that somehow Sheppard would have been this significant upgrade that some have implied. It doesn’t seem as if any NHL team would agree with that assessment. (and I’d be willing to bet, if he was a UFA right now, that SOMEONE would take a flyer on Glass).

    Tanner Glass was part of the “symphony” last season. A small part. Maybe he was the guy in the back who would “ding” the triangle thing. But he helped contribute to a Rangers team that had one of the finest seasons in franchise history. So how bad was he? And how much better would the Rangers have been with someone else? That’s the only thing I care about and the only way I judge the head coach–wins and losses. Who he plays is his business. Just win baby!

    As to what will happen this year, who knows? AV is a great coach. Sure, he has his favorites just like any coach does. But the only thing that motivates a pro coach is the chance to raise the Cup. Sooner or later, if he doesn’t do that, great as he is, Gorton will bring in his own guy. You HONESTLY think AV would keep playing Glass if he had a viable alternative? (and please, don’t start with the JT Miller nonsense…..Miller had much to learn and sitting him early in the season in favor of Glass was brilliant coaching. The tough love made Miller a much better player come playoff time. Don’t count out AV doing that again with Lindberg or whomever).

    To all the Glass haters, I leave you with the immortal words of Branch Rickey….

    “Don’t look at the hole in the donut. Look at the WHOLE donut”.

    The Rangers “donut”, as a whole, has been pretty darn good these least two seasons!

    My advice to you…eat up and enjoy! 🙂

    • You are such an articulate person.
      “You HONESTLY think AV would keep playing Glass if he had a viable alternative?”
      Yes there are viable alternatives right now and he is still on the team! You do not want to see his errors because of his shiny metals. He sits better players because he is biased. The proof is last year and if Glass is on the team we will see it this year. All coaches do that but to take the worst player in the league and keep him on your team that is treasonous! Why shoot your self in the foot again?

    • Thank you, Glass deserved that unbiased evaluation. TEAM and DONUT in the same concept … Love it.

  • Keep in mind that when Glass was signed last year, the Rangers lost lots of depth (Richards, Pouliot, B. Boyle, Stralman) and had to plug the holes any way they could. AV knew Glass as a decent penalty killer from his days in VAN, so they rolled the dice, given the dearth of better options. And to be fair, Glass played decently in the playoffs and “elevated” (using that term loosely, but still…) himself down the stretch.

    Now, though, with the guys the Rangers signed (Stahlberg, Gibbons, etc.) Glass may not be necessary – I think we’ll see a decision on the Glass question come in training camp.

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