Rangers re-sign Jesper Fast and J.T. Miller

Jeff Gorton keeps on impressing, signing two more RFAs in Jesper Fast and J.T. Miller. Miller surprised a few by taking his qualifying offer of one year at $874,130. Fast signed a two year deal worth $950,000 per season. which is exactly what I had him pegged at. Gorton’s ability to get both Miller and Etem to sign their QOs should be seen as a tremendous victory, as the Rangers now have ample cap space to get Derek Stepan under contract.

Both Miller and Fast will continue to have significant roles with the team next year.

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    • July 16th sets up #16 for the Rangers.

      I’ll start with Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Pavelich. Wore 21 for that team but 16 with the Rangers. I’ll take 6 of him on my team. Little guy, Big heart

      • Perfect choice! Hard to argue with Pav as the all-time number 16!

        Honorary mention–Pat Hickey. I hated when he got traded with a bunch of other good young players for Barry Beck!

        • Shoot The Puck Barry!

          Beck told the story of his trade to the Rangers: “One time, in Colorado, (coach) Don Cherry’s dog Blue came waddling into our locker room. He came in and, you know how those dogs do it, he rubbed his butt on the floor – right in front of my locker, in the area I used to do push-ups. So I gave Blue a little whack with my stick and he ran yelping down the hall back to Don’s office. Then Don came in and asked who did it? We kind of looked around, said we didn’t know. The next day I got traded to New York.”[3] The Rangers acquired him on November 2, 1979, in exchange for Pat Hickey, Lucien DeBlois, Mike McEwen, Dean Turner and future considerations.[4]

          • Eddie/Chris, at the time I did not like the trade either, but in the end Barry Beck became a NYR icon, if not for his career ending shoulder injury, he might have been an all-time great defenseman!

          • He was a solid player, but I think “icon” is a bit of a stretch. He certainly wasn’t worth all that talent that the Rangers gave up. I expected a lot more, even before he got hurt.

  • Honestly, I would have preferred Miller to sign a longer term deal (2-3 years), adding some cost certainty. He’s trending up, and if he has a breakout season, it’s going to cost them more in the long term.

    Good deal for Fast though.

    • I might cost them a little more, but it’ll still only be 1 season he won’t get the moon. It gives him a lot a motivation too, if he does have the break out year he will get more money. It’s the right move in my opinion.

    • Right On Boston. I was hoping for a bridge deal at the very least. He may be playing 1st line minutes this year. Very excited to see what he does with some confidence carrying over from the post-season. 16-20 goals and 40-45 points is a reasonable expectation I think

    • Agree in full. Next summer might get tricky with the RFAs. We can add Etem and Miller to the list with Hayes and Kreider…..with strong campaigns, all 4 could be due for significant raises

  • Thrilled with this! I was a little concerned about Miller, so glad that got done. Dave, if we can get Stepan at, let’s say $6.5/per, how much space will we have left to make other deals either in September or March? Do you think that will be the number or will it be more?

    Any guesstimate on how many years the Rangers will have to go to lock down Stepan?

    • My unofficial tally would leave the Rangers ~$1.5M to work with if they get Stepan at $6.5M

    • My guess is 6 years. I’ve been saying $6 million for him, but I think it’ll be higher. Let’s go with $6.67 million over six years ($40 million total).

      • Ditto! NYC is the place to be. That has to be a big deal and consideration for the players. Its a show me on their part going forward.

      • I understand the Pitt and Buffalo signings set a benchmark but none the less a bit high. I don’t see six years as a big deal but just can’t see more than 6.5 and that is stretching it. I know some will say that’s what the traffic bears and but I think just because someone is overpaid we shouldn’t be taken to the limit. Is Step agent or himself going to be on this principal thing? Its a matter of a couple 100k per year. How many Ranger fans over a 25 year working life time will ever get close to 6Million in a lifetime. We all live in NYC of the metro area just on a different level. To stay in NY for virtually a career opens so many doors and contacts which lands them so nice gigs. Shuffle off to Buffalo, Pitt or some other place and miss out on playing for a top team and organization and the greatest city in the world, especially for the rich and famous, for a couple of 100k which is chump change for these guys.

        • I agree to a certain degree. These players have a window of opportunity to make money in their profession,

          On average, NHL players play between 5‑6 seasons in the league. Differences between forwards, defencemen and goalies are small – goaltenders have slightly shorter careers than forwards and defencemen. The table below pulls together summary statics across player positions.

          All Players Forwards Defensemen Goalies
          Statistic Regular Season Playoffs
          Number of Forwards 3 421 3 421
          Minimum Seasons 1 0
          Maximum Seasons 26 (Gordie Howe) 20 (Gordie Howe)
          Average Seasons 5.60 2.76
          Median Seasons 4 1

          The above table was Copied and Pasted from

          The chart is a bit scattered but I think you get the idea. I can never blame a player for getting, at the very least, market value. According to the market, inflated as it might be from the ROR and now Kesler deals, Stepan would’t be wrong in asking for 7M. Whether we give it to him or not is another subject. I do agree Flatbush that if he loves it here and is comfortable in New York, he can give us a bit of a discount. I would’t blame him for not giving it either

  • The best part of all these low cap #s is that Gorton’s hand is no longer forced when it comes to dealing Klein or Yandle. The Rangers, if they like, can go into opening night with all 7 D + McIlrath and all 11 returning FWs + Lindberg and Stalberg on the opening night roster.

    It’s going to make next summer really tricky, but who knows, if the Canadian$ bounces back the cap might be close to $5M higher for the 16-17 season.

    • Great point!

      There still will be plenty of cap flexibility with Boyle ($4.5), Moore ($1.5) and probably Stalberg ($1.1) coming off the books. And given that Yandle makes in total $5.3 now, I can’t see a scenario, no matter how well he plays, where the Rangers could retain him by adding not only the additional half of his salary, but the large raise he is likely to command as a UFA.

      So anyway, next year there should be plenty of money to re-sign Kreider and Hayes, and add a FA.

      • Eddie, you also have to resign Etem and Miller next summer.

        If the Rangers choose to go that route, Yandle will be tough to keep but not impossible. I admit though if some other team really wants Keith Yandle and offers him what Mike Green got from Detroit this summer, 3 yrs for about $21M then Yandle is a goner. Also, signing Yandle would essentially be your big FA signing for next summer.

        • Ryan Kesler just signed a 6yr./41.25M deal with Anaheim. That’s 6.875M annually. RUH-ROH! Very bad news for Rangers. The ROR deal now has company. Kesler is 31 years old as well.

          The site (awesome site for comparing player production over a period of years) allows you to to select a number of past seasons between 2-25 years and it will rank the players by category over that span of time. I compared all NHL players for the past 5 seasons by points and Derek Stepan ranked 54th with 252 pts. over 362 games. Ryan Kesler ranked 72nd with 225 pts. over 334 games. Ryan O’Reilly ranked 81st with 220 pts. over 346 games.

          I hate to say it, but with every new ridiculous over-priced contract signed, Derek Stepan is putting together a better case to make 7M per year. Gordon has a big decision to make.

      • Maybe you could take off Glass’ 1.4 mil too. I think there are going to be some changes after training camp this year. Maybe Glass & Klein traded.

  • As always Dave, Thanks for all the updates, it’s one stop shopping on the BSB! All info fast and accurate!

  • I sort of like the idea of signing Miller , and Etem to one year deals. This kind of reminds me of the way the Dodgers signed their players every year, and they rewarded them based on their performance!!!!!! Both kids now have incentives to prove their worth…………

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