Biggest targets from NYR’s development camp

Head shots of all prospects that attended

It is pretty sad to think about, but once the first two days of free agency pass we enter the really slow, mind numbing part of the hockey year. A time where the biggest news on some days is an AHL backup goalie signing with an AHL rival.

Around a week ago the New York Rangers released the roster for their prospect development camp, which included both draftees and undrafted players. These kinds of camps are usually good for finding players that can really stick out, such as Vlad Tkachev, an undrafted forward who amazed the Oilers and forced them to try to sign him (it later got blocked by the league).  Scrimmages from camp can be found on

The entire roster can be viewed below, it is worth noting that the Ranger’s 3rd round pick Sergey Zborovskiy couldn’t come to camp because of passport issues. It is also worth noting that players from the KHL didn’t come, which I believe is because of the new transfer agreement between the KHL and NHL, a work in progress, as many teams have had difficulty bringing in their KHL draftees this year. Aleksi Saarela also didn’t come to camp, which may have to do with him playing in Liiga as no invitees are from that league.

I am terrible at any kind of photoshop but I placed black dots on all of the undrafted players on the grid below.

PRospect camp roster
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We will go alphabetical order here:

Lukas Bengtsson- Bengtsson may be one of my favorite prospects on this list. He may make some people uncomfortable, as some prefer a defenseman to have size, but the truth is he may be one of the best undrafted players here. At only 21 years old, Bengtsson has already recorded over 30 points in his last two seasons playing for Mora in Sweden’s second league Allsvenskan. Mora isn’t the best team, yet Bengtsson continues to not only put up points, but be a very smooth skater and responsible defensively.  Bengtsson was also given the A at his young age, showing how much respect he commands in the locker room.

Other teams began to enjoy watching him play. This caused Frölunda (Lundqvist’s old team) to bring him in to play with them during the playoffs in Sweden’s top league (SHL). Bengtsson didn’t miss a beat, recording four points in nine playoff games even against better competition. Bengtsson may not be big, but he uses his skating and stick work to be a very good defenseman in his own end. His skating and passing help the puck out of the zone. To put it simply, Bengtsson is the model of what the modern NHL seems to be leaning towards now more than ever: a talented, very mobile defenseman who uses that to his advantage on both sides of the puck. Most that watch him regularly in Sweden have compared him to a former Swedish Ranger by the name of Anton Stralman.

Zach Bratina- Bratina is a player that I don’t know much about, but his name caught my attention when Gordie Clark put him in a group of players that have impressed him at camp so far. Bratina is a gifted player with a nice frame, but in my opinion hasn’t really stood out in his OHL career so far. However, if there is one thing that I really like to see, it is that he seems to be continuously improving, building on his point totals and doesn’t seem to be plateauing.

Clark hinted the Rangers may have interest in him, but at 19 years old he is eligible to go back to the OHL. I will be interested to see whether or not they sign him now and let his contract slide this year, or, wait to see how he does next season in the OHL to make their decision. Bratina is a nice skater and a hard worker so it would be nice to see him continue to improve and hopefully become a pro soon.

Lukas Kozak- Kozak is a player that if the Rangers have interest they would probably have to sign him soon. The 23 year old defenseman with a nice frame has shown success in his time playing in Slovakia, both by producing points offensively and being very stout defensively. His play in the Slovakian league impressed HC Slovan Bratislava (KHL), where he now plays and doesn’t look too out of place there. His contract in the KHL just ended, so it looks like he will decide whether or not he is coming to America or back to Russia, soon as the KHL season is only a month and a half away.

Ahti Oksanen- He is probably my favorite prospect here. The Finnish 6’3 skater for Boston University can play both LW and D, making him a very valuable add to the team’s system. While he may have been a product of Jack Eichel, it is nice to see him constantly improving in every season in the NCAA. Those are usually the prospects that have a better chance to succeed.

Oksanen has a huge boom of a shot and is very effective on the powerplay. He uses his size well and is a solid skater. Oksanen also scored a couple of goals over this week, so there’s a chance the highly touted NCAA player caught the eyes of some of the management.

Ideally I would love for the Rangers to sign both Bengtsson and Oksanen as it adds depth in numerous places in the NYR prospect system.


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  • Yes, Bengtsson can make the stretch pass and has stepped up against higher competition, but the SHL allows so much more time to make your breakout pass than he’ll ever see even in the ECHL.

    Kozak is way more intriguing as he played well in a higher level of competition, Slovan is borderline broke and having him on a 2 way contract(while learning NA in HFD) gives the farm andbtgebparent club some depth going forward.

    • What you said about Kozak is 100% true. In regards to Bengtsson I think it’s more than worth the risk seeing how he can do in North America when we gave guys like Donnay or Kantor signed. The guy has potential with his intelligence I think it’s worth the risk.

    • Pretty sure they’d all be on ELC which would allow for passing through waivers for at least 2 years.

  • Thanks. It is an ever flowing prospect stream that keeps good teams great! Thanks for this informative article. Please, keep it up. Your work is appreciated.

  • Nothing on Graves, who had a great season in the Q!!!!!!

    Big body, reasonably good skater, and heavy shot. Please give your assessment Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think Josh was just talking about the undrafted players at camp, not prospects themselves.

      Josh will be writing at least once a week here going forward, so have no fear Walt, he will get there.

      • thanks!!!!!!!!


        I posted this a few days ago, with no response, what do you think?

        Walt says:

        Jul 3, 2015 at 8:04 am

        Just thinking about the Kessel trade, thank goodness it wasn’t us, but the Pens gave up defense to acquire this cancer.

        My question Dave, “will Letang come back this season”? The man has had concussions, and a stroke, I really don’t want to see the kid die on the ice from a good hit !!!!!!!!!! He is too fragile right now, and maybe should consider retirement…

        • While I agree the Penguins gave up a lot to get another expensive player Toronto could’ve gotten more. ALSO, it’s unfair to call a man that has fought testicular cancer a cancer and lazy, I think just as many players the media blows it out of proportion especially with shy players. That said I agree with you, as good as their O is their season lays with letang. People who believe in advanced stats saw the major difference he makes on their team which shows how important a puck moving defenseman is.

          • First of all thanks for your input. Secondly I had no idea he had testicular cancer, I never read that anywhere!!!!!

  • What are the rules for signing the undrafted guys? Why did the league block the guy from the oilers camp?

  • Nice piece. Osaken intrigues me. The fact that he can play defense and wing, and play them well enough I’m assuming, makes him worth a look at by the Rangers. It’s nice to know that you could potentially have an extra skater that could fill in whether a forward or a defenseman are injured.

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