Rangers trade Cam Talbot to Edmonton for draft picks

The New York Rangers have traded Cam Talbot to the Edmonton Oilers for three draft picks. The Rangers will get picks 57, 79, and 184 in this draft. Edmonton also gets pick 209.

Talbot played 36 games with the Rangers this year, and basically saved the Rangers when Henrik Lundqvist went down with his vascular injury. Talbot posted a 21-9-4 record with a 2.21 GAA and .926 SV% over that time, steadying the Rangers during what could have been a rough stretch. In 21 games last year, Talbot put up a remarkable 1.64 GAA and a .941 SV%.

The value for Talbot was sky high, and it would have been silly for the Rangers to hold on to a guy that was only going to play 20-25 games, and none after April.

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  • While this is a good return, this does;t explain the Hags trade. Unless there’s another trade brewing or Sather’s going after some big free agents, I’m scratching my head over the Hagelin. I’m assuming Hags was already playing hardball and priced himself out of NY.

  • Slats overplayed his hand and got burned. Could have had #33 if he didn’t let the goalie market pass by before acting.

  • I’m not unhappy with the return but if Ottawa was able to trade Lehner AND dump salary and get a first, I’m not too enamored with our return here

  • Well Talbot is turning into a bunch of picks….57 traded for additional picks

    Talbot was better than Lehner by a mile….Oilers are not going to be a lottery pick anymore

  • Don’t like this at all. I don’t subscribe to the view that the Rangers window is closing but their chances to win in 2016 were as high as they’ll be over the next five years. Talbot will impact games on the margin and if that means higher seeding, I’d take that above a back of the round 2nd. Plus if Hank gets hurt again… He is more than a 1A.
    Separately, I’m not happy to see Hags go but his is a good hockey deal in addition to the money aspect which makes sense. I think Etem will fit well in AV’s system.

  • I think Rangers will go after Justin Williams fast and furious as well…The big factor will be no NTC on his contract…Neivurth as back up?

    Kovacs looks like the bigger version of Hagelin….just read up on him…has grit in his game

    • I was just going to say that. Kovacs looks like he could be a Hagelin replacement. A speedy, responsible winger.

      And again, maybe Etem shocks us all. I think Dave is on to something talking about how Etem was badly misused in ANA. Lots of Rangers fans wanted more grit on the team, Etem is certainly gritty, with some speed and skill to go along with that sandpaper.

  • I thought we’d get more for Talbot, but the market is the market.

    I like Hags-Etem, and I was driving the ‘Hags must stay’ bus. But this means Fast gets off the 4th line and we get bigger (and still fast on the wing). In fact, if Hayes goes to the wing we have Nash, Kreider, Hayes and Etem all with size and good to great skating. A nice developing group of PF’s. I think that used correctly, Etem will emerge next year. I think Dave noted he was not used properly in Anaheim.

    In the addition by subtraction, we get bigger and potentially better by replacing Hags/St. Louis with Etem/Lindberg. Well, we sure get younger, anyway.

    Now we’ll see if they can get on top of this Gropp and hone him up over the next couple of years and another PF could be on the way.

    I don’t hate today’s moves so far.

      • We only have Boyle for this year, no need to force a trade of Klein. He was a solid D-man before the injury, an Boyle was much better after his injury.

        • This is true, but if one is ready this year there’s no point in holding them back.

          Klein started falling off a cliff long before his injury.

  • So lemme get this straight….We trade a heart n soul kid, that is arguably the fastest player in the game that’s a big locker room guy, that would have been cheap (I know the verdict is still out on that as we’ll know in the next couple of days on how much he really wanted). Then, after talks of 2 2nd rounders for Talbot, it had escalated to a possible mid first rounder for him to eventually being JUST 1 LATE 2nd rounder and 1 Mid to late third rounder and a friggin swap of 6th rounders, gaining just few spots in that 6th…..I’m REALLY hating my life right now!

    My co-workers are freaked out by my random rages in the office.

      • Yes, I’ve seen him play Dave and have noticed him in the several games I’ve watched him. He’s one of those hiher IQ visionary players that I love, no doubt.

        What gets me though is that we have quite a few of those types of players already. Zuuc, Step, Brass, Hayser and Quicky. However, more importantly Dave, I absolutely HATE turnover!!! I understand, that in certain situations, it has to be done, but feel like, this wasn’t a HAS to be done situation…..No doubt though, am I thinking we got shit in return. I understand he has promise.

        I would have loved to see guys that were drafted by us and played in the trenches and have been through wars with us with us for 5 years, to eventually see them hoist the cup over his head…..It’s what makes me tick rooting for our team.

    • Nope, yes you weren’t Spozo. Im hoping you’re happy now and, I’m hoping it all works out, for all of us.

      • Saying I wasn’t in love with what type of salary he was projected to get means I’m happy he was traded? Nope, not at all.

        • No, I understand that, and know what you meant. Guess, re-reading what I wrote to you, came across as scarcastic or negative in some way, but that wasn’t my intention at all bud!!! Sorry if it came out like that…. It’s just hard sometimes to express certain things in text……It was more like a I’m deflated and totally mentally gassed out” response, if that makes sence. Actually, I value your opinions highly.

          Also, we don’t know this yet, but what would you think if we found out that he could have been signed for 3.85 per hypothetically?

      • His replacement is already on the team. Fast showed in the playoffs that he is certainly capable of playing on the third line.

      • Dave, you’ve been comfortable sacrificing Hagelin all year long, so your reaction to the trade is no surprise. I’ve been against it from the start, so my reaction is predictable too. I’m not coming from the perspective of getting attached to a player instead of just the Logo. The Rangers are a weaker team today going into next season then they were a few weeks ago. Period! No emotional sentiments there. Just a fact. I’m aware that its a business and all aspects of the game are related to financial concerns. But the idea that this team allocated money to mediocre, slow-footed defensemen and vastly overated tough guys—-then has to trade away a vital—yes vital— piece of this team going forward is just not acceptable. Yeah, maybe they can replace Hagelin with Etem or Fasth—but we don’t know that. For a team whose window is closing—faster today,IMO—-you’re not looking to create big question marks heading into a season when, lets face it, this might be the last chance to win it with Hank. Today was an important day for this team—for all the wrong reasons. And IMO, it didn’t have to be.

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