2015 NHL Draft Open Thread: Day Two

2015 nhl draft
Getting a lot of mileage out of this image.

Well, the second day of the draft is upon us, and the Rangers actually have picks to use today. Even though the Rangers didn’t pick last night, there was a little bit of disappointment that they didn’t, since Cam Talbot was supposed to be traded for a first round pick. The general feeling was disappointment when they did not trade him last night.

That said, Talbot should be dealt today, likely early, so that the Rangers can get more picks in the second round. Right now, the Rangers have the following picks:

  • 2nd round – 59th overall
  • 3rd round – 89th
  • 4th round – 119th
  • 6th round – 179th
  • 7th round – 209th

The Rangers traded their 5th round pick to the Canucks last year for Raphael Diaz.

As per usual, we will be live blogging the draft. Be sure to join us. I’ll be bolding the Rangers picks and moves. I won’t be updating every trade up/down. Just the ones that affect the Rangers.

8:45am: The Rangers reportedly turned down Jimmy Hayes+ for Cam Talbot. Interesting.

8:50: Eddie Lack has been traded to Carolina. Vancouver gets a 3rd rounder this year and a 7th next year.

9:15: Apparently the Ducks are looking to send goalie John Gibson to Edmonton, and the Rangers have Florida and Dallas circling for Talbot.

9:30: Apparently the Panthers are dangling Al Montoya and picks for Talbot. Which, uh, sure.

10:00: San Jose moves up to #31, trading the #39 in the process. Guess the Rangers won’t get a 2nd from them.

10:15: Apparently the Ducks are interested in Canes goalie Anton Khudobin. A deal is apparently in place, but hasn’t been announced. Rumored return includes James Wisniewski.

10:20: Glen Sather and Peter Chiarelli are involved in deep talks. Talbot likely the topic.

10:30: Antii Niemi goes from San Jose to Dallas for the 193rd pick. This is just for his rights, he is a UFA.

10:31: The Ducks and Rangers are in deep talks, per Ryan Rishaug.

10:40: The Rangers have sent Carl Hagelin and picks 59 and 179 to the Ducks for Emerson Etem and pick 41. The Rangers take Ryan Gropp with the #41 pick. Good talent, big, but off the board this early.

10:51: Rangers have sent Talbot to Edmonton for picks 57, 79, and 184. Edmonton also gets pick 209.

11:00: Rangers trade down, sending the 57 to Washington for picks 62 and 113.

11:10: Rangers select Robin Kovacs, winger from Sweden, with the 62nd pick.  This is a good pick, and Kovacs should be a nice winger in the future.

11:30: Rangers select Sergey Zborovskiy, a defenseman from the Regina Pats of the WHL with the 79th pick. This is a bit of a reach and a risky pick.

11:40: Rangers select with Aleksi Saarela the 89th pick. Josh wrote about him here.

11:56: Toronto gets Martin Marincin from Edmonton for Brad Ross and a pick. Toronto is having a really good draft.

12:10pm: Rangers select Brad Morrison with the 113th pick. Josh profiled him here. This is a great pick.

12:15: Rangers select Daniel Bernhardt with the 119th pick. I got nothing, I don’t know who he is. Swedish forward.

1:15: With their final selection (#184), the Rangers select Adam Huska, a goalie out of the USHL.

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  • Everyone that I know following the team were disappointed last night. We all expected that the trade of Talbot would return us some nice picks, or assets, but nothing so far.

    I believe we got greedy, and or Slats pissed off the other GM’s that had some interest in Cam, so they traded the 16th to the Isles, and the rest of the teams made deals for goalies, leaving us choking our chicken.

    Let’s hope I’m wrong, that something big happens today, because we will need to get some long term help from this draft, even though we pick so late. Now you can understand how much I dislike giving away our #1 picks, especially this very deep draft. This is what the 3rd, or 4th year in a row that we are spectators????????

    • I think the ask was a bit high for Talbot, expecting a 1st. But then again we don’t really know what was truly offered.

      I would’ve liked the 2 2nds and a prospect deal, if that was truly on the table.

      • This is the very reason I never take the rumors seriously!!!!!

        Who really knows what was indeed offered….

        • Exactly. And Slats doesn’t really leak this stuff. That said, if they turned down 2 2nds and a prospect, that’s overplaying your hand.

  • Larry Brooks ‏@NYP_Brooksie 24m24 minutes ago

    Talbot talks into Day 2. Post has learned Panthers have offered Jimmy Hayes while Flames renew effort. http://nyp.st/1LM0Tm1 via @nypost
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    Dave, apparently FLA is willing to give up their kids.

  • Sather already stated at the deadline that he tried to trade for Hayes. And Glen always seems to go back to things he wants. Bares watching.

  • Honestly I’m quite content if Rangers keep Talbot as a backup. He could even play 30 games this year and keep Hank fresh for the POs. I know everyone’s panties get in a wad at the word trade but if Gorton & Clark don’t think the deal is a good one(they are the decision makers, not Slats) then I’m fine with it. Those two know what they are doing. To listen to the commentators every guy picked yesterday will be a star stud, which is far from the truth. There are guys who will go in the second & third who will surpass some first rounders. I think Boston bombed with their first rounders, we’ll see.

  • Dave can we get an article about some of the picks the Rangers have traded away and take a look at who was drafted with those picks? I’d love to see what we actually traded away.

    • Great, now you want to add insult to injury, LOL !!!!!!

      And think about the fact that we won’t have a #1 next year either, I’m getting sick already…..

      • They’ve been fine so far. They added 3 kids to the roster last year. Will add at least 1 this year. It’s not necessarily about where you pick, but what you do with the picks.

      • I have a feeling that no all stars were picked. Let’s be honest, all the early round draft picks the last couple of years have been around 25th overall and higher. They weren’t exactly giving away elite draft picks. Show me another team that has been this competitive since the 04 lockout despite never getting near a top 10 first rounder.

    • Anthony Duclair is gonna hurt. I don’t think that was the right call. That’s the first time really questioned Sather. I’m not sure about this Talbot deal either now. He better have something big brewing.

  • Bummed out that Lucic went to LA Kings. He was exactly what the NYR needed to this current roster. GRIT, SIZE, NASTINESS. We need to tweak this team just a bit in order to get that holy grail. We have the chips to do so, yet Sather does nothing.?? A recipe for disaster and a early playoff exit. Let’s hope day 2 brings some moves. Let’s go Sather, earn some of those millions Dolan is paying you..

  • Fine with trading Hagelin, been saying it for a while now Fast replaces him much more cost efficient… just would’ve liked it to be something better than Etem… plus would’ve liked to see them pick Sprong with the pick too…

    As far as Talbot… If the “reported” offers were true, I do not understand why they didn’t take the two 2nds… holding out for #16 not worth it… In a deep draft the value of two 2nds is greater than #16… Definitely botched that…

  • So Hagelin becomes the cap casualty this year—as speculated on this site all winter. I’m done——pick or trade whatever—-who cares. When they get good, and earn a better contract—old cigar boy—will just trade them away. But he’ll hold on to overpaid “snow angel” dmen, and way overpaid puffed up tough guys. Mark my words, Hagelin will be missed and not easily replaced. Team chemistry be damned. Now bring in Jimmy Hayes so he can build up the brother angle to divert attention from the damage he just did to the team. I’m going for a bike ride. There is such a thing as staying around 1 year to much—get me Glen?

    • No, Buchnevich blocked himself by stating “it would be difficult” to crack the lineup this year —translation—-so I’ll stay where I am, until I’m handed a spot. That’s the spirit!!!!—–talk about your stereotypical Russian………

  • Please, I’m not a fan boy. Hagelin is a flat out better player than Etem. Period. Its bad hockey business. Good financial deal, lousy hockey deal!!! Again, this will come back to bite them—-mark my words.

    • Nobody here said Etem was as good as Hagelin… But as you said “good financial deal”… and that my friend is part of “hockey business”… No cap Hagelin get’s his money and everyone’s happy… But if Hag’s gets 4m, and Step gets 6m, Staal’s 5.7m kicks in, Zucc’s 4.5m, Miller and Fast get around 1-1.5… in a CAP world, one in which it didn’t go up much, where is that money coming from… a good financial deal is good hockey business.

      Again though I agree, I would’ve liked something other than Etem. He’s not terrible, but not great.

  • I watched a bunch of Ducks games…..he has flashes of skill….but I think he will get traded too. I am eh on him. He is not consistent.

    Time for Sather to retire though. Allow Groton to start running this team…He has been fleeced 3 years in a row.

  • I think Winnipeg hit it out of the park…they had a great draft…man talk about a path of least resistance for them

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