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Cam Talbot race heating up: Calgary the front runners?

With Robin Lehner and David Legwand heading to Buffalo for the 21st overall pick in the draft, all eyes have turned to the Cam Talbot sweepstakes. Initially Edmonton was the front runner, but Katie Strang has noted that Calgary is the front runner now. Darren Dreger noted that a pair of second rounders plus might get it done.

Trading Talbot for a pair of 2015 second rounders plus will be a coup. That “plus” is interesting though.

11am: Kevein Weekes is noting Florida has significant interest.

12pm: Mark Spector says that if the Rangers can’t land a first rounder, the deal will wait until tomorrow.

1:30pm: Dreger is noting the Rangers have been offered a first round pick for Talbot.  I can’t believe his value is this high. Stunned.

3:30pm: Dougie Hamilton has been traded from Boston to Calgary for the 15, 45, and 52 picks in the 2015 draft. This takes Calgary out of the Talbot sweepstakes.

4:30pm: Per Frank Seravalli, the first round pick offered is from San Jose (#9). My own opinion: It has to be Talbot+.

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  • I know its a pipe dream but I would love “Johnny Hockey” to come to the Big Apple as that “plus”…Hayes and Gaudreau reunited!! No better places to speculate on unlikely trades than in “irresponsible rumormongering”

  • Why does Slats take 2 second rounders now when he has already turned it down? I think he only takes it if that plus is a prospect whom the Rangers covet or perhaps next years No. 1 from calgary which will be less valuable as they will presumably rise in the standings. Watch out for SJ and a multiple player deal.

  • If Ottawa is able to get a 1st from Buffalo for Lehner and Legawand…who is old…soon to retire…which means Lehner for a 1st….Rangers better get a heck of a haul for Talbot. I personally think Talbot is better than Lehner and not far off behind Lundqvuist. In fact in some areas Talbot is better than Lundqvuist.

    Curious as to what the deals are on the table? Waiting was good, but let’s not wait till it’s too late.

  • Just food for thought… as I don’t see it happening… but if it’s true FLA is stepping into the ring for Cam… keep in mind Sather has tried a few times already to get Jimmy Hayes, and while they don’t have 2nds Hayes alone is like getting a 1st. He’s RFA and I know they’d like to keep him, and added to the fact they don’t need Cam or even Cam + Klein, all the more reason I don’t see it happening. But I just find it interesting that FLA is even…well, interested.

      • Why are they even in the mix? Why have strombone1 and talbot. That seems like poor asset management

        • It’s not all that wild. Luongo is on a long contract with a low cap hit. Florida HAS to keep Luongo healthy for as long as possible to try and minimize the impending cap recapture penalty that will come along with a Luongo retirement (Vancouver is also on the hook for that same penalty).

          Maybe Florida envisions Talbot maxing out on a long term deal with about a $3M-$4M cap hit. That would mean a long term goalie tandem of Talbot/Luongo that takes about $7M-$8M in cap space. That cap hit is about what most good teams spend on goaltending. Taking a lot of playing time from Luongo means he may be willing to put off retirement and lower the impending cap recapture penalty.

          It’s one way to make a good situation out of a potentially cap-crippling situation (Luongo retiring very early).

          • I see what your saying but you can aquire Martin Jones for significantly less or sign someone else it’s not worth a 1st rounder for a costarter. If there was gonna be a trade between these two it’d be for klein. Cheap and reliable Second paired d man to help secure their young d corp.

          • You have a point, but I assume that Florida rates Talbot much higher than Jones, Also, Jones has never been a starter in the NHL, Talbot has about 20 more NHL starts than Jones and Talbot just carried the Rangers to the President’s Trophy.

            The idea with the convoluted plan I posted above is that Florida is acquiring a goalie they are almost certain can be a long-term starter and can relegate Luongo to 20-25 starts a year when the time comes.

            Anyway, it’s just a theory. I hope I’m right though, I would love to find some sort of way to get the Hayes brothers on the same line, possibly with their Beantown Buddy Chris Kreider riding shotgun.

  • Was waiting to hear something like this. Calgary in the mix is phenomenal news. Will only put more pressure on EDM to ante up given the division foes quotient.

    I see either Talbot to CAL and Klein to EDM in separate moves OR both players to EDM…. depends on who makes it sweeter. But looking at the CAL blueline, they probably don’t have a want or need for Klein. EDM has multiple holes back there though.

  • There’s no longer an issue of getting enough for Talbot. While Cam may be worth more to someone at a later date, the time to sell is when you have multiple suitors bidding against each other. Now it’s just a matter of dealing Cam to the highest bidder. Of course, sorting out the highest bid is where the skill comes in.

    I have never understood why people did not expect a big haul here. Martin St. Louis netted two first rounders (with Callahan as a throw-in). Talbot is likely not the best goaltender in hockey, but it is at least plausible that he is. Why should goalies have small value? Would people really expect the Rangers to include lots of additional assets in say a Stamkos for Lundqvist trade without the age gap?

    • Goalies, are notoriously volatile assets. There is an endless list of guys (Jim Carey, Andrew Raycroft) that have had a career year in their 1st or 2nd NHL season and then fell apart and were never the same again.

      Goalies like Carey Price or Patrick Roy (great pedigree, long track record of NHL success) and Hank or Dom Hasek (no pedigree, long track record of NHL success). Are few and far between.

      The goalie trade market is always depressed because acquiring teams feel they are assuming too much risk in what they are trading for or they feel they can always find another great goalie at a severely reduced cost (undrafted FA, late round draft pick).

      The good news is that since teams are so hot for Cam it tells me the goalie scouts like what they see from Cam and they feel there is significantly less risk than usual.

  • Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger 8m8 minutes ago

    NYR have been offered a 1st rounder for Talbot. Not from Oilers or Flames. Dallas, SJ and Florida still involved. 1st isn’t a deal maker.

      • Translation…… A team not named the Oilers offered their 1st and Sather is waiting to see if the Oilers then offer the 16th overall.

      • An old fashioned bidding war. With more than 2 teams. How far can this go?

        On a plus(er) note, it looks like the Rangers can make two separate deals for Talbot and Klein.

      • No, there are about five teams interested. Never mind what the market should be. Think about what the second most interested team is willing to give up. The most interested team has to beat that.

        It’s no longer about what Sather thinks he should get.

  • The best part about all these rumors…… It’s all western conference teams in the mix. So if he is traded then we would only see play the guy 2 times a year at most unless by some miracle they meet in the SCFs.

  • I am wondering why the delay…..either we are getting greedy or very tough decisions on very good offers. Is it quality vs quantity? I would go for quantity if the pick is 17 and higher….too deep a draft….if it is say just 16 or 2 2nds and a prospect….better go for quantity…..if it is 16 and a blue chip prospect…then latter is preferable in my opinion

    • With lehner moved for a first and no other real value on the market Sather would be smart to wait till the draft starts. If he’s able to grow this must interest it doesn’t look to bee cooling off

    • The Rangers gave possible trade partners permission to discuss the possibility of a Jan. 1 extension with Cam’s agent. That makes this potentially a very complicated deal and there are two separate discussions that need to take place, one discussion with the Rangers and the other between the future team and Cam’s people.

      For all we know there could be conditional picks involved (contingent on Cam signing long term) and it could be 2016 first rounders that are being discussed.

  • Still betting that it’s SJ. I see it as a multiple player deal with Rangers ponying up Talbot, Klein and Fast or Tambellini for SJ 1st, Goldobin & Mueller. Wild One.

      • I’m just guessing but I think SJ really needs to get back in the playoffs and think that Talbot & Klein could get them there. We sacrificed draft picks and prospects for Nash & MSL, why wouldn’t they.

        • They’ve just steadfastly talked about retooling and getting younger as they transition out of the Thornton and Marleau reign. I’d imagine those guys are as much as in their near term plans as the long term.

      • SJS is a weird team right now. They probably should blow it up, but they are of the belief they can still contend. This is the type of team you take advantage of.

        While I don’t believe they move Mueller, I think they can be fleeced for futures.

        • SJ can’t blow it up without permission from Thornton and/or Marleau since both players hold No Movement Clauses. I’m not really sure what SJ can do for the next two years, which is when those two contracts expire.

          SJ tried (poorly) to shame Thornton and Marleau out of town last summer and that failed miserably.

      • Ya I know, like a dog with a bone, which I hope sums up Slats too. I don’t trust Slats frankly, but I do trust Gorton & Clark & I just feel those two are up to something.

  • Mueller impressed me in the games I watched the Sharks play in…has a nice bite to his game

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