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Brooks: Rangers seeking first round pick for Cam Talbot

Per Larry Brooks, General Manager Glen Sather is holding out on a trade of Cam Talbot until he receives a first round pick. He has reportedly turned down offers with a pair of second rounders, and a high second with a solid prospect. The Rangers apparently really want into the first round of this draft.

Personally, I would take either deal for Talbot, since turning him into a pair of assets would be a great return. In the end, I still think that’s what gets the deal done, but it’s hard to fault Slats and Jeff Gorton for holding out. Talbot is going to set the market on this.

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  • How ironic is it, we have been caviler about giving away our #1 picks over the years, now we won’t make a deal without getting one back. We never should have given away the picks in the first place !!!!!!!!!!!!

    MSL coming back to bite us in the tail again…………

    • Less ironic if we note that there is not much difference between Edmonton’s second pick and the Rangers’ first.

    • That deal was so stupid. Callahan and maybe a 2nd and a conditional 3rd would have been fair. Maybe even straight up. We got the Wiley old vet at 39 and TB got a young Callahan. Bogus trade. I hope TB regrets that long term deal they signed Callahan to.

    • The Yandle trade is the one that’s gonna really hurt in the end. We essentially gave away the picks and our best prospect (Anthony Duclair) for someone who financially doesn’t fit into the Rangers future plans. We could have had Duclair at 900K per season on an entry level deal instead of the 5-6 mil per year Yandle is gonna be seeking. Successful teams need those bargain entry level players who make major contributions such as Kevin Hayes, Jesper Fast and JT Miller.

  • Good for Glen. As I said yesterday, if you’re giving up somebody who will become the # 1 goalie for wherever he winds up—-you ask for a #1 back! Now in the end, Glen might have to settle for a couple of #2’s—but he’s doing his job looking for the #1. That’s all we can ask from him.

    • thought experiment. are you willing to give up the opportunity to get two 2nd rd picks in this draft if you don’t get a 1st rd?

      • Glen knows which way the wind blows. He knows Talbot’s value is never going to be higher than it is right now. He’s not going to walk away—even if he has to “settle” for 2#’s—and the Canadian media writes that he gambled and lost. Two high picks for a veteran of all of 57 games in the NHL?? Yeah, he lost!!!!—-As he chomps down on the cigar, with a smile on his face.

        • that wasn’t my question. if you just walk out of the dealership you don’t get to take the next best car with you.

  • Four teams want your guy, then somebody is going to cough up a first rounder. I’m predicting Cam goes for a first & second rounder. Seems like a lot but Slats has the hammer.

    • I know this isn’t going to happen, but I really want a 1st and an NHL-ready prospect or current NHLer. I think Cam is gonna be one of the best in the league next year and believe he warrants that. But it won’t happen.

  • Reports (yea I know it’s eklund) that several teams were given permission to talk to talbot. this is great news.

  • I’ve been saying the Rangers should try to get that Pick from the Pens to Edm for a while now. Even had wars over how crazy I was. Sather may not get or accept the pick for Talbot. That all may be smoke since these are the win now at all costs NYR. I have a feeling we end up with Yakapov for Talbot. Most of the good players may be off the board by 16. I do like Fischer. But he may take a few years. To me it’s Meier at 16 or forget the pick. Take the right handed kid and get out of there. The Rangers need a righty 5 on 5 and on the PP.

    • I would pull the trigger instantly on a Yakupov for Talbot deal. Yakupov is still just 21 years old. He just needs a change of scenery like Brassard did. I’m pretty sure Edmonton is not giving up on him just yet. He’s crazy talented

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