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Spector: A Cam Talbot trade may require a defenseman

Mark Spector of Sportsnet is speculating that the Edmonton Oilers are not going to give the Rangers the #16 pick unless a defenseman is included in the trade. This seems to make sense, since the Oilers need a defenseman as well and the Rangers need to shed an additional contract from the blue line. My guess is that the delay is that Slats is either trying to work a bigger deal, or he is trying to squeeze that first rounder out of them.

Spector also notes that Slats prefers not to deal Talbot to Buffalo, since they are “in state.” But the Sabres are in a different division, so I don’t know if that adds up.

In the end, if it’s Talbot alone, I think he nets either a pair of 2nds or a 2nd and a prospect.

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  • I am guessing that Slats knows the temperature of trade environment. If a 2nd rounder (or 2) for Cam alone is equal to a Cam/Klein for the 16th pick, only he can decide that. Are we looking for young depth or an impact player who makes the roster (maybe both). The CAP needs to be a consideration, as well as defining whether we already have a suitable replacement for Cam/Klein within the organization. As long as we don’t make a trade for an aging veterans last hurrah, I trust he will make a sound decision.

      • You guys are not looking at the whole picture. If we sign Stralman we cannot sign Staal. I am taking Staal over Stralman. Boyle never really got started has He was injured to start the season. Boyle has one year left which works out great with the guys at Hartford. Boyle was fine when He was healthy , an Yandle will fit in the system better this year. If we need to include a defensemen Giradi/Klein would be the logical choice. Giradi being older would be the first to go, but I believe He has a no-trade clause.

  • +1 to Sal’s comment above.

    In general, if that is what EDM is requiring, it seems like a perfect fit for trade partners.

    I just wish it was Friday already. Ugh

  • Moving Cam/Klein for a #16 would be a huge win. It would add to the farm system, and free up cap space to sign our forwards. I would totally sign up for this. If Slats can get an even better deal, that would be awesome.

  • He has to work a bigger deal. 2 NHLers should bring back more than one pick even if it is a 1st rounder.

    Klein, Talbot, Glass for #16 and a 2nd round pick. I throw Glass in there just for fun and as a cap move. Oilers need more grit, jam and smoothies.

    • It would be nice. My perceived best case is Glass/Talbot/Klein for #16 and Slepyshev.

      Of course, would prefer to see Girardi dealt over Klein, but that won’t happen. Same with Glass being traded.

  • I’m just speculating but could the “bigger” deal maybe be Girardi moving to Edm?

    You’d think that if Talbot is on the table and Klein for the #16 he would have made the move by now, unless he was trying to posture around against other teams. I wonder if the bigger move could be Girardi instead of Klein. Which would obviously require Girardi to give it a thumbs up. Just a thought.

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