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More rumors: Rangers on Kessel’s list; Sabres interested in Nash?

Another day, another dump of rumors. Today the rumors are on Rick Nash and Phil Kessel:

  • Elliotte Freidman speculated that he can see Buffalo targeting Rick Nash. Tim Murray likes to make a splash, and has the assets to turn Buffalo around pretty quickly. He acquired Evander Kane using some of those assets. I put this under speculation and just spit-balling, as opposed to an actual rumor.
  • Friedman also noted that Cam Talbot is the #1 choice of teams looking for cap-friendly potential starters. Good news for the Rangers.
  • Phil Kessel has listed the Rangers as one of eight teams he will accept a trade to. The Rangers have no cap space. This isn’t happening.
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      1. Of course I’m kidding.

        I consider Rick Nash as, what’s the word GMs use, a non-starter.

        You just don’t trade a player like Nash unless you absolutely fleece the other team worse than any team has ever been fleeced before.

  1. Lets just say that Edmonton for some insane reason does not take McDavid. Would you do Nash for the 2nd overall pick which could be McDavid?

      1. I am just thinking McDavid is a bit more of a can’t miss/immediate impact guy than Eichel, but I do understand. We would need another player (on the ice) to add a total of 30+ points for the year though.

          1. I thought I read somewhere that basically they would have gone #1 overall in any other year in at least the last 5 drafts that’s how highly these guys are rated.

            1. More or less, yea. Eichel would’ve been 1st overall in every draft after Tavares. McDavid in every draft in recent memory. Probably on Crosby level.

  2. If the return for Nash is good enough, well, pull the trigger. Sather traded The Great One, he would trade Nash if his returns are good enough………….

    Phil Kessel is a malignant cancer, we don’t need, or want anywhere near our locker room. He can stay with the Leafs, and rot up there!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Apparently Ryan O’Reilly is on the block. Do the Rangers have interest? I remember hearing once, the Rangers have to be involved in any available high profile player.

      1. Colorado wants a “significant” defenseman. Is Kevin Klein “significant?” Throw in The Undertaker, too. Some prospects…

          1. I think Dan G would be perfect d-man anywhere he isn’t asked to play on the top two.

  4. I will trade Nash for draft picks and use 7.8 mil cap space to sign one or two significant pieces.

    no, no Kessel please. He still has 7 or 8 years for 56 mil left.

  5. Kessel is a selfish head case so no thanks. Rangers should kick the tires on O’Reilly for sure, but the asking price will be excessive no doubt.

  6. This time of year is always so much fun! We get to engage in crazy, anything goes speculation. And every so often, just as Walt mentioned, the impossible happens and we get a blockbuster deal that we couldn’t have even imagined could happen. Of course, the Gretzky deal happened in the pre-cap era. Could such a trade happen today? It would be pretty hard to pull off. I don’t see any way Kessel come here. Bad move for most of the reasons listed. Won’t happen. Nash? I think it’s all just talk. I don’t see any way the Rangers trade him. Mostly because I think it would be very difficult to find the right trade partner. And how do you replace 43 goals, not to mention the 21 MSL netted?

    The Talbot reports sound very legit. Very encouraging that he is so highly thought of. Just a great opportunity ahead for the Rangers to deal him and get a nice return.

    1. MSL is addition by subtraction.

      Take 20 goals out of the rangers regular season total and they are still in or near the top ten teams in scoring i bet

  7. Bueke has good things to say about McIlrath,,,,good news…Bodie too As for forwards Haggerty impressed him too

  8. The other day we read that the Rangers were inviting a Czech d-man Mozik to camp, well it is reported that he signed a contract with the Devils, too bad!!!

  9. I could see Nash going to the Oilers as they are looking for some size. The Rangers however would miss Nash a lot more then fans think.

  10. I’ll tell ya, if this would ever materialize, Zach Bogosian would make me elated if he’s included in a package for him. He’s a naaasty, young D-man.

    You gotta think the McDavid pick would be a pipe dream at best.

    Also, NO Kessel for me, thank you!

  11. Congratulations to the Blackhawks and especially to Brad Richards–a classy former Ranger and a champion yet again!

    So glad the Bolts and their arrogant coach lost. And especially glad that our selfish former captain came up short. (I’m still bitter!).

    Next year officially begins tonight…..and I just have a feeling…a year from now, it’s our turn!

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!

    1. Richards with 2 big plays in the final game of the Stanley Cup…yep class act all the way. I don’t necessary agree that the Hawks were the best team of the final four, but they do know how to close the deal.

    2. Couldn’t agree more, and the best part of the Hawks win was to see that condescending piece of dog poop, Cooper, eat crow, I just loved it!!!!

      Chicago was built the right way by Talon, he should get some credit for this run by the Hawks!!!!!!!!!

  12. The Rangers need a # 1 center in a bad way, how about Nash for Malkin ? There is your goals back and a center we need desperatly

    1. That could work, but the cap issue comes into play, and Malkin has had some injuries lately…………………

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