Mats Zuccarello will not return

On the broadcast, MSG noted that Mats Zuccarello will not return to the game after taking a Ryan McDonagh slapshot to the face. You can view the GIF here. Jesper Fast took Zuccarello’s spot on his line, and the Rangers have been playing with 11 forwards.

It’s worth noting that this is the playoffs, and usually players come right back to the bench after something like this. Since Zuccarello isn’t returning, it may be serious.

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  • He’ll get some extra time to heal. Even though he’s not made of robot parts like Girardi, hopefully he’ll be fine.

      • I believe per AV at press conference. Think he says that he “heard, he’s okay.”

        So it sounds like it’s not too bad. Thank goodness! This long break can definitely come in handy for some repairs for some of these guys like Yandle, Klein and now Zuuc

  • The Rangers speed and solid D too much for the Pesky Penquins to handle. The Rangers lost momentum when Zukie went down, but got the W. Staal, Girardi, McDonough, Lundqvist and Stephan did well closing down Crosby and Malkin as they have done most of their careers. The next series will not be so easy.

  • Was fortunate enough to be at games 1 and 5 this series. After Hags put it away tonight the place was electric. I was jumping up and down on both feet and swinging the towel around likea mad man.

    For what it’s worth I wore the same underwear that I had worn in game 1. My playoff win record is meh, so I figured I’d do everything I could to help the cause.

    The shot seemed to catch Zucc square. Hopefully it doesn’t derail his post season. He is a key cog to our group and very very important. Please keep us posted with the latest on his status

    • Yeah, I had to watch the game at home without crossing my legs, because I watched it live. You see crossing my legs watching the game live is a big superstitious no no for me, so I usually watch the games a couple of minutes behind, so those rules don’t apply, but last night I had to watch the game live. Yup, I guess I’m not the only superstitious one out there lol.

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