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Sloppy Rangers get what they deserved in loss to Bruins

The Rangers gave away two points today. The Rangers self destructed in their own zone with countless turnovers, poor coverage and the third line aside, the first period can best be described as sloppy. While Henrik Lundqvist looked rusty to begin, the turnovers and general play in front of him left a lot to be desired all game long. Let’s get to the goal breakdowns. Dave’s at a wedding today so you’ll have to excuse me for the less detailed breakdown.

Bruins 1-0 Rangers

The first Bruins goal was a mix of atrocious NHL officiating and rotten luck on the Rangers part, and of course, some bad coverage. After a scramble in front of Lundqvist, from the right hand side Bruins center Patrice Bergeron simply threw the puck on net from a sharp angle and Lundqvist gave up a juicy rebound, pushing the puck out into the slot.

A streaking Milan Lucic, completely alone, appeared to change the angle of his foot to push the puck toward the goal. Was it a kicking motion? Before the puck got to the goal it took a wicked hop, up over Lundqvist and in to the net. Ryan McDonagh was caught watching the puck, as was Chris Kreider, and neither knew where Lucic was. That said, the goal should never have counted. The decision on the ice was no-goal but inexplicably overturned by Toronto.

Bruins 2-0 Rangers

The second Bruins goal was a result of the Rangers being caught up ice, as well as another slice of bad luck. The Bruins pushed forward quickly as Torey Krug entered the Rangers zone through the middle and as the Rangers closed in on him, Keith Yandle inadvertently pushed the puck to the right hand side where a grateful (and again, oh so lonely) Lucic gathered the puck, skated in and fired through Lundqvist for a two nil lead.

Again, while the unintentional assist by Yandle can’t be helped, Lucic should never be so free to shoot. Dan Boyle was caught out of position leaving Lucic free and Kevin Hayes and Carl Hagelin appeared to be coasting back. Not good defensive play all round by the Rangers.

Bruins 3-0 Rangers

The Bruins third goal was courtesy of yet another Rangers’ turnover in their own zone. Alongside the left hand boards near his own blueline, Matt Hunwick tried to pass across the zone to Mats Zuccarello but Bruins forward Carl Soderberg closed quickly, pressured Hunwick into coughing up the puck and Soderberg was off to the races, in on Lundqvist.

Mats Zuccarello tries to chase down Soderberg but the Swede went backhand to forehand before putting it over Lundqvist right side; it was a smart finish by Soderberg. At this point Lundqvist had conceded three goals without doing too much wrong as the Rangers gifted the first period (and the game) to the Bruins.

Bruins 4-0 Rangers

All too easy… Picking up the puck around center ice, Bruins defenseman Torey Krug skated into the Rangers zone down the left hand side before putting the puck back into the slot where Soderberg was able to neatly push the puck forward to an open Loui Eriksson who forced Lundqvist into a low save, but pushing the puck out in front of the goal. A streaking Reilly Smith arrived all alone in the slot to chip home the rebound as Lundqvist was stretched out on the ice.

Matt Hunwick, who despite scoring a goal had a horrible game, had a partial chance to clear the puck but failed to do so, fanning on his attempt. Four Rangers were around the net as Smith arrived late to score. JT Miller was caught up ice while Derick Brassard, perhaps critically, had fallen near his own blueline just before Smith skated into the slot to score. No Ranger covered themselves in glory on this one.

Bruins 4 – Rangers 1

Most good things the Rangers do offensively seems to come off the rush. Rick Nash managed to break his cold streak and get goal number 40 off a lovely passing play as the Rangers went from their own zone to the Bruins end very quickly. Good back checking and an active stick from Chris Kreider broke up a Bruins attack at the Rangers blueline.

Picking up the puck was Derek Stepan who sent Kreider racing free, up the left. Kreider then slid the puck across the slot to a hard skating Nash who had glided past Zdeno Chara to get to the net first. All Nash had to do was slide the puck past the Bruins backup goalie Niklas Svedberg who had dived to try and reach the puck. The determination Nash showed to get to the Kreider feed and to the net, was the kind of play that’s been missing from his game in recent weeks.

Bruins 4 – Rangers 2

The Rangers got a second goal with under a minute left in the game. With Tanner Glass creating some traffic in front, JT Miller had his initial shot from the slot blocked. Miller got the puck back and fed Matt Hunwick whose shot may have been deflected but beat Svedberg. There were a lot of bodies in front of the Bruins net. On the rare occasions that the Rangers got traffic in front of the Bruins goalies they generated some solid chances but it didn’t happen enough in this game.

Overall, simply not good enough

The Rangers played an incredibly sloppy first period which basically cost them the game. They improved marginally as the game went on but the damage was already done. Lundqvist was increasingly solid in net, but received little help. His rebound control was not good but generally he made the saves he had to make. The Bruins had a lot of quality chances in the first two periods so the score line could have been worse. On to Sunday’s match up with the Caps.

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  • Yeah the call on Lucic’s first goal was hilarious, but those things are going to happen. Better now than in May. I would, however, like to ask McDonogh what he was doing on the play. It looked like he had a hundred or so of his friends holding comp tickets in the first few rows, and he was making sure they were all seated properly. Um…Ryan, the game’s started.

    I saw most of the game and I just think sometimes it’s not your day. Boston was desperate today. Hank was always going to be rusty, and I guess if AV was going to suit up the Hartford defenders and put them in Ranger jerseys, now is as good a time as any. Not sure who those guys were out there today. Chalk it up; on to MSG and the Caps tomorrow.

    Regards- orange

  • The league changed their stance on kicked in goals this year to allow for more scoring. Unless your skate is blatantly swinging, coming of the ice, or you drag/sweep your back foot like I remember Miller doing one time… they’re going to count it. I knew that was going to count, and other than the simple fact that it was Lucic, I have no problem with that goal. It doesn’t help that you have a clueless Sam and Joe going on and on during the review on how it was a good no-goal call, and it won’t count.

    • Yeah I don’t have a problem with the call either, except Lucic kicked the puck into the goal. And the NHL Network feed had the clueless homer Bruins announcers howling for twenty minutes about how the goal should count. Why we are subjected to a couple of Boston clowns on a national telecast is beyond me.

      The call had no bearing on the game; it was just the Bruins day. Simple. Tomorrow’s another day.

      Regards- orange

      • Are you kidding? Jack and Brick were remarkably calm on that play. Brickley understated his view that maybe it might be a good goal.

        Growing up in Boston, I have had all kinds of acid poured into my ears by Fred Cusick, Derrick Sanderson and a cast of homer doofuses, incl. Edwards and Brickely. But that kick in call was not an acid moment.

        That said, I thought it was a good non-goal.

  • To be honest, that 1st goal was simply poor goal tending. That was one juicy rebound. Lundqvuist has had a ton of those type of rebounds. The Stanley Cup winning goal by Martinez was the same type Lundqvuist is prone to. He should have had that one gobbled up.
    What I find crazy in the officiating is the huge difference in powerplay opportunities for and against. It is like every team playing the Rangers become angels to the referee’s eyes…lol

    • Lundquvist was rusty and that should be expected. As the game wore on (dreadfully I might add) he seemed to get better.
      The team was horrible. And that reason was the Bruins are bigger, hit harder, make their crease uncomfortable for anyone not wearing a Bruins uniform and check well along with being hard on the puck.

      The score of 4-2 doesn’t indicate how bad the Rangers were.

      I don’t want to meet them in the playoffs.

      Semper Fi, Leatherneck, from a Leatherneck in FL

      • I don’t buy the Bruins. They were playing Game 7 yesterday and the Rangers took the afternoon off.

        I want the Bruins because when the Rangers actually decide to skate in a coordinated way, they will make pylons of Chara, Seidenberg, Lucic and crew.

  • Bad games happen. Mental mistakes happen. What can you do. Hagelin and Hayes coasting back up ice is disappointing. Never an excuse for a lack of effort.

  • Got the garbage game out of our system, now we can play a decent one today. It’s a long season, we will play some great games, and some not!!! Hank needs to get a few games under his belt before we start jumping on his case…….

  • The Bruins are now 8 and 1 with these 2 refs . Wish TG would have been suspended instead of fined for the butt end to McQuaid . Didn’t even stand up for himself when he was hammered into the end boards , Sheppard had too. . Who comes out when MSL gets back , Sheppard TG or Miller .Safe bet to say it won’t be TG Hunwick worst of a D all day , no body played well yesterday again . Thats 2 games this week against bigger teams that slow us down . Minnesota made LAK tlook bad last night in a game the Kings needed to win badly just as did against us . Don’t need to win them all going forward but just need to show up and play 60 minutes . LGR

  • I was by no means putting down Lundqvuist in my post, however that was an atrocious rebound which is one of his flaws….low shots to his right pad. My point was the scenario after the save no matter how we feel should not have happened.
    I used to play goalie as well and know a thing or two about the fundamentals of being a goalie. Lundqvuist is more acrobatic and athletic, Talbot is more fundamental in his play. His rebound control is not jus a little but far superior to Lundqvuist.

    Who would I prefer in goal? Lundqvuist, but my world would not fall apart if Lundqvuist was traded and Talbot was to become the keeper. We have 2 legit starters. Talbot has to be traded at the end of the year sadly but this is how the game has become. Talbot will bring in a haul to include a 1st round pick. Mark my words and book it Danno, if he is traded there will be a 1st round pick involved.

    My trade would be to Edmonton for Eberle and the Edmonton’s own 2nd round pick for Talbot, or any team in search of goaltending and get a 1st round pick and high end prospect for Talbot. I think MSL is gonna hang up his skates at the end of this year. Rangers can’t afford his contract and keep more crucial players around

    • “Eberle and the Edmonton’s own 2nd round pick for Talbot, or any team in search of goaltending and get a 1st round pick and high end prospect for Talbot.”

      Sorry, I can’t remember where I read it… but you’re not getting that high a return for Talbot. Pro scouts around the league where saying he’d net a third or maybe a second. And yes that was recently, while he was busy “proving himself” as a No. 1. Now I do think that’s a little low… I see more mid-early 2nd round type offers, with the possibility of maybe a team like BUF moving their late 1st (STL pick) if they get a little desperate. But face it Goaltending does not fetch high returns. In a weak draft Cory Schneider got a 9th overall pick. Just on depth alone in this year’s draft that’s closer to 15-20th pick. And Schneider was more sought after at the time of the trade. He was 26 with two years left on his contract before UFA (Cam’s 27 UFA after next season). Look I think Talbot is good… it’s just hard for people to realize that value isn’t set by the fans, it’s the team willing to pay the most. And most teams don’t pay for goaltenders.

      How many teams are in serious need of a goalie? BUF and EDM
      What other options do they have? Niemi and Dubnyk
      What do they have to offer?Neither BUF, nor EDM (while dysfunctional) are not giving up top 3 pick, so you start with their 2nd’s, and as I said if BUF feels they want to win this mini auction I can see them up it to a STL 1st.

      EDM including Eberle doesn’t make sense for either side. First forget about EDM over payment here… how do we afford this deal? IF Eberle is in any deal, we have to send salary the other way… and don’t say Staal, Girardi, Boyle, or Klein. Slat’s won’t move Staal months after extending him, Girardi and Boyle have full no moves right now, and Klein costs only 2.9 vs the 6 you wan’t to take on with Eberle. Not to mention without moving a winger we have nowhere for him to play. And if you were to move a center, aka Brassard you better be getting back they’re 1st, and that better be a top two pick so you’re guaranteed to get a center in the draft. Now you’re looking at Brass and Cam for Eberle and McD/Ech? EDM would have to eat some $, and even then I’m not sure I’d do it let alone EDM.

      MSL may or may not hang them up… but if he decides to return for them to afford him he’ll have to take ~1-1.5 mil base with bonus incentives. They can afford that… and while he is slowing down, quietly he is still second in the team in goals fourth in points. If they don’t win a cup this year I think Slats will have him back for one more run.

  • How we could use Kevin Klein back to add some more physical presence again. Skilled bigger tougher teams intimidate give the Rangers fits. To many small or soft players. Same old, same old. Really like Haynes a lot, but I wish he could throw his 6′ 5″ body around more on the defensive end with some grit.

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