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Game 74: The Return of the King

Sorry for the late game thread today, I forgot it was a 1pm game. I have a wedding today (not mine), so this is going to be a short game thread. The Rangers clinched a playoff spot with their domination over the Senators the other day, and now will look to pad their lead for home ice advantage while potentially keeping the Bruins out of the playoffs. This will be a dangerous and desperate Bruins team today, fighting for their playoff lives.

The difference between these Bruins and the Bruins of the past is that they don’t have the speed to match up against the evolving NHL teams. The Rangers are too fast, and the Bruins don’t have the depth to match it anymore. Tuukka Rask is always capable of stealing a game, and the Bruins can get nasty, but they will need to catch the Rangers first.

Henrik Lundqvist returns today. So yea, there’s that too.

Use this to discuss the game, or whatever else you want.

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  • I’m pulling for a win for two reasons, points, but more importantly I don’t want to see the Bruins get in the play-offs.

    They are nasty, and their owner is one of the main reasons for the lock outs. He, and Ed Snyder are turds, who caused the lock outs with their their greed, and it would be poetic justice that both the Bruins, and Flyers miss out on the big show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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