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In case you missed it, Mackenzie Skapski was returned to the Hartford Wolf Pack yesterday. That means one and only one thing: Henrik Lundqvist is ready to go. After six long weeks without that glorious hair and perfect charisma, The King is ready to go.

If your memory serves you, Lundqvist is the best goalie in New York Rangers history. No offense to Mike Richter, Eddie Giacomin, and Mike Dunham, but The King is better than all of them. He was, after all, the guy behind the save that sent the Rangers to the Cup Finals last year:

henrik lundqvist


It’s not difficult to fall in love with that man right there. That save is unbelievable. But the best part is when he takes his helmet off.

henrik lundqvist


That’s not normal hair! My hair does not look like that when I’m playing hockey. That’s the hair that dreams are made of. But when he comes off the ice, it’s a whole different Lundqvist. First he has to acknowledge the fans.

henrik lundqvist

My facial hair is not that awesome.

Then he has to do his post game press conference.

henrik lundqvist

McDreamy has met his match.

Once that’s done, he has to fix his hair.

henrik lundqvist

I’m going to lose my hair in 3-5 years.

Then get into that suit of his and go home.

henrik lundqvist

Even Suit doesn’t look this good in suits.

But it’s the weekend, time for fun on the yacht.

henrik lundqvist

I look like that too.

But once the weekend is done, it’s time to get back to business and make those ridiculous saves.

henrik lundqvist

Holy wow.

Don’t worry Rangers fans. He’s back. It may not be tonight. But it will be this weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, The King has returned.


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