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Rangers drop exciting goalie duel in overtime to Detroit

Last night’s game between the New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings may have been low scoring, but it was a very exciting game filled with a lot of chances for both clubs. Both Cam Talbot and Jimmy Talbot Howard came up huge for both clubs, but it was Howard who won the duel after Marek Zidlicky beat Talbot in overtime on a scramble in front on the powerplay.

This was one of those games where you just sat back and enjoyed the back and forth action with stellar goaltending. It reminded me of that Henrik Lundqvist/Martin Brodeur shutout duel a few years ago. This one wasn’t on the same level, but it was still a very exciting and enjoyable low scoring game. Talbot made 29 very difficult saves, while Howard made 40 equally difficult saves. This was one of the better goalie duels we’ve seen in a while.

On to the goals:

Wings 1, Rangers 0

All the coverage fails come from the McDonagh turnover.
All the coverage fails come from the McDonagh turnover.

Ryan McDonagh turned the puck over, right to Jonathan Ericsson at the point. Ericsson wound up for a slap shot from the point, but he shanked it, and the puck went right to Henrik Zetterberg in the slot, who beat McDonagh there. McDonagh went to cover Zetterberg, while Justin Abdelkader beat Dan Girardi to the front of the net, where he banged home Zetterberg’s pass.

Rangers 1, Wings 1

Bad coverage in front.
Bad coverage in front.

The Rangers created havoc in front of the net for this powerplay goal. Derick Brassard drew attention as Rick Nash threw the puck to the slot. Xavier Ouellet Danny Dekeyser didn’t get Girardi in front, who poked it in for the goal.

Wings 2, Rangers 1

This was just a flukey goal for Zidlicky, who collected the loose puck in front after Talbot stopped Datsyuk on the doorstep, and put the puck over Talbot (literally rolled over him).

Fenwick/USAT Chart:

Advantage: Rangers.
Advantage: Rangers.

The Rangers held a steady advantage in quantity of shot attempts throughout the game, but it was still pretty close. The Rangers actually pushed hard at the end of the game, but Howard was up to the task.

Scoring Chances:

Advantage: Wings
Advantage: Wings

The Wings held a slight advantage for most of the game in the quality chances, but it was still pretty close in terms of quality.It wasn’t until the third when the Rangers took over the quality scoring chance advantage, but in the end it was 25-19, so there’s not much of a difference here. Two teams that matched up well against each other.

Individual Corsi/SAT Chart:

Untitled copy
MSL/Stepan/Kreider have been having possession issues all year.

All things considered, those that you expect to be a net positive for puck possession were net positives, and vice versa. McDonagh had a rough game as a net negative and a turnover that led to a goal. He’s been having an off-year.

Shot Locations:

Quality chances all around.

The Rangers allowed a lot of quality chances to the Wings, but Talbot came up huge on a lot of them. Howard also came up huge on a lot of the Rangers quality chances.

Shift Chart:

Few shifts for Fast/Sheppard at the end of the game.

Without last change, Alain Vigneault did the best he could to get Girardi and McDonagh out there against the Datsyuk line. So basically this is par for the course. Mike Babcock did a good job separating The Magic Man from that pair, although they were still able to get out on the ice against either the Zetterberg or Sheahan lines. Detroit is very deep, so getting a solid defense pair out against any of their top-nine is the eventual goal.

You can’t win them all, and the Rangers got a point out of it, so you can’t really complain. The Rangers open March with five games in a row against playoff teams, and right now they are 1-0-1 to start that stretch. Would have been nice to get the extra point, but you take the point and move on to Chicago.

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  • That was an exciting game last night, but there was a case of highway robbery against Step, that was one poor call!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yandle looked good, didn’t see, or hear Sheppard’s name much.

  • MSL needs to wake up , and so does Stepan . Maybe break them up and slot Hayes into MSL slot Kreider Step and Hayes .Fourth line Hags Moore and Fast , speed to burn and could keep puck in deep with their fore check Shep won draws clean last night so give him a shot with Miller and MSL

    • great idea, two big wings for Step to feed.

      No one even mentioned how good a game Zucc played, especially on one play in particular where he came back to back check on a two on one against Datsyuk. The kid is so much fun to watch in a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think it is time to break up 20-21-26, that line has been a possession vacuum. Stepan is having a rough year from a possession standpoint, and I really wonder if that’s driven by MSL.

      • Put Hags in for MSL and see how well he does with Stepan and Kreider.

        I don’t like what that turns our 3rd line into, but Hagelin has been our proverbial bandaid over the past number of seasons when it comes to patching up what isn’t working.

        Would be interesting to see how that group performs for a game or two.

      • I think MSL has lost or is losing his legs. He just doesn’t seem to have that ability to zip around and disappear/reappear like he used to. I can’t see him being re-signed unless he turns into a world beater this postseason. At the same time, I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s just saving himself for the playoffs and absolutely kills it this spring.

  • First there was a non-call when Hayes was hooked to the ice in front of the Ranger’s bench.

    Next, Bressard was hooked and nothing called, and out of frustration, slashes the stick and only then, both get called.

    If you are going to call a penalty on Step, then what about holding his stick under the arm?

    I hate to say this, but McDonough is starting to remind me of Brian Leetch as captain. He is trying to do too much and the end result is the opposite.

    Even AV mentioned during one of the tv time outs that the Wings were in the gray area of clutching and grabbing and interfering.

    If the Rangers want to create “time and space”, knock someone on their ass. I didn’t see much of that last night.

    I also did not see any speed in particular from Haglin and Kreider in getting themselves open.

    I suppose a point is better than nothing, but I feel as though we wuz robbed.

      • McDonagh isn’t bad yesterday, but he did almost singlehandedly lose the game. It wasn’t just the turnover that led to the first goal. He left the crease open to rush to the shooter on the first goal when Talbot was out blocking the angle. And of course he was unsuccessful in clearing the crease on goal #2 and the puck even went off him.

  • I refuse to blame the referees. Yes, that call on Step should have had an offsetting one, but they were right on the Hayes play, and they missed a Zucc high stick. Plus they gifted the Rangers at least one PP. We had plenty of opportunities, and just couldn’t convert. To blame the refs is just a weak excuse for not converting earlier in the game when they were dominating.

    I thought both Miller and Fast had really up and down games. Good play here, terrible decision there. Miller in particular, not so good in the d zone, strong in the o zone. Hayes was great though, what a pick up. Staal was also really on point tonight. Would’ve been better if he’d scored though.

    And Girardi… Now that he’s scored on the PP, he’ll never get taken off. Ugh.

    Klein and Yandle looked strong too. Really solid defense. Funny how I’m most worried about Mac. Just doesn’t look the same.

    Overall, we should have won that in regulation. Talbot made some great saves, but also gave up some terrible rebounds. His control after the first shot can be really ugly. Dropping give saves, rebounds to high traffic areas. Really something to work on.

    • completely agree with you about the referees… I’ve been watching hockey long enough to understand its part of the game… I’ve also been watching long enough to understand why they made the call on Step, I was surprised to see so many people complaining about it on here of all places.

      am I the only one that thinks McDonagh has actually looked better in the past 2 games? since Yandle showed up he’s been much more effective at moving the puck, especially in the offensive zone

    • I agree with your referee comments. One of the strengths of the Ranger team is that they don’t let bad calls bother them. They know they also get undeserved calls and it is the team that blames the refs for losses that lets it affect their game.

      However, no one mentioned the first goal. I thought it was a clear kick-in. Am I wrong?

      • I thought the same Ray. I wonder if the NHL has quietly decided to change the rule to where it’s a goal as long as the player isn’t wildly, and dangerously, swinging their leg to kick the puck in.

        I seem to remember JT Miller scoring a disallowed goal in Philadelphia last season on a nearly identical play to Abdelkader’s.

        Also, that Hayes play in front of the Rangers’ bench was not a hook. The big fella tripped over his own feet.

  • Really was a great game… the Rangers seem to be coming into shape.

    We saw it against Nashville and again last night, despite a few quality chances given to Det, the Rangers just put together 2 games in a row where they controlled most of the game against 2 very competitive opponents. I expect to see the same effort against Chicago on Sunday, too bad we have to wait another 3 days until then.

    When the Rangers play on Sunday, they will have 4 games at hand on the Islanders, who they’re competing for 1st in the division.

    • So glad I’m going to Tuesday’s game at the Mausoleum. Hopefully the Rangers give that dump a fitting a sendoff, it’s the final regular season game there and possibly the last Rangers Isles game ever

        • They might still change the name once they get there. Who knows? It likely won’t be the last game but there is a slight chance.

          • Chris I don’t see it a chance they change their name. Would be a travesty. They are not moving across the country.

  • Time to break up MSL / Stepan / Kreider line Just not happening with them . Put Hayes with Stepan / and Kreider . Also Stepan needs to carry the puck over the blue line once in a while , seems to always shot it around the boards and MSL does not win the battles for the puck .He had a 3 on 2 last night and shot in to the corner end of play and scoring chance.

    • OK you move Hayes with Stepan and Kreider. Do you slot Shepard into the 3rd line center spot? and replace him on the 4th line with Lindberg ? How long do you let St Louis sit if that’s the plan?

    • Why break up one line at the cost of another? 62-13-10 need to stay together, Iet step and co. figure it out…

  • A point on the road, with our backup, against one of the leagues best. Take it and run! If Staal could have put that shot in, instead of hitting the crossbar, we might be having a different discussion. At times, their forcheck totally shut down Detroit. Overall, except for the refs, not too much to complain about. Just move on to the next one, stay healthy, and get Hank ready!

  • If Talbot continues the trend, what does Sather do with him next year, especially since it seems that Halverson owns the AHL?

    • Talbot should be resigned as backup still. He’s been okay, but not great by any means. Unless a team wants to take him as a starter, we ought to keep him as a backup. Skapski and Halverson should stay in the AHL to develop further. I want one of them to take Hank’s spot at some point, but they’re both so young. Give them time to develop and iron out the wrinkles. Then they can take backup duty from Talbot (or whomever it is at the time), and slowly switch with Hank. A graceful exit for the King in five or six years, I’d say.

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