Rangers, Marc Staal make it official: Six years, $34.2 million

Following up on the report this week, the New York Rangers and defenseman Marc Staal have agreed to terms on a six-year contract extension worth $34.2 million ($5.7 million per year). The deal will have a no-move for the first three years, and a limited no-trade for the last three years.

Folks are comparing this to the deal for Dan Girardi, and I disagree. Yes, it’s a big contract for a defenseman that doesn’t contribute much offensively. However Staal brings more to the table than Girardi, at least in my opinion. There will be a post breaking this down coming later this week.

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  1. Clearly he is one of those players whose value goes beyond the numbers. You can probably rest assured that as a FA he would have gotten at least 6, probably 6.5. Just happy all the speculation is over.

    1. I agree Pete. While what other teams would pay for any Ranger shouldn’t really matter, bottom line is that there is nothing really out there to replace Staal. Sekera? Franson? That’s about it without having to make a trade and pay big $$ anyway. This is the “devil you know” type of thing.

      As much as I love him Girardi was the guy to be traded and Stralman retained. Oh well.

  2. Very strong game for the boys Nash, Step, Brass, all scoring goals, and Hank playing a good game.

    With three games in hand, we have to win them in order o put space between us, and the Caps. Did I say how much I love beating the Pens, well if not, I just love to beat these guys. Now we are 3-0-1 for the season against them, great!!

    As for the Staal signing, well I said enough on this subject, I think it’s not good long term because of the years, and no trade, and limited trade clauses!!

      1. For whatever reason, Staal is one of those guys that everyone has a strong opinion about, positive or negative. There are guys on these blogs who blame every single goal against on Marc Staal, whether he is on the ice or not. Every time he’s out of position, guys who have never laced on a pair of skates in their lives go ballistic on Marc Staal. I mean really.

        As for me, I can’t pretend I watch every game, because I don’t. And I don’t watch the goal breakdowns on these websites, or keep track of all these metrics. Here’s what I know. Staal is a top-4 defender on a pretty good defensive team. He’s come back from a horrific injury a couple of years ago. A solid, solid defender who would have probably gotten a similar deal from free agency, maybe from a team in the Rangers’ division. The team is playing really well right now. Whether it will translate into another deep playoff run, nobody knows in January. I’m glad to have him. Just MHO

        Regards- orange

        1. Orange

          I’m not a Staal hater, my issue is that Sather has hamstrung himself with the terms of the deal, and the no trade, and limited trade clauses in the agreement. Marc is a decent player, not the same as before the injuries, but not worth the money, and length .

          He is signed, Sather thinks he is worth the contract, and now I’ll root for him, and the uniform he wears. I’m a Ranger fan, not necessarily a Staal fan of today!!!!!

  3. Agree with everything you said Walt. The team looks back on track. Now go home, take care of Ottawa, and earn a good week off! As for Staal, I’m like you. I don’t like tying up money with this type of player. The one good thing: the top 3 d men are all signed long term, along with Hank. I do like that stability back there. I’ll just have to live with their shortcomings.

  4. Excellent, getting this deal wrapped up. Most fans don’t appreciate how good Marc is. They would have been the first ones crying if he left and they had to deal with a below average replacement. Good thing Sather doesn’t read this blog.

  5. Now sign Zucc and I’ll be happy. I don’t want to hear any crazy talk about trading the hobbit.

  6. Take this with a Grain of Salt:

    I have wanted Staal traded for years now, never saw the big hype in his game and felt he was to be blamed for lots of goals along the way.

    That being said i would have like to see him moved but overall this contract isnt terrible for either side. To me the most telling thing about the Staal contract is that we can officially declare McIllrath a bust. If he would have developed we could have used him as a replacement for Staal for a much cheaper price. The amount of money we have invested into our D is staggering especially with who is up for a contract this year. lets hope the rangers can get some other “core” guys under contract before they hit the open market.

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