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The winning streak ends, as does my DVR streak

Yesterday was a busy day for me. After participating in a breast cancer fundraiser with my Crossfit box called Barbells for Boobs, I assisted my girlfriend in preparing for a party she was hosting. This involved me cooking all day with her, and naturally, I forgot to DVR the game. It sounds like it was a bad game, not converting on early powerplays, not winning face offs, not stepping up in the neutral zone, minimal forecheck, no counter rush, no forcing turnovers, etc. Basically, the problems that plagued them in the three game losing streak.

Sorry for the lack of a goal breakdown, that’s my bad. Feel free to discuss the game here.

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  1. Is MacTruck suffering from the same disease that former Capt Brian Leech did? He is trying to do too much and it resulted in a two on 0.

    This team looked lethargic although they have not played in days.

    The refereeing looked horrible too. Mac T was tripped right in front of the net in full view of the refs and no call.

    The fight between Klein and Prust was a direct result of a crosscheck by Prust on Zucc and no call.

    The entire defense looked in total disarray. I can count on one hand the number of times that I heard Nash’s name mentioned last night.

    There is no excuse for such poor play, especially because of last year’s playoffs.

    1. Wouldn’t shock me if he’s gripping it a bit too tight. Maybe he’s overcompensating with being named captain and with Boyle out.

    2. That 2 on none was a poor read by Mac but Mueller’s soft backpass to no one that forced Mac to make a decision was terrible.

      Price was pretty great last night. The Rangers had ample opportunity to make a game out of it but Price kept shutting the door.

      Nash had his first quiet game of the year and so did Kreider.

      Really, it was just business as usual for the Rangers in Montreal. Bad bounces, odd referee decisions and a hot MTL goalie.

      1. That was my initial concern with naming McD captain instead of Girardi. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem though.

        Leetch, and I love him, he’s my favorite Ranger of all-time, was too shy to be a captain. He’s just not comfortable when the spotlight is on him. You see it when MSG puts him in front of the camera, it’s painful to watch. The guy is smart and knows what he is talking about but he’s clearly uncomfortable in front of the camera.

        McD, thankfully, does not have that personality. He’ll be fine once he settles in to the role of Captain.

  2. Girardi, looked good, Mueller and Hunwick were good and Duclair played well. Stempniak I thought was the best Ranger last night.

    Carey Price was the best player in the game last night.

    I agree that they looked lethargic

    1. Yes, Duclair was excellent last night. It would have been nice to see him play with Nash for a few shifts last night.

      Oh well, here’s hoping the boys beat Minnesota on Monday and start another winning streak.

  3. I love my guys, but are Zucc, McD and Duke the only ones that can ALWAYS put a pass on a stick. We have so many plays that fizzle just because the puck is slightly behind, slightly ahead, off the boards too hard etc. Nash and Girardi are prolly the worse. Anyway, “small” detail that even my wife is catching 😉

  4. Girardi played his best game of the year last night. He made all the right decisions, broke up nearly every play that relied on him, and when he went down in his trademark moves, he always took away the puck, a pleasant surprise.

    Will be great for the team if he can bounce back to the old Danny G.

  5. Rangers need to send Hayes down to Hartford to learn the game at centre & bring up JT Miller who is more NHL ready than Hayes at this point. I’d like to see a line of Kreider, Miller & Duclair. Hayes can be really good but it looks like he needs to go down and play a lot.

    1. I’d like to think that even Miller knows he’s not as ready to play in the NHL as Hayes is. If he can objectively look at how Hayes plays and get a better idea of how he needs to improve to be a top 9 forward, he has a very good chance of making it. If, however, he looks at Hayes and thinks that he’s anywhere near as ready, I have serious doubts that he’ll ever have what it takes.

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