Ryan McDonagh named Rangers captain

The Rangers have formally announced that Ryan McDonagh will be the 27th captain in New York Rangers history. The Rangers were without a captain following the trade of Ryan Callahan and the buyout of (more or less) acting captain Brad Richards. Naming McDonagh captain was the worst kept secret in the organization, as it was widely expected this summer.

Marc Staal, Dan Girardi, Martin St. Louis, and Derek Stepan will be the alternate captains.

Thank you Bob Gainey, Scott Gomez, and all those involved in the Gomez for McDonagh swap.

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  • Good choice, I guess. Color me a little disappointed that MSL didn’t get the nod, if only b/c I don’t think he’s yet had time to prove to the NYR faithful, and perhaps even his own teammates, what he’s all about, and particularly all he brings to the organization from a leadership perspective. I can understand the arguments against it – he’s too old, retiring soon, hasn’t been with team very long, etc – but I’d be willing to bet that by the time he’s been in NY for a couple of years, everyone will truly see all the intangibles this guy brings, and how he embodies all there is that’s good about hockey and life in general, and he will be adored in NY the same way he was in Tampa. I still maintain that he would have been the best choice for captain of this team. But there were too many things not working in his favor for it to happen; particularly his short tenure to date.

    • Well he still gets an ‘A’, and can and will be a leader on the team and I’m sure a strong voice in the clubhouse.

      Let Mac get the C and have him learn from MSL and the older leaders on the team and he can grow as the captain.

      All for it!

    • Why would you care if MSL proves himself. He is a great player will hopefully have some more big moments. Why would you want or care if he is named captain over a 25 year old monster who will hopefully play 15 years or more on Broadway. Why would you want a guy who plays around 100 games total as your captain. That’s from a guy who is a huge MSL fan.

  • Got back from Italy last night, and read this post this morning, as well as the Duke making the team article. Great news all around, and this should be a fun season for us Ranger fans!!!!!

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