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Friedman: Rangers may have instigated Shea Weber offer sheet from Philadelphia

Photo: Edmonton Journal
Photo: Edmonton Journal

Per Elliotte Friedman, the Rangers may have been a catalyst to the Flyers sending Shea Weber that now infamous offer sheet in 2012. The Nashville Predators were at a stand still with their star defenseman, and the Flyers swooped in and sent him an offer sheet for $110 million over 14 years. The interesting tidbit here is that Friedman states that Weber, who visited New York during his “super secret” tour of potential suitors, may have been Broadway bound via a trade. That news is what prompted the stunning offer from the Flyers.

All that is well in the past, but it’s August and there isn’t much to write about. So I had a little fun and started to piece together what the Rangers could have sent to Nashville in exchange for Weber.┬áThe deal from Philly came on July 19, 2012. The deal for Rick Nash came on July 24, 2012, so this predates the Nash trade. New York would┬ámake room for Weber’s cap hit (likely not in the $7.85 million range, but let’s say $7 million).

Brandon Dubinsky is again a no-brainer in this deal. His cap hit ($4.2 million) was too large for the Rangers to get under the cap, and he was becoming expendable.

Michael Del Zotto would be another logical choice to head to Nashville, as they would be in need of a puck moving defenseman since they would be losing out on Weber and Ryan Suter. It’s not as much of a no-brainer as Dubinsky, but it makes sense.

Tim Erixon, at the time a top prospect, also makes sense from a cost perspective. As does a first round pick.

So basically, we are subbing MDZ for Artem Anisimov, and the Rangers land Weber instead of Nash. The value is fairly comparable on both sides. So, who would you prefer Slats traded for: Nash or Weber?

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  1. Weber would have been great, but the greatest need then was a top 6 scorer. Nash was the bigger need at the time.

  2. Knowing what we know about the two players, Weber is a no brainer. Can you see both Weber, and McTruck on the same defense, that would be a knock out duo!! We’d also would have kept Artie, who would have been our 3rd line center today, not bad at all. Weber would also be the answer we have been looking for since Leetch retired, a PP QB!!!!!

    1. Artie wouldn’t be the third line center today. Without Nash on this team there’s no way Sather makes the Gaborik trade. Therefore we wouldn’t have Brassard. The trade for Nash made that trade possible.

  3. Too many domino aftershocks to figure out the fallout.

    But at the time, Nash. He had more promise than Weber for me.

    Hindsight. Weber. I think Artie and zucc could have made sweet music together.

    1. The mcdonagh contract isnt highway robbery but the robbing of Argentina’s anual GDP

      1. Us having McDonagh will always be a steal. Gomez for McDonagh, wow. And we got Chris “I forgot how to play good hockey while in NY” Higgins on top of that.

        1. Its 4.7 a year for someone who scored 12 and 43 points vs 9 a year for 10 and 53. And they are the same age. It blows my mind how they can pay him that much

    1. Both weren’t #1 picks. So 30 other GMs passed on them for a round but you still want to single Sather out as the idiot for passing? You’re ridiculous Franky.

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