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Rishaug: Rangers were in on Ribeiro

Per Ryan Rishaug, the Rangers had interest in center Mike Ribeiro before he signed in Nashville yesterday. The Rangers are lacking center depth and Ribeiro likely would have slotted in at the 2C position. Per Rishaug, no state tax in Tennessee helped sway Ribeiro, who signed for $1.05 million for one year.

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  • Honestly glad we did not sign him. I’d rather let one of our boys have the 2C spot than bring in that disaster.

    And Nashville, how do you sign Derek Roy and Mike Ribeiro? That sounds like a recipe for a bad season. At least they swindled James Neal from Pitt, but they will still suck again.

    • C’mon. GONE: Richards, Boyle, Pouliot, Dorsett, Carcillo. ADDED: Glass, Lombardi, a few NHL-AHL commuters. This is quite clearly a team that is expecting a few young forwards to step up.

      • Or this is a team really strapped for cap space HOPING a bunch of kids are ready.
        There isn’t all that much out there meeting our demands in our price range…

  • He would have fit in nicely. The more we depend on unproven talent (the kids), the more likely our chances of being disappointed.

    • Dude, this guy has proven that his career in the NHL in on its last breath. It’d be like when we signed Ales Kotalik.

  • If the Rangers REALLY wanted Ribeye they would have offered more & I would really have been pissed off. Enough with signing all this junk. Just because JT, Fast, Lindberg are rookies doesn’t mean the team will be weaker. I think over the longer term the team will be better. More speed, more energy and it’s up to the coaches to get these guys to play to the system. After all Pouliot was just a hack up until last year. You’d think we lost Sydney Crosby fpor christ’s sake!!

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