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Dreger: Rangers among teams to submit offer for Dan Boyle

Per Darren Dreger, the Rangers will be among five teams that will submit a two-year offer for Dan Boyle. Submitting a multi-year offer for a 35+ player is incredibly risky, especially when it looked like Boyle lost a step this year with San Jose. The Rangers need to get some more physicality into their game, but not at the expense of speed. I’d be wary of this one at even strength, but Boyle can still put up points with the man advantage. He may need sheltered minutes though.

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  • If this isn’t one of the stupidist moves Sather makes, I don’t know what is. Why the hell do we want an old fart, 35, on this team, for two years, and probably over $6 mil is beyond me???? Hell, we are letting Strahlman, Boyle, Moore walk, for what, this guy, no way is this a good move???????

    The main need is for a good center, and maybe move Zucc to the point for the PP, now that may work. I wouldn’t touch this guy with a 10 foot pole!!

    • I think this would be a move to help the PP while leaning on Hank in the short term. They need PP help, but Boyle is a big risk.

      • I think Dan Boyle is a good move at the right price. I also think that price is way less than what Boyle will get so I would pass on him. Anything more than a $2.5M cap hit for Dan Boyle is an overpay. At this point of his career he is nothing more than a PP specialist/3rd D pair guy.

        Moore/Dan Boyle

        Depth: McIlrath, Conor Allen

        It’s not an awful blue line corps. In games the Rangers are behind Boyle can take a few minutes from Klein.

          • Maybe. Although at some point John Moore has to become an actual NHL defenseman. If all he’s ever going to be good for is sheltered third pair minutes lets move him on before his value bottoms out. I was thinking Moore’s speed combined with Boyle’s experience might make it a passable pair.

            Staal/Boyle scares me for two reasons. The lack of speed on that pair and asking Boyle to play second pair minutes/matchups.

  • Given how different this team will look by the time FA is over, it seems to me the move is to get younger and not tie up a precious piece of $69 mil on a 35 year old defenseman who has lost a step. Sure we need to get more physical, but not at the cost of speed.

  • If I may take a positive approach on this one, I feel Boyle takes the place of Richards on the PP and gives us a pretty good middle pair defenseman, so that the loss of Stralman does not hurt so bad. I know he isn’t near Stralman (at least the playoff Stralman), but he will allow Klein to remain part of the third pair, also giving us some size there. If he boosts our PP by 5-10%, how much pressure will that take off of the rest of the offense?

    Just thoughts – so add your thumbs down as you wish.

  • This is the same thing as anything else. It all matters on price and years. There are A LOT of defenseman UFAs this year and I would be very upset to see NYR not land one of:


    All matters on price.

  • I think the Rangers have always had a thing for Boyle. Years ago before he went out west he was always rumoured coming here. I’m leery of a 2yr deal, and his age; but he still can put up numbers. He would have to be used very carefully by AV; probably as a pp specialist. Lets face it, they need SOMEONE to run that PP! If they can’t seem to get anyone else whose younger and cheaper, he might be the guy for them. Although, I think he might choose to go back to Tampa. But still, they need a physical presence back there on the line as well as any offensive threat Boyle might give them. To me, that should be a priority in any potential FA signings.

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