Quick notes: Prust hit, Carcillo ejection

Update 2: Prust got two games.

Update: Brandon Prust has a phone hearing at 4pm today regarding this hit.

I didn’t cover this in the goal breakdown, mostly because I wanted to discuss it in a separate post, but there were two separate incidents that sparked emotions in the first period of last night’s loss. The first was the hit delivered by Brandon Prust on Derek Stepan:

The hit is late, with the initial point of contact at the high chest/head area. It wasn’t an elbow though. It’s the first time I can call a hit from Prust dirty, because he simply doesn’t have the reputation for it. So don’t expect a suspension, especially since Stepan returned. Maybe a fine. Maybe.

Then there was the Dan Carcillo incident, where he bumped a linesman a few times. Regardless of the emotions at the time, or the aggressiveness of the linesman, that’s inexcusable. You can’t bump a zebra, period. He’s going to get suspended.

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  • Prust will get nothing (and honestly I can see the rationale why). The worst part of the hit was the lateness and the fact that Steps didn’t have the puck and got blindsided. It wasn’t a head hit. If Steps has the puck, no one thinks anything other than great hit.

    With that said, man was that a hard one to swallow.

    And yes, agree, Carcillo is getting banned. Whatever the League doesn’t do, AV will finish. I suspect we will not see him again in a Ranger uniform.

  • Unfortunately, I am forced to agree. If zebras had established better of control of game by making obvious call for late hit on Prust, Carcillio incident probably does not take place. That said, Habs clearly had strategy of getting Rangers off their game and it worked. Carcillo needed to keep his head, take the number and play tough but clean. It was bad enough that he made his illegal hit on Prust and put them on the power play in a playoff game We had Carbomb in the lineup for his experience and his grit. Unfortunately he lost his head and reacted true to his rep. I’ll bet this is a lengthy suspension.

  • Well, this is a good start:

    @NHLPlayerSafety: Montreal forward Brandon Prust will have a hearing today for interference for his hit on New York forward Derek Stepan.

  • Agree on the Carcillo standpoint. Just dumb. Emotions were high and he didn’t handle himself well.

    As for Prust. No suspension would be complete and utter nonsense. The hit was ridiculously late, dangerous, from the blind side and involved contact to the head. I would classify it as predatory.

    If the NHL is trying to get those hits removed from the game, this would be a good start.

  • Watch the video at the :41 mark. It appears to me that Prust’s helmet comes in contact with Stepan’s helmet, a head shot in my book.

    At 1:16 of the video, it is clear that the official behind the play is a referee, who did not even flinch or make any indication that a foul had occurred.

    This is supposed to be the best of officials.

    While Carbomb did the wrong thing, if the NHL wants to send a message that this crap will not be tolerated, then the players and officials must be penalized.

    An explanation of why the official had his hands in his pockets is as necessary as a suspension for Prust. It was a blatant late hit at a minimum, an interference and a shot to the head.

  • Disagree on both counts Dave. If Prust gets an in-game penalty, I can see no further punishment. Likewise, if Therrien sits Prust. But now a suspension is the only way to send a message.

    As for Carcillo, am I wrong or do players jostle linesmen all the time. Linesmen break up fights and players resist. That’s what was happening. Carcillo didn’t happen to be close to a Canadien at the time. I thought the game misconduct was excessive.

    • The linesman came in hot, but Carcillo can’t be excused for what he did. He did cross a line.

      I think what you’re alluding to is when 2 players are being broken up and are still skating towards the other guy, chirping and what have you.Carcillo was a 3rd man there, not involved with anything and standing by himself… so the linesman didn’t ‘need’ to escort him out. But once he chose to, Carcillo can’t push and elbow his way free. He overstepped his bounds, probably upset that he got a borderline penalty and then Dorsett was fighting instead of him.

  • Prust’s shot was completely uncalled for. A suspension is warranted, whether the player was injured or returned immediately. Those are the hits that lead to concussions, and the NHL is pretty clear they want to stop those. I do not care an iota about Prust’s reputation – it deserves a penalty.

    That said, #13 deserves something also, as he lost his cool, and will be out for a few. No matter what, can’t get physical with a linesman.

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