BSB Conference Finals Predictions


Admin note: No goal breakdown from last night’s game. Sorry about that.

We’re more than halfway through the playoffs and the Rangers are still not only breathing, but breathing a bit easier today after a slaughter yesterday. As always, below are our super knowledgeable predictions, and I think most of us were shaking our way through the ECF guesses. Share yours with us in the comments.

ECF: New York vs. Montreal

Kevin’s Pick: Rangers in 7. Well, we know it’s going 7 either way. Carey Price is probably the one guy on the planet that’s Henrik Lundqvist’s equal right now, so I’m terrified of him. But I think the tragedy with Martin St. Louis was a real rallying point for this team and that momentum is going to carry the Blueshirts.

Becky’s Pick: Rangers in 6. I know, no seventh game? But they’re bonded as a team and it’s incredible. It seems as though they can read each other’s minds out there, and that paired with Hank being hotter than the sun right now makes for a trip to the Cup Finals and a spike in blood pressure medication in the tri-state area.

Dave’s Pick: Rangers in 6. I know the teams are almost mirror images of each other, but the Rangers are rolling after winning 3 straight and finally have their full team with Kreider back. If/when Nash gets going (I predict 4 goals from him this series), the Habs won’t be able to match the scoring depth.

Chris’ Pick: Rangers in 5. An emotional push, great momentum, better depth and an advantage in goal that could be huge if Price misses any time. The Rangers may be peaking at just the right time. We hope.

Suit’s Pick: Rangers in 7. I picked Pittsburgh to advance. Glad I was wrong. Now it’s time for the boys to step up their game a notch. Special teams and playing the right way is going to decide this series.

WCF: Los Angeles vs. Chicago

Kevin’s Pick: Blackhawks in 7. I could see this one going either way, too, so let’s just say I’m not super confident in my picks. That said, the Blackhawks just have too much, and any game that gets to OT will be promptly ended by Pat Kane.

Becky’s Pick: Kings in 6. When they’re on, they’re on. This team does not like to be pushed against a wall the way they’ve been throughout these playoffs, and I think the Hawks are a little too cocky to notice that a team can actually take them down.

Dave’s Pick: Hawks in 7. I’m sticking to my original prediction of Rangers/Hawks in the Finals. The Hawks are so talented, but Quick could easily steal this series if he silences Kane and Toews.

Chris’ Pick: Hawks in 7. Talent wins out. The hawks have the best collection of forwards in the league and aren’t out matched defensively by the Kings either. Only in goal do the kings have an apparent advantage yet Crawford has proven to play well in the playoffs. The Kings will stay with the Hawks but offensive depth wins out.

Suit’s Pick: Hawks in 7. The Kings have a deeper team now than when they won the Cup and they’re stacked with a lot of skilled players. Yet, their offense still isn’t as dynamic as the Hawks who can beat you in so many different ways. The only reason I’m not picking the Hawks to finish them off earlier is because of Quick. Both these teams could beat whoever comes out of the East.


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  • Rangers in 5. D.E.S.T.I.N.Y.

    Nash breaks out big, Marty SL carries on, Hank is in beast mode, Stepan wakes up, Kreider has a coming out party and Brassard gets back for game 3 and his supposed 3rd line again adds that extra pressure that teams just can handle.

    Kings in 7. D.E.S.T.I.N.Y.

    • And they better start respecting us. I don’t like how they disrespected us by not showing up to play.

      Rangers don’t get mad and dominate in the handshake line. We put it on the ice.

    • They had a ton of momentum splitting in Pitt and even tho they loaf game 2. They were flat at MSG. I pray we have gotten past that and use crowd to add some pep to our skating. After game 2 the Habs could rifle off 3 in a row and put us in 2 more elimination games. Don’t count chickens till eggs hatch. Long series yet.

  • If you remember last year the tires came off in Montreal against a frustrating Ottawa team as the Canadiens were loosing game 5 down 3 games to 1. Josh Gorges shot a puck at an Ottawa players head. After a whistle. So there’s always that frustration in them just like Pittsburgh. I’d like to think we are 3 games better than the Habs and can win in 5. It’s how we play at MSG that worries me. I think it’s behind them now. I think this is the tightest group the Rangers have had in 5-6 years. Maybe longer. No more playing for pay checks.
    I predicted Nash breaks out in this series and his PP goal only proves it. LGR. Rangers on for the emotion ride with MSL. Having Kreider back changes the dynamic of this entire team. We go from small to avg IMO. The Habs are small. Tiny even. The Rangers cannot afford to continually put Habs on the PP. Their 26% is best of remaining teams. 1 for 4 gets them a PPG per game. Keep this a 5 on 5 series and the Rangers will get their PP chances from dumb Hab not penalties. Prust looked like the guy NYR fans revered during his Time in NY huh. No not really. Torts made him and when he left his game left him. Now I ask. Is $2.5 mil for four years worth it for a 4th line grinder? Wish we spent it still? I’d rather have Dorsett. The tires will come off in Montreal as the pressure becomes too much from the fans and the press. They have to win. It’s like the Yankees of the NHL. Except with a salary cap.

  • Just watched NBC between periods of LA-CHI game. It seems that the HABS want to make something out of Kreider running into Price. Everybody’s favorite $10 million dollar man, Brandon Prust even chimed in, intimating that Kreider did it on purpose, and did the same thing to Fleury in the Pitt Series. So this is what we can expect from the storied Montreal Canadians; whining and distractions from their ass kicking of game one. You know that miserable press up there will jump right on the bandwagon and fan the flames. If Kreider so much as skates over the blueline tomorrow they’ll be crying for a penalty. No matter. The Rangers just have to play their game. They can’t get caught up in the nonsense. Whats next, are they gonna bring up Hank’s equipment again? And by the way; if I was Prust, I would just keep my head down and play my game(limited as it is): before anyone realizes how much he is being overpaid for all his slashes and charges resulting in power plays for the opposition.

    • They got beat badly in their own back yard, and now need something to match our intensity, hence this crap from Prust. Their coach even said after the game that he believed it to be an accident.

      I was on the TSN site, and Price came off of the ice very early in their practice today, leading people to believe that maybe he is indeed hurt.

      Whatever the case, we should play our game, no distractions, and let the Canadieans look like fools trying to stir the pot. If Carey is hurt, this is the ideal time to go for the knockout punch tomorrow, and come home up 2-0!!!!!

  • Rangers in 6. I agreed with Dave in the comments section earlier in the week. The td they put up against the habs in game 1 was the only 7 that will be relevant in this series.

    Kings in 6. They will exact some revenge from last year’s WCF’s.

  • I can’t make a prediction till after tonight…i know…real douchee… but i need to know if they turned the corner, i believe they have , ok Rangers in 6!

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